Fonua to decide soon

Kavika Fonua was the star of last year's Las Vegas NLA 7-on-7 Badger Passing League, helping his team go undefeated to win the tournament. This year Fonua was the Oregon Nike Camp MVP, put up some of the best SPARQ numbers among players at his position. Now Fonua will soon choose between BYU and Utah.

Kavika Fonua has been to three Nike camps overall. He was named the defensive back MVP at the Oregon Nike Camp, and at the Dallas Nike Camp he scored among the best with his 123.30 SPARQ rating after running a 4.48 forty.

Now Fonua is looking to focus on recruiting and what school he will play football for at the next level.

"I'm actually getting pretty close to making a final decision here soon," Fonua said. "I'm not sure when, but probably in about a week or so. I'm not sure. I just want to get it over with and not think about it anymore."

The MVP of the Mountain West Elite Camp and All-Poly Camp has narrowed it down to two schools, but doesn't want to tip his hand just yet.

"It's between BYU and Utah right now," he said. "That's what it's come down to."

And that's fine. But let's take a look at both schools and see what it is about BYU and Utah that attracts the Syracuse High School star.

"Well with BYU, I love Coach Howell," Fonua said. "I've seen their defense and I know how it works and everything, and I'll be their Kat safety position [or strong safety, which Daniel Sorensen currently plays for the Cougars] is what they were saying. I like that and everything for playing in a strong defense, but if defense doesn't work out, then I'll play offense is what the coaches said. So, I'll go both ways if safety doesn't work out.

"They said if things don't work out for me, then I can play the h-back position. It's like a slot running back position where I'll be able to carry the ball and catch balls out of the slot position. But it's only if I don't do well at the safety position. It's something that has attracted me a lot in my decision."

As for what else Fonua likes about BYU, he said, "Just how BYU runs stuff over there and how it's an LDS school – the culture and the religious aspects of the school and how they pray every time before class and things like that. I also know a lot of the players going in for the class of 2013 and I like the players there too."

Now let's switch gears over to the University of Utah. If Fonua were to chose Utah, what would be some of the reasons why?

"I like [Morgan] Scalley, Kalani Sitake a lot, and they have nice facilities," Fonua said. "They're in the Pac-12 and I like Coach Whittingham. Those would be some of the reasons why."

Fonua said that the quality of education hasn't played into his decision-making.

"Not really, because both colleges will offer me a free education, and right now I'm not sure what I want to go into," Fonua said. "I'll figure that out once I get to college. I'm excited to get it over with soon."

Fonua will make a final decision in about a week or two. As for now, BYU and Utah fans will have to wait patiently until then to see who will win the Kavika Fonua sweepstakes.

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