Gabe Reid Offered BYU Scholarship

Timpview junior standout defensive end Gabe Reid has received a coveted BYU offer. The defensive end/linebacker prospect has been a starter for Timpview High School since he was a sophomore for the 2013 Utah 4A State Champions.

There is a talented outside linebacker currently playing at Timpview High School in Provo, UT whose name may sound familiar. A member of the 2015 class, 6 foot-1 inch, 225-pound outside linebacker/defensive end Gabe Reid, who was named after his former BYU tight end uncle, was extended an offer to follow in his uncle Gabe and middle linebacker father Spencer Reid's footsteps in wearing a BYU uniform.

"I went up to BYU last Saturday and I got an offer from them," said Reid. "I'm excited and it's a good feeling. I'm going to keep my options open right now but I'm grateful for the offer."

Reid currently has four scholarship offers on the table as a junior: three from in-state schools and one from out of state.

"I have offers from BYU, Utah, Utah State and Oregon State," said Reid. "I have the four offers right now."

Last Friday, Gabriel Reid spoke with BYU Outside Linebackers Coach Kelly Poppinga and later Coach Poppinga spoke with his father, Spencer. As a result, the father and son duo made their way to BYU's campus last Saturday for a private tour of the campus.

"I talked to Coach Poppinga, BYU's outside linebacker coach, last Friday," said Reid. "Then they talked to my dad [Spender Reid] and wanted me to come visit them, so I ended up going down last Saturday and toured around the facilities. Then me and my dad sat down and spoke with Bronco Mendenhall for awhile."

The visit with Coach Mendenhall was a pleasant surprise. What occurred next while visiting with BYU's Head Coach came as an even greater surprise.

"I wasn't really expecting anything when we were visiting," said Reid. "I just felt excited and my dad was happy for me. He was probably just as excited as me if not more. We were both a little surprised, but we were both excited. I'm just happy they offered."

Humble and one who feels unentitled, Gabe Reid never felt he deserved a BYU scholarship simply because his father and uncle played college football at BYU. This explains why he was surprised when the offer finally came. When it did finally come Reid's grateful he'll have that opportunity, if he so chooses.

"I'm just grateful they offered, whether it was earlier or later it doesn't matter," Reid said. "I'm just happy that it actually happened."

Now that he does have an offer on the table, Reid will have the chance to suit up and wear the blue and white of BYU like his father and uncle. Having grown up in the shadow of ‘Y' Mountain, Reid grew up a BYU fan, often spending time with his father at LaVell Edwards Stadium.

"I did grow up a BYU fan and cheering for them because my dad and uncle played there," Reid said. "We've been to a lot of the games and we've had season tickets over the past few years."

Gabe's father, Spencer Reid, played at BYU from 1994-97. Spencer was a stout middle linebacker who graduated from Leone High School in Pago Pago, American Samoa. His senior year at BYU, Spencer Reid played in the Blue/Gray Classic and was named defensive MVP.

His son Gabriel is now a budding high school star in his own right.

"I had a really good season and from last year to this year I improved a lot," said Reid. "I had 15 ½ sacks, which is six more than I had last year (2012). I also had 79 tackles, which I improved from last year too. I feel really good about the season."

Given their past success, father and son don't engage in friendly jabbing of one another about who is, or will be the better football player.

"No, we don't make fun or tease each other," Reid said of his father. "In fact, he always tells me that he wants me to be ten times better than he was. He always helps me improve my game and really wants me to do well."

However, Gabe has watched his father's BYU highlight videos on multiple occasions. So what does Reid think of his father's days of playing at BYU?

"I watched his highlights when he played at BYU a lot," Reid said with a slight laugh in his voice. "I think he was pretty good back in the days, but don't tell him I said that though. I think they're pretty good."

Reid has even watched highlights of his uncle, Gabe Reid, who played tight end at BYU from 1999-02 and also played in the Super Bowl with the Chicago Bears in NFL. Gabe Reid is currently a bishop in a local ward in Provo.

"He's happy for me like my dad was," said Reid. "I watch his highlights too. He was a pretty good football player too."

While Gabe Reid's father and uncle once played at BYU, he has two first cousins that will be playing for the Cougars in 2014. They are Toloa'i Ho Ching and Beaver Ho Ching, who recently returned home from a mission. Reid has yet to speak to his older cousins about their experiences at BYU but plans on doing so in the near future.

"I haven't talked to any of them because it just recently happened last Saturday," Reid said. "I'm looking forward to talking with them and get some advice from them on my situation on what to do."

Playing with his first cousins at BYU is an opportunity that thrills Reid.

"I'm excited and that would be fun," he said. "I've always wanted to do that."

Now that Reid has a few options on the table, what is type of experience is he looking to get from his experience(s) at the collegiate level?

"I'm looking for whatever defense best fits me," said Reid. "There are a lot of things that will play into my final decision and it won't just be about football. Academics will play a part in my decision and what I want to study. Also the environment and the spiritual aspects will also be taken into account."

As an outside linebacker Reid's stats, along with his character, have made him a prime BYU recruit; the likes of which Coach Poppinga is looking for. It also is a perk that BYU's 3-4 defensive scheme suits Reid's abilities as well.

"My strength as an outside linebacker is I'm quick off the ball and use my speed to get to the quarterback," said Reid. "I like to play fast. BYU is recruiting me as an outside linebacker and they showed me some of their schemes and how I would fit in."

Having a coach like Coach Kelly Poppinga, who helped coach up Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah while he played outside linebacker, along with another potential top NFL draft pick in Kyle Van Noy, makes BYU an attractive offer for a Reid as an outside linebacker.

"Coach Poppinga is the one that I've been talking to," said Reid. "I really like him and he's a really cool guy. He's really friendly and he's been really good to me."

Where will Gabe Reid end up signing? Nobody knows, but we will keep you apprised of the latest news with regards to where he ultimately decides he will play in college.

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