Fall camp report: 8/12/13

With two-a-days getting underway, the Cougars got back to work on Monday morning and practiced in shells. Afterward, Coach Mendenhall described his team as being sluggish, while an unhappy Coach Anae gave the offensive linemen an earful, in addition to having them do up-downs after practice.

Coach Mendenhall interview


During the first drive of the end-of-practice scrimmage, Taysom Hill completed his first two passes to Terenn Houk for about a combined 16 yards. There were also a few Jamaal Williams rushes for minimal yardage early on, followed by a couple of completions to Eric Thornton for about 10 yards each.

Marcus Mathews then caught a couple passes as well for a combined 10 yards or so. After mishandling a snap, Hill scrambled for a short gain. Following a short pass to Kaneakua Friel and another stuffed Williams run, the offense settled for a field goal. Vance Bingham missed his first 30-yard attempt but connected on his second attempt.

Hill completed 6 of 7 passes on the drive.

The second drive of the scrimmage was a short one, but was the most successful one as well. After Adam Hine started the drive off with two consecutive carries for a few yards each, Mitch Mathews then caught a 55-yard touchdown pass from Ammon Olsen. Most of Mitch's yardage on the play was yards after the catch as he outran the defense en route to the end zone.

Christian Stewart's lone drive at quarterback was also short, but not successful. After a short Algernon Brown run and a dropped pass by Kurt Henderson, Colby Pearson caught a pass for a first down. However, Stewart was picked off the very next play by Uani Unga. Unga had his sights set on weaving his way to the end zone, but the play was blown dead, presumably to prevent Stewart from attempting to tackle the big linebacker.

Hill and the first-team offense got another drive to end the scrimmage. While Williams had little success earlier running the ball, this time he started off the drive with a 14-yard rush. The next play saw him get stuffed again at the line of scrimmage, however. Houk then once again got in on the action, catching another pass for 10 yards.

Following a dropped pass by Skyler Ridley and a pass to Mitch Mathews for no gain, Hill then hit Friel downfield for a 40-yard gain. Mitch then caught another pass, this one going for 6 yards. The drive finally stalled after Paul Lasike and Williams each caught a pass that only went for a yard or so.

Bingham once again handled the field goal attempts. He connected on a 24-yard attempt, but missed from 33 and 43 yards.

Just like with his first drive, Hill completed 6 of 7 passes.

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