Dale ready to play for BYU

Cougar commit Cedric Dale recently wrapped up his high school football career after playing a variety of positions on offense, defense and special teams. He plans on competing in another sport soon, but is also looking forward to getting to BYU and playing for the Cougars.

"It went good and we made the second round of the playoffs," said Cedric Dale about his senior season of football. "It was a tough loss to Cedar Hill [42-21] but I'm excited to get going on the next chapter of my football career."

Over the course of his high school career, Dale has racked up quite a few stats playing multiple positions on Hebron High School's football team. He saw a little playing time wherever he was needed, and that included quarterback, running back, slot retriever and cornerback.

Junior year: 2012-13 season

As a quarterback, Cedric Dale only attempted six passes during the season, but he completed three for 101 yards, averaging 33.6 yards per completion. One of his completions went for a touchdown, helping him achieve a 135 quarterback rating.

At the running back position, Dale had a little more success. He rushed 119 times for 804 yards and 12 touchdowns his junior year.

Dale also did well at the receiver position. He caught five passes for 69 yards and one touchdown. Not very many high school football players can account for passing, receiving and rushing touchdowns, but Dale accomplished that junior year. On special teams he was also given kick return duties, adding an additional 103 yards.

Senior year: 2013-14 season

While Dale didn't throw for a touchdown his senior year, he did rush for a three on 28 carries while chewing up 218 yards along the way. His longest was a 62-yard scamper.

Dale also added to his career receiving stats by catching five passes for 69 yards and another touchdown. He also recorded an additional 138 yards on kick returns and 104 yards on punt returns his senior year.

"I think I did very well in helping to contribute to the team," Dale said. "That's why I think we did pretty well over the season and did pretty well in the playoffs. We had really good team chemistry and everybody did their jobs at 100 percent, and by me doing my job at 100 percent I was able to help. It was a pretty fun season."

Dale's senior stats might not reflect the kind of season he had his junior year, but that's more than likely due to the Hebron High School coaches using his talents mostly on defense. Dale was a two-way player, and on the defensive side of the ball is where he may have had his biggest impact over his senior year.

"I played mostly cornerback this past year," said Dale. "I think I did excellent. People ask me, 'How did you do in your game? What were your stats?' The thing about cornerback is when you play your position really well you won't have many stats to report.

"It's not like when you do well at the quarterback position and you can say, 'Oh, I had 300 yards passing and four touchdowns.' When you do well at the cornerback position, quarterbacks don't throw your way and that's kind of what happened with me. Being that I have a lot of speed, quarterbacks didn't want to throw the ball to my side."

As a competitor, Dale didn't like that quarterbacks wouldn't throw to his side of the field.

"Man, I would just get frustrated sometimes and it would get irritating," said Dale. "When you're out there on the field you want some action. I had to really focus and never fall asleep when I was out there covering receivers. You can't get lazy because you never know when a quarterback might try and test you."

Whenever a brave offensive coordinator figured he would test Dale's cover skills, Dale made sure to capitalize on it.

"Well, I don't know for sure, but I can estimate around five or six pass deflections and one interception on the season," said Dale. "They didn't throw my way much, but when they did throw my way I made them pay for it."

While Dale received more playing time his senior year at the running back position, his talents were needed more on defense. The 5-foot-8-inch, 175-pound speedster relinquished his ball-carrying skills to a 6-foot, 215-pound power runner as the Hawks' offense went to a more ground-and-pound offensive scheme.

"We have another running back named Treyvon Hughes who has offers too," said Dale. "Our offense went to more of a ground-and-pound with him. We actually used two fullbacks in the backfield along with Treyvon."

As a Cougar commit, Dale has been in touch with the Cougar coaches.

"Coach Atuaia and I talked about a week ago and he's feeling good about his first season, but they feel they have room to improve and will be working hard to do that," said the Texas athlete. "Everything is pretty much still the same as far as my feelings towards BYU. We're all on the same page there."

BYU won some great games this season, like beating powerhouse Texas 40-21. However, there were also games the Cougars should have come away with a win in. So how does Dale feel about the Cougars' overall season?

"Well, they faced a lot of adversity over the season but they were still able to turn in a successful season," said Dale. "Sometimes it's just football and things you can't control, like the weather and crazy way in which the Virginia game was played. I feel like with the coaching staff we have, and with how smart they are, I think the team will continue to grow and improve. This was only the first year and I'm excited to help the team in any way I can. I don't know if the team needs help at the running back spot with Jamaal Williams right now, but I'll play whatever the coaches want me to play."

That also includes playing the cornerback position if Coach Anae relinquishes Dale's services on offense, and if Coach Mendenhall desires to use his cover skills in the secondary.

"I'll play where the coaches want me to play," said Dale. "I'll even play on the defense if they want me to try out for that. I'm down. I'll play anywhere I can help the team. My two favorite positions to play are running back and cornerback, so it really doesn't matter to me. I'll even play on special teams if they need me to do that, but I'm very excited about heading out there and going to BYU. I really can't wait to get out there. I'm excited to see how the coaches use me and how I can help the team and program win."

Dale will take an official visit to BYU in January along with many other recruits. He also plans on coming out in the summer to enroll in BYU's summer bridge program prior to fall camp.

"Yeah, I've spoken to Geoff Martzen about that," Dale said. "I'm just excited to get out there and get going. I can't wait."

In the meantime, now that high school football is over, Dale plans on running track.

"My freshman year I ran a 10.99 in the 100 meter. I don't run anything else, just the 100. It's been a few years now since I've run track, but I'm a lot faster now and will easily beat that record. I'm going to demolish that record this year. I expect to run around a 10.3 in the 100 meter this year."

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