Friends and rivals

This week BYU will face rival Utah at LaVell Edwards Stadium. However, just more than a week ago two friends that have committed to play for different schools gathered to watch their future teams face each other on the field of play.

Years ago the Dye family moved from Utah to Texas, where they now reside. James Dye played for BYU back in the ‘90s, and now his son Trey will be following in his footsteps after committing to Coach Mendenhall. Trey, who will play wide receiver for the Cougars, plays prep ball for Cooper High School in Abilene, Texas.

"The first game he had 120 yards rushing and he easily had 100 yards receiving," said James. "He's easily had 200 yards of total offense a game and he's all over the field against Wichita Falls. They beat the number one 4A team in the state – Cedar Park – and won the state championship. They rank either fourth or fifth in the state."

On September 7, Trey watched BYU host the biggest college program in the Lone Star State, the Texas Longhorns.

"That was a big win for our program, you know?" said Trey. "Those are the type of wins that we need to put us on the map. People already respect BYU, and inch by inch wins like that will get us respect national. We've got the Heisman trophy and national championship win and things like that, but we just don't have that national respect. We need to beat the Wisconsins and the Texases of the world to get that. I was excited about the win and it was a great game."

Sitting next to Trey was his high school quarterback Lorenzo Joe. While Trey was cheering for the Cougars, Lorenzo was cheering for the Longhorns, having committed to Coach Brown as a sophomore to play wide receiver.

"We got together to watch the game and, of course, I was cheering for BYU and Lorenzo was cheering for Texas," said a still excited Trey. "It was a lot of fun and I was excited about it. We went back and forth and I would be upset when BYU was losing. Then he would get excited when Texas was winning, then get upset when they were losing."

"You know, BYU came in hot and their quarterback had a great day," said Joe. "BYU's defense was tough and they just contained Texas's offense. Offensively Texas couldn't ready do anything and BYU played a great game."

As the game went on, the two went back and forth giving each other some good-hearted ribbing.

"Whenever BYU would score a big play or a touchdown, I would give him crap about it," said Trey with a laugh. "You know, he would do the same if Texas did that, but in the end BYU won and I had the last say. It was just a fun experience. You know, being on the same high school team and being close friends cheering for two different teams was a lot of fun. It was even funner that BYU won in the end."

Trey would only be upset for a moment in the second quarter when Texas went up 14-10. After that, BYU never looked back, responding with six consecutive scoring drives. In the end, BYU prevailed with a 40-21 stomping of Texas.

"I gave him a hard time about it, but we're still bros," said Trey. "I'm just happy they won. It was funny though and our whole coaching staff gave Lorenzo a hard time. They kind of gave him a hard time and would say to me, 'How about them Cougars? That was a big win!' My position coaches were texting me the score of the game the whole time. People are starting to realize that BYU is a big deal and that they're a national powerhouse."

"Man, BYU rushed all over Texas's defense and we just couldn't stop them," said Joe. "I was thinking at halftime they would make some adjustments, but BYU came back out and kept pounding the ball and scoring. Then BYU's defense did a great job of defending and Texas just couldn't score. They have a really good defense out there. They certainly raised some eyes out here."

The next week at school, Trey stood a little taller. Being one of the only LDS kids around and having committed to BYU, it was as though everything he stood for had been vindicated.

"They're not just some mediocre program, and people would always ask me, 'Why did you pick BYU?'" said Trey. "Everyone knows that I'm LDS and I would tell them about BYU and why I committed there. After that win against Texas it was really cool because the teachers talked to me about it a lot and stuff. People would say, 'Hey, that's where you're going to school?' It was just great because the fact that I live in Texas and we beat Texas was just a great win for us."

"Texas couldn't get anything going and BYU came away with a big win," said Joe. "There's nothing more to really say, because Texas couldn't do a thing against that defense. I know Texas plays BYU again next year, so maybe we get that one. I know me and Trey are best friends and teammates now, but who knows, maybe we can still have that little rivalry going next year when we're standing on different sidelines. I think it's going to be a lot of fun."

This week BYU will face the rival Utah Utes. Trey will once again be cheering for his Cougars.

"Yeah, we just have to keep it rolling," said Trey. "We have to continue to show the nation who we are, and the fact that we beat Texas was one of those things that I can proudly hang my hat on. I can just be happy about my commitment and I gained a lot of respect from my teammates out here. Now we just have to keep that going by beating Utah. I think we'll get 'em. I just want them to beat the crap out of Utah."

"I hope they do well the rest of the year," said Joe. "You have to cheer for a team like that, especially when your best friend is going to that school."

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