Beck to leave it all on the field

When Tyler Beck was playing high school football at Vista Murrieta High School, he received a scholarship offer from then-Big 12 powerhouse Nebraska, a program known for linebackers and tough defense. Now a senior at BYU, Beck is as healthy as he's ever been and is ready to leave it all out on the field.

It's a new year after what was a fantastic season in which BYU's defense was ranked third in the nation. Gone are inside linebacker Brandon Ogletree and Uona Kaveinga, but that shouldn't phase the middle of BYU's defense. That's because talented inside linebacker Tyler Beck is hungry, anxious, and for the first time in a long time, healthy.

"Yeah, I'm as healthy as I've ever been," said Beck. "I just feel so blessed to give it one last shot being as healthy as I am to make the team better. I'm excited for this season and we're going to try and do some good things this year."

This year is the last beck and call for Beck. The 6-foot-1-inch, 220-pound senior Buck linebacker knows this will be his final chance to make waves as a Cougar after enduring years of nagging injuries.

"This is my last opportunity to really do something, and I'll tell you what, I'm going for it," said Beck. "I trained really hard this summer and it's great now because I don't feel like I'm being held back by anything. I've worked really hard to get to where I am now, and I now I don't have anyone in front of me starting and I don't have any significant injury to hold me back. So, I'm going to go all out and just leave everything on the field my senior year."

Beck won the starting Buck linebacker spot during spring camp. Heading into summer, he changed up his workout routine in order to help him compete in fall camp against Coach Anae's rapid-fire offense.

"Instead of lifting hard and heavy and running a lot of sprints and working on explosion, I did a lot more reps and a lot more long-distance running," Beck said. "I ran every night on the treadmill and up to the Y every morning, trying to get that stamina and long endurance part of my conditioning so my recovery time is quicker."

During BYU's media day earlier this summer, Coach Mendenhall mentioned that this year's linebacker group will be as strong as any he's coached, if not stronger. The core of Spencer Hadley, Uani Unga, Beck and Kyle Van Noy have a lot to live up to, and Beck knows that if they don't, there are others ready to take their spot.

"Oh man, I'm honored that [Mendenhall] would say that about us, but we have a lot of great athletes at every linebacker position that will be contributing this year," said Beck. "We'll have guys rotating in at times I'm sure who will add to the overall effectiveness of our group. It's so cool that Coach Mendenhall has said what he did, because we have so many guys that could go in and get the job done.

"Everyone on this defense is on the same page and there is so much talent that you don't have to worry about what everyone else is doing. You can just go out and play hard and fast and everyone else is doing the same because they're just as talented and just as on the same page."

The first day of fall camp last Saturday was longer than any other practices one can remember in recent years. The team went extra periods with extended time, and it seemed to last forever.

"We did a lot more than we normally do for a first day of fall camp and it was longer than expected," said Beck. "We'll get better here and there as fall camps continues, but I think everyone worked really hard over the summer that I really felt we could put in a lot more for our first day. It was a very productive summer and I think everyone came in ready for fall camp. It was tough but everyone played hard and gave good effort. It was a really good day for a first day of fall camp."

First day observations

Kyle Van Noy sat out as a precaution while nursing a sore hamstring. In his place was Jherremya Leuta-Douyere, and, at times, 6-foot-2-inch, 215-pound Joey Owens. Beck continued as the starting linebacker at Buck, with Austen Jorgensen playing the Mike in place of an injured Uani Unga. Strong side linebacker was played by Alani Fua, as well as Teu Kautai at times. The second-string middle linebackers were Manoa Pikula and Toloa'i Ho Ching.

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