Big Frame on BYU's radar

He already stands out among his fellow junior-to-be prospects in the state of Utah, especially those in Utah County. Now this Orem High School two-way prospect, who attended BYU's padded camp this past June, has placed himself squarely on the Cougar radar.

Isaiah Frame comes in at 6 feet 4.5 inches and 240 pounds and will play both defensive end and the tight end/slot receiver position for Orem High School's varsity football team this season.

Last season as a sophomore, Frame played on Orem's varsity team as a defensive end and on the junior varsity team as a slot receiver. Because of his size and athleticism, this year he'll more than likely play on both sides of the ball for the varsity team.

"I played slot receiver last season on junior varsity, and what I do well there is I don't drop balls," Frame said. "But, the best thing I do as a receiver is I'm able to get good yards after the catch. A lot of our receivers aren't as big but can catch really well, but they aren't able to get as many yards after that catch as I can. I can also block really well on run plays. Those are the main things."

"We've already got our 6'6" guy [Parker Overly] at that position who will be a Division I college football player and will start at that position," said assistant coach Bruce Nilsson. "Then we'll have Isaiah coming in and rotate in with him at that position, but at defensive end Isaiah will be our starting guy."

Playing defensive end will be Frame's bread and butter.

"On defense I play defensive end and I started on varsity last year and did really well," said Frame. "My biggest strength is probably my speed. A lot of the offensive linemen that I go up against aren't as fast, and because I run track, play basketball and play receiver, I have some speed advantage. So, speed is my biggest strength as a defensive lineman and I use that to my advantage to get around offensive linemen."

Frame's performance was outstanding last year as a player who rotated in at the start of the season before becoming a starter midway through the schedule.

"I had around 10 or 11 sacks last year as a defensive end, so I did pretty good I guess," said a humble Frame. "I think I had around 40 tackles on the season as well. I can't remember how many tackles for a loss I had, but I know I had around 14 batted balls that I swatted down. I led the team in sacks last year."

"One of the things about Isaiah did last year was he would just take over our defensive line because he so athletic and just explodes," said Coach Nilsson. "When he understood what to do – because he was only just a sophomore last year – he would just go out and take over the defense. I'm not sure what game it was, but I remember in one game last year he three sacks on three consecutive plays. When he gets going he's unstoppable and we expect some big things from his this year."

Frame attended the morning sessions of BYU's padded camp in late June and had a great overall experience.

"I went to the padded camp and it was so much fun," Frame said. "We did some one-on-ones and Coach Kaufusi showed me so many things that really helped me with my moves. I learned so much and I can't wait to use what I've learned this season to see how they work. I learned so much on how to use my speed with different moves. They just really helped me out the whole time. I feel like I did really well the whole time, but it's hard for me to judge myself. It was fun and I had around six or seven sacks during the week."

Frame is very close friends with Coach Kuafusi's youngest son Devin, who will play football at Timpview High School this year. He's also had the opportunity to watch Bronson, Devin's big BYU defensive tackle of a brother who is looking to replace Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah.

"I love Devin and we've been hanging out a lot this year," said Frame. "He's so fun to hang out with and it's been so fun because he's really cool. I remember the first time I heard about Devin's older brother Bronson. Devin would tell me that Bronson was his older brother and when we would hang out he would tell me about him and stuff. Then I went to a BYU game last year and saw him.

"I saw him on the field and saw him in his pads, and dang, he's a monster! Now that Ziggy's gone, I just think Bronson is going to wreck this year. I remember seeing how big he is and then seeing him play. He's so quick. It's like he knows the snap count because as soon as the ball is snapped he's off the ball. It's going to be fun hanging out with Devin at the BYU games this year."

Frame is originally from Philadelphia but was adopted when he was younger by the Frame family. As a member of an LDS family, Frame has a desire to serve a mission. His family also bleeds blue when it comes to college sports.

"Well, I grew up a BYU fan and my dad and grandpa went to BYU," said Frame. "I've always wanted to go there since I was little. All of my family live around Provo and are big BYU fans. Me and my dad have been going to BYU games together since I was little. I think this year we're going to do good. I think we have a good team this year and have a good group of guys."

Being a Cougar fan, Frame appreciated the opportunity to learn how to play defensive end from Coach Kaufusi.

"Oh man, I think he's so cool and it was just an honor learning from him," said Frame. "He knows so much but he's able to teach you in a way that you actually learn it and perform it rather than just understand what he's saying. He's able to teach you in a way where you don't forget it the next day. He walks you through step by step and really helps you to know how to apply what he's teaching you. Some coaches are just like, ‘Oh, if you do this and this and this you'll get it,' but they just tell you rather than explain why you do it and how to do what they're saying. He'll let me go do the technique and then give me circumstances where it would be good to use those techniques. It just helps you remember everything."

Following his performance at BYU's summer camp, Frame was pulled aside by Coach Kaufusi.

"Actually on the last day of the camp I was invited to tour the campus and the school," said Frame. "Coach Kaufusi invited me and he told me, ‘We really like you and want you to come play here and think this is the school for you.' That to me was way sweet because I would love to play there. My whole family loves BYU, and so for me to be able to go to school and play there would just be sweet! It would be way cool."

Knowing that Coach Kaufusi will be keeping an eye on him this upcoming season, Frame is going to work especially hard to earn that 2015 scholarship.

"Coach Clark coached at Timpview High School for a while and now he's at Orem High," said Frame. "I told him everything that the BYU coaches told me, and he said, ‘I promise you, if you let me work with you, you'll have an offer from them by the end of the season.' I've been doing everything he's said to do and he has workout plans for me and lifting schedules. It's hard and at times it sucks but in the end I know it's going to be worth it. Hopefully if I keep working with him I'll get that BYU scholarship by the end of the season."

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