The next Hinds on the rise

BYU fans have long known about the accomplishments of former Davis High School football stars Tanner and Troy Hinds. Now younger brother Ty will be heading into his junior year and hopes to follow in his brothers' footsteps and continue the family football legacy.

Tanner Hinds played running back for Coach McBride of Weber State, while Troy committed to play for Coach Mendenhall at BYU and is currently serving his LDS mission in Texas. Next in the Hinds family is Ty.

"I've got two big brothers that have gone on to play college football, so I've got two big shoes to fill," said Ty Hinds. "This year I'm playing corner and hopefully some wide receiver on offense. I'm looking forward to the season, you know? I want to play receiver but I'm not sure. We're just starting out in our camp right now so we'll see what happens, but I'm trying to play some receiver next year. We'll see, but I want to play both ways."

Hinds has mostly learned the sport of football from a defensive standpoint, but now he wants to now try his hand on the offensive side of the ball.

"Corner has always come natural for me and I've always played DB in little league and throughout my life," said Hinds. "I got a chance to play receiver and just loved catching the ball, so I want to try and see if I can do that next year too. I just loved catching the ball."

While his interest in playing on both sides of the ball might come from a love of the game, Hinds admitted some interest also comes from the fact that his two older brothers also played both ways. He's seen what they've accomplished and wants to match or surpass that.

"There's always a rivalry going on between us three," Hinds said. "In their high school days Tanner playing running back and defensive back, having gone both ways, and then Troy played tight end and outside backer. I want to show both of them that I'm capable of doing that too."

Heading into his junior season this year, Hinds said his style of play at a cornerback is very aggressive.

"I'm 5'11" and weigh 170 right now, and I think I have some more room to grow," Hinds said. "My favorite thing as a cornerback is to hit people. You know, when a running back is coming out from that backside, and he thinks he's got an open path and I come up and put my helmet in his chest. For a corner it's pass first, but I love it when it's a screen play to a receiver and I can read it and put that helmet right in his chest."

However, football isn't the only sport Hinds participates in. He also runs track and had some success last season a sophomore.

"Me and my quarterback helped our team win state in the medley up there at BYU," said Hinds. "Track is my secondary sport and I love running around on the track and competing. I run the 100x, 200x, the 4x100 and medley."

Meanwhile, Hinds attended BYU's Junior Day this year.

"It was a good experience and there were a lot of talent out there," said Hinds. "It was a good experience for me playing against kids from 1A, 2A, 3A and 4A levels. Usually I'm just competing against kids from the 5A level, so it was good to compete against talent from all levels. There were also a lot of kids from out of state there competing, and so you get a chance to see different kids with different size and speed. It was a good experience to see what kind of talent is out there."

So how did he do?

"I felt pretty confident with myself and feel I did pretty good," Hinds said. "When you compete against a kid who is the same size as you are and you're able to hold your own, it builds confidence. I just want to continue to improve in all areas over the next few years."

He hopes he did well enough as a sophomore to get the Cougar coaches to want to keep an eye on him in the future.

"I talked to Coach Howell just a little bit. They had me as a safety rather than a corner, so we'll see what happens. I'm hoping to play safety next year or as a senior. Hopefully I caught their eye, but we'll see. They were talking safety at BYU, but we'll see what happens. I'm hoping that I'll get a little bigger and be able to play safety my senior year in high school. We'll see what happens I guess."

With two years left to play high school football, Hinds hopes that BYU come calling.

"Oh yeah, I'd love the opportunity to go up there and play with Troy," he said. "It's a great school and a cool place to be."

The younger Hinds gave an update on his missionary brother.

"Troy is doing great and he's been out for a year and a month now," Hinds said. "He was called to the Jackson, Mississippi Mission, but Arkansas and Texas is all part of the Mississippi mission. Louisiana is also a part of his mission as well. When he left Mississippi he had a bunch of baptisms.

"He just got moved to a new area and is now in Texas in an area called Texarkana, which is right on the boarder of Arkansas. Now he has to start all over from scratch. I just got a letter from him and he said he's doing great and it's super humid down in Texas. I can't wait to see him again when he comes back and plays for BYU. He's around 6'6" and said he's now up to around 245 pounds right now, so he's gotten bigger."

As for Ty Hinds, he too has a desire to serve a mission.

"I plan on going on a mission and then coming back and playing some college ball," said Hinds. "That's my plan as of right now."

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