Jake Hatch's Introduction

TotalBlueSports.com Editor-in-Chief Jake Hatch introduces himself to the TBS family.

Cougar Nation/TBS family, Hello! This is Jake Hatch, your newly installed Editor-in-Chief for TotalBlueSports.com. I wanted to write a short introduction so that those who may not know who I am or are not familiar with my background have a chance to get to know me.

I was raised a BYU fan. My grandfather took me to games from the time I was a toddler and got me hooked on BYU Athletics. One of my earliest memories of BYU football is me being irate that my parents were going to the BYU-Miami game in 1990 and I wasn't able to go with them. I was only 3 years old at the time but my parents still like to bring it up when we discuss how devoted a BYU fan I was and have become. I am still somewhat bitter I didn't get to see Ty Detmer carve up the Miami Hurricanes that night at then Cougar Stadium. As I got older, I realized that my fascination with BYU was at a level that many of my friends didn't understand. I would rather read every recap I could find and peruse the box score of the most recent BYU basketball or football game rather than go play outside. I liked to take it all in so that I could understand why BYU won or lost that particular game. That fascination with BYU continues today. I eat, read, and breathe BYU sports. I am thankful to Jedd Parkinson and Talo Steves for giving me this opportunity to work with TBS and have an outlet to express my opinions and thoughts about BYU Athletics.

When I returned from my LDS Mission to Taiwan, I realized that I wanted to make my love of sports and BYU the focus of my career. The problem at that time was that I didn't know exactly how to get into the field. In the summer of 2010, I responded to an advertisement by Greg Wrubell for an open KSL Radio Sports Internship. I was fortunate enough to land the internship and spent the 2010 football, as well as the 2010-11 basketball seasons working for KSL Newsradio and Greg Wrubell. Upon completion of that internship, I realized I wanted to stay involved in sports radio and covering BYU. I subsequently completed another internship with David Locke and the Utah Jazz Radio Network, which in turn led to an offer from 1280 The Zone to head up building a brand new daily show alongside Alema Harrington and Ben Criddle that was dedicated to the coverage of BYU Athletics. I have spent the last year and half working as the producer of "Cougar Sports with Alema Harrington" on 960AM The Zone (KOVO) and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I plan to carry this enthusiasm into this new position with TBS and hope that I can share and discuss my thoughts and feelings about BYU with all of you.

I am excited to be working with TBS and hope that you will share your thoughts and suggestions with me. I want to work to bring you the best coverage of BYU that I can. The only way to do that is to know what you would like to hear about. No idea is too far-fetched or preposterous, so don't hesitate to send them along. I am happy to take them into consideration and discuss them further with you. Contact me on the message board or email me directly at jhatch77@gmail.com. Once again, thank you for the hearty welcome to the TBS family. I am excited to work in concert with Talo Steves in bringing you the best coverage of BYU Athletics that we can. Go Cougars!

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