One last home game

This Saturday when the Cougars of BYU suit up to host the Bengals of Idaho State, it will be the last home game this season. For the Cougar seniors, it will be their last time running out of the tunnel and onto the field to play in front of the home crowd. Senior safety Daniel Sorensen reflects upon his experiences at LaVell Edwards Stadium.

It's been a long time since a young, hard-hitting boy from Colton High School in California first committed to Coach Mendenhall. Since then, Daniel Sorensen has played in many games and made many outstanding plays as a BYU Cougar. When it's all said and done, the one thing he'll miss the most about playing at LaVell Edward Stadium is playing with his teammates.

"The atmosphere, I think more than anything, is playing with the guys," said Sorensen. "The guys that you play with, the guys that you battle with, that's the emotional tie to this place and to this stadium are those guys that you spend so much time with."

One aspect that makes playing at LaVell Edward Stadium a memorable experience is the loyal fans that attend.

"It's just a fun environment and I love the fans," Sorensen said. "They're really loyal. There's not many places that are louder than LaVell Edwards Stadium. We were in Wisconsin and a little disappointed with how rowdy their crowd was or wasn't. It just shows how loyal and awesome our fans are. There was like eight minutes left in the game and their fans were already clearing out. I look at that and I appreciate our fans."

This Saturday will be Senior Day, when the seniors are honored at home in front of loyal BYU fans. It will be an emotional time for many Cougar seniors who've been a part of BYU's football team for a number of years. Sorensen said Coach Mendenhall hasn't yet talked to the seniors about them playing their last home game.

"I know Bronco is an emotional and pretty sentimental guy," said Sorensen jokingly. "No, we haven't talked about it, and so maybe we will, and if he does maybe it will be a small gesture, maybe a whisper in the ear. But that will be enough to let me know that he cares and, you know, he loves me."

Sorensen will miss playing with those he's battled and bonded with over the years while wearing the blue and white of BYU.

"I would say that I think we have a lot of talented players in the senior class," Sorensen said. "We've been through a lot, and a lot of them have been really experienced. So, experienced and talented. I don't think that we've lived up to everything that we could have or should have, so in a way it's a little disappointing when you see the opportunities that we've had before us and not take advantage of that."

Sorensen said there wasn't one particularly funny or defining moment that made his experience of playing at LaVell Edwards Stadium special. It's mostly been just the experience of playing with those he's come to call brothers while at BYU.

"No, it all just really kind of becomes a blur," he said. "It's really just feelings and emotions than anything. It's not just a specific moment. Maybe that's a cause from some concussions or hits on the field. You know, you kind of forget some things. It's more of a feeling you get when you go out there, more emotion that's attached to it."

While there will be a wide range of emotions to go around this Saturday as many seniors play their last game at LaVell Edwards Stadium, Sorensen is just grateful he had the privilege of doing so.

"It's an opportunity that as a kid I never really thought would happen," Sorensen said with a smile. "It's a feeling of, you know, that you're actually there and that you've made it. That, you know, you're playing for a team that you love. It's just kind of a dream come true and a little surreal at times. It's definitely a great feeling and emotion."

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