BYU recruiting three-sport Texas athlete

There were a few recruits on hand to watch the Cougars of BYU dismantle the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech last Saturday. One was a three-sport athlete who plays football, basketball and runs track for his high school. The young Texan from the 2014 class left Provo very impressed and hoping the Cougars extend an offer.

From Ingleside High School in Texas, three-sport athlete Terrance Gross pretty much does it all. He plays offense, defense, and even special teams, in addition to being the basketball team's shooting guard. He also excels at track.

"I play receiver and I play cornerback for my high school team," said Gross. "I'm a deep threat and I have a lot of speed. That's what I'm told. On the other side of the ball I play cornerback and I do really well there too. I'm also on special teams and kickoff returns. They put me back there to try and get me the ball as much as possible.

"I also play basketball and I love playing basketball. It's one of my favorite sports, to be honest with you. I also run track and I got third in our state track meet last year. I'm pretty fast and run the 400 meters. They clocked me down here at a 4.37 in the forty, but I went to two camps and was clocked at a 4.5 officially."

Last season Gross, who changed his last name from Robinson, suffered a rib injury during the season.

"Last year as an all-conference corner I had five interceptions," said Gross. "Before this year, I had a rib injury but I came back and played receiver in the playoffs and had around 546 yards and we went three rounds deep. We were regional champions."

At this point in time Gross only has one Division I offer, but BYU is coming on strong, and he's already taken an official visit to Provo.

"I've only been offered by Colorado State at this point in time," Gross said. "The other school that is looking at me is BYU. I went down there this past weekend on an official visit to check out their game against Georgia Tech. I had a great time out there and it was a blast! I'm really interested in BYU, and outside of Texas, BYU is my number one school."

Earlier this season Gross had the chance to watch the Cougars play Texas, his childhood favorite. He was very surprised by the results, with BYU rushing for 550 yards.

"BYU played really good against Texas that game," said Gross with a slight laugh. "Texas had a hard time stopping their offense and their quarterback [Taysom Hill] had a really good game. They were playing really good and beat Texas."

Having had a chance to come on campus and take in the atmosphere of BYU in person, Gross was impressed by the fans, energy, and overall pageantry found on game day at LaVell Edwards Stadium.

"Man, I had a lot of fun out there on my visit," said Gross. "The fans and the crowd were really loud and really into the game. The energy that was building up before the game and just how loud it got during the game was great. I was really impressed by everything out there."

While BYU has yet to offer the 6-foot-3-inch, 180-pound Texas athlete, he hopes that situation will change soon.

"No, they didn't offer me when I was down there, but I'm hoping they do offer me," said Gross. "What interested me is that BYU is a Mormon community and I'm Christian, so I feel I would fit right in down there. I could just be myself and not have to worry about all the things that go on at the college level. It's also a great atmosphere and everything. I think BYU is a place that will push me to become better."

Gross likes the fact that players of different faiths can fit in at BYU.

"BYU has a lot of diversity down there and there just aren't [only] Mormons on the team," said Gross. "They have Baptists and Christians down there. It's pretty diverse and a good place for guys like me who are looking to go to college and just be himself."

Gross said the highlight of his BYU visit was attending BYU's homecoming game.

"I was right there close to the sidelines and I've never seen a crowd like that," he said. "Before the game I got a chance to go on the field and get a look at the stadium from ground level. Then during the game being around the fans was just so exciting and, like I said, I've never been to a game like that. It was just so exciting.

"The other highlight of my visit was going up into the mountains and eating dinner at a restaurant called Sundance. I was up in the mountains and that was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed that."

BYU impressed Gross and he is hoping for a Cougar scholarship offer. The good news is that BYU is going to pay close attention to him.

"Well the BYU coaches are coming down here to Texas to watch my game on November 1st," he said. "They're going to come watch me play, so I have just have to make sure I play my best. I have to show up and try my best while focusing on my senior season and making sure I get my grades together and keep them going. I think I just need to continue trying my best and hoping for the best."

If BYU offered Gross a scholarship, what would BYU have to do to get him to commit?

"They would just have to talk to me and my mom," Gross said with a slight laugh. "I would definitely say I have to prove I'm worthy of a scholarship first by my actions, but I think BYU would be a good place to go because I'm Christian. We'll see how it goes. I just have to prove it on the field every game though."

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