BYU offers talented Arizona lineman

With seven scholarship offers already on the table, Arizona lineman Quinn Bailey (6 feet 5 inches, 285 pound) just received another offer on Wednesday. BYU offensive line coach Garett Tujague extended Bailey a full-ride scholarship upon learning the Cougar program could now do so.

Juggling football scholarships is a very difficult and arduous task for BYU's football coaches, thanks to the large number of departing and returning missionaries. This unique dynamic isn't found at any other college to the same extent.

While the BYU coaching staff has been recruiting Higley High School's Quinn Bailey for some time now, it was only on Wednesday that a spot opened up.

"I called Coach Tujague early [Wednesday morning] and he told me that a spot opened up for a person who wasn't planning on serving a mission," said Bailey. "At first when they were recruiting me they said they didn't have a spot open for a lineman that wasn't going on a mission. He was saying that a spot freed up and that I was the one that he wanted to offer. That's when he said he was offering me."

The spot that opened up means someone on the roster has decided to serve a mission, allowing the staff to use that scholarship for the 2014 class.

"I'm really glad," Bailey said. "It's good and I definitely like BYU. It's a good school with definitely a lot of history, so it's a good offer. I am LDS but I'm just not planning on serving a mission. It's always exciting to get another scholarship to know that I can go play football somewhere. I'm definitely excited about it a lot."

Growing up in Gilbert, Arizona, where there is a large LDS population, Bailey is familiar with BYU and what the university espouses.

"BYU is a college that has always been around me my whole life, being LDS," said Bailey. "I've always known about BYU and have always had that college football history around me. It's a pretty good program."

Coach Tujague had evaluated Bailey earlier in the recruiting process, but because of the scholarship crunch, Coach Tujague backed off a bit.

"They kind of backed off of me a little bit because of the scholarship situation and not having a spot open," said Bailey. "They had been recruiting me but I think the reason they backed off is because they didn't want to lead me on. When a spot opened up they came back and started recruiting me more.

"I was up at school at the time, but we just talked about how it's an exciting thing and now they were looking forward to kind of getting things going again. They want to start getting things going with recruiting again with me and that's good."

So what are Bailey's impressions of Coach Tujague?

"I haven't had a chance to really talk to him a whole lot, but Coach Tujague definitely seems like a really good guy and a really good coach," Bailey said. "He's someone that I can definitely see myself getting along with as a coach."

Bailey is now anticipating having a conversation with BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall soon.

"I think they were saying that Coach Mendenhall wanted to speak with me and that he was going to try and talk to me soon," Bailey said. "As of right now I've just been talking to Coach Tujague and he's the one recruiting me. Being able to talk with Coach Mendenhall is definitely pretty cool."

To date, Bailey has scholarship offers from Arizona, Arizona State, New Mexico State, Northern Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Washington and now BYU. Being raised in a LDS family, his parents are happy that their son received the option to go to BYU if he so chooses.

"They're definitely excited about it and they're proud of me, but they're excited any time I get an offer," Bailey said. "They definitely think BYU is a good school and feel I should definitely look into it and all that."

He doesn't have any set plans yet as far as taking his official visits.

"I'm not sure about my whole official visits because I'm just kind of focused on the season I'm having now," Bailey said. "BYU will definitely be an option up there for an official visit."

In addition to looking for a school that can give him a good education, Bailey is looking to play for a winning football program.

"Well, some of the things that I'm kind of looking for are I want to go to a team that has a good football program," Bailey said. "I want to go to a program that wants me too and wants to win. I also want to go to a football team where I can play early and get a good education. That's important to me too."

Throughout this season, many BYU offensive linemen have had a chance to receive playing time. Much of that is due to the rotation of the line that is necessary because of the up-tempo system. True freshman offensive lineman Brayden Kearsley has seen time throughout the season at various positions.

"Yeah, [Tujague] talked to me about how he is a coach that will play freshmen," Bailey said. "He has freshmen playing for him now. With BYU being a school that has the whole missionary situation going on, it's a school where you have an opportunity to play early, which is good."

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