BYU recruiting Georgia prospect

During BYU's bye week, many of the coaches will be hitting the road to watch different commits recruits play their games this Friday. Some will even be heading out to watch others who haven't yet committed, in an effort to see who should get the few remaining available scholarships.

Coach Holliday will be flying out to Sharpsburg, Georgia to catch a football game between East Coweta High School and Douglas County High School. He's heading out there to watch 6-foot-1-inch, 195-pound two-way player Markell Boston, who plays for East Coweta.

"I talked to them a few nights ago and they told me they were going to fly down this Friday to watch me play," said Boston. "They said they were interested in me and want to come take a look at me. I think it was Coach Holliday that was going to come down and watch me play."

As a two-way player, Boston won't be coming off the field that much, so Coach Holliday will be able to get a chance to see him perform on both sides of the ball.

"I play wide receiver on offense and defensive back in our defensive secondary," Boston said. "I run really good routes and really just try and beat whoever is in front of me. I play two positions, slot and outside receiver, so when I play slot I just try not to get jammed, and when I play outside I just try and get a good release so I can get the ball downfield. I do quite a bit and get the ball a lot during games.

"On defense I read really well as a defensive back. Most of the time I'm just around the ball making plays and things like that. I know I have around six interceptions so far on the season, and we still have more games to play. As far as total tackles go, I don't know that."

However, Boston isn't just relegated to offense and defense. He also is given the charge of fielding punts and kickoffs for the East Coweta Indians.

"I pretty much don't come off the field and it can get tiring sometimes. Since my sophomore year I've been an all-region and all-area player. I'm hoping this year I become an all-state player at one of those positions."

If Boston's forty time is accurate, it's easy to understand why East Coweta head coach Clint Wade has given Boston so much responsibility by having him playing so many positions.

"I went to Troy either this summer or last summer and I was clocked at a 4.5 flat," said Boston. "I really showed a lot out on the field running away from defenders and stuff. My speed is what helps me beat defenders."

There's an interesting back story on how BYU found out about Boston.

"One of our coaches, our defensive coordinator, came from Carver [High School in] Columbus, and he initially worked with a player who played out there at BYU," said Boston. "I guess he knows a guy who played out there and he told him about me."

That former BYU player was cornerback Corby Eason.

"I think it's pretty neat and it's just another chance for me to show my skills," said Boston. "Now a coach from BYU is coming out to see me play and it's a good opportunity for me to get more exposure. I'm excited."

Boston is receiving recruiting interest from a few big-time football programs.

"I have Auburn, Vanderbilt, Georgia, BYU and some other schools taking a good look at me," Boston said. "I've gotten offers from Texas Southern, Kennesaw State, Mississippi State, East Carolina, North Carolina, and Liberty offered me last night."

Regarding BYU, Boston is still learning about the school's standards, expectations and overall characteristics.

"I don't know much about BYU but I know you have to live a Christian life to go there," Boston said. "I know that because my coach told me. My coach has been talking to them throughout the week, and from what my coach has been telling me, they've been looking at me for a little while now."

Because of the high moral standards the university espouses, Boston's mother has sort of become intrigued by what BYU has to offer.

"My mom said as far as BYU goes, she said why not take a trip out there if they offer me to see what they've got to offer," said Boston. "She kind of likes it and said to take a visit out there. She's enjoying the recruiting process and just kind of goes along with it. I'm a good leader on the field and try to be a good leader off the field. I also have a good work ethic and I won't stop trying. I'm also a good person outside of football as well, and so I think that might be why BYU is taking a look at me."

When it comes to making a decision and picking a college to attend, there are a few qualities Boston is looking for.

"Well, the first thing I would like to have in a college is to just go to a place that feels like home," Boston said. "The second thing is I kind of don't want to go to school in Georgia, but I will if I have to if that's my only choice. Then the third thing I would like to look at is what kind of majors the school has. Another thing is I want to go to a place where my parents want me to be. I want to go to a college they feel comfortable me being at."

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