Sutton in Holding Pattern

Texas athlete Courtland Sutton is taking a closer look at the two colleges that have shown a consistent interest in him throughout the fall despite the fact he has been busy helping his team win in the Texas state playoffs. Sutton feels he is close to making a final decision but wants to wait for the time being so he can make the most informed decision possible.

Brenham High School went 14-2 this season, and because the school went deep into the state playoffs, the recruiting season has slowed down for safety prospect Courtland Sutton.

"It's been pretty quiet lately because of football," said Sutton. "We went deep this year into the state playoffs, so I haven't been able to take any more visits to other colleges because we kept winning in the state playoffs. It's actually been pretty quiet. A few coaches came by my school, but other than that it's been pretty quiet."

After losing the first game of the season to Foster High School, Brenham High School went on a run that lasted all the way through the Texas 4A State Championship game where the Cubs lost to Aledo High School 38-10.

"Oh yeah, it went really well this year," Sutton said. "I went both ways and played offense and defense this year basically the whole season. I played the first four games of the season and then got hurt during district play, so I had to sit out four games of the season but came back for playoffs. I got hot once the playoffs rolled around. Stat-wise I'm not exactly what they are because our season just ended and I haven't looked at them. I usually don't keep up with them."

Sutton recapped the Cubs stellar season and run through the playoffs that culminated in their loss in the state championship.

"In the state playoffs we did well. We went all the way to the state championship but lost to Aledo. It was closer than what the scoreboard showed because we had a lot of late quarter turnovers that were turned into touchdowns."

Sutton performed well in the state playoffs and was able to help his team battle in the championship, even playing a new position.

"Yes, most definitely," he said. "On defense our corner that was supposed to cover the tight end got hurt, so I had to switch from the strong safety position and become a corner. I was kind of out of whack coming up from my (safety) position to play cornerback for the state championship. It was all good though. I was covering a tight end that was flexed out. He was a pretty big kid and it was different. I had worked out at the strong safety position all week, so getting out there and having to play that position was a little different for me. But, I did well."

Sutton plays both ways for Brenham and also had a big game in the state championship at wide receiever.

"Offensively I did pretty well. I had around five catches for about a 100-yards or something like that, so I think I did pretty well to give my team the best chance to win."

On the recruiting front, there have been two college programs that have been very persistent despite the deep playoff run by Brenham. One is the Colorado Buffaloes and the other is the BYU Cougars.

"BYU's coaches came by my school and the Colorado coaches came by to see me," Sutton said. "They stayed for awhile and watched practice, but other than that it's pretty mellow right now."

Although he has six offers on the table, Sutton is considering BYU and Colorado the most right now.

"I think so," he said. "I think those two schools because the other schools that have offered me are pretty quiet right now. The two schools that keep in contact with me a lot are BYU and Colorado. Those are the ones that keep up with me the most. Other than that it's been pretty quiet from most everybody else."

The two BYU coaches that have taken upon themselves the responsibility of trying to land this Brenham Cubs' two-way prospect are BYU Defensive Coordinator Nick Howell and Wide Receivers Coach Guy Holliday, but the one figure that has been a key cog in Sutton's interest in BYU is BYU Director of Player Personnel Geoff Martzen.

"Coach Howell and Coach Holliday, those two since day one have been on me with recruiting," Sutton said. "They've done a great job. Also Geoff Martzen over there has really helped me as well. I talk to Geoff a lot and he's the one that got everything worked out with my official visit. He showed me around and everything and it was me and him all the time really.

Sutton continued with more thoughts on the job that Geoff Martzen has done in selling the BYU brand to him.

"Geoff is doing an amazing job, really. He's the one that helped me to catch my attention when I didn't really know much about BYU. He was hitting me up on Twitter all the time, he would send me videos about BYU, and send me information on BYU. He really helped sparked my interest."

Sutton continued

"When I got down there to BYU, Geoff was the one that definitely did the best he could and showed me as much as he could about the campus during the two or three days I was down there. I think recruiting-wise he's doing an amazing job at BYU."

The Texas native is in a holding pattern with his recruitment right now as he wants to make the best decision possible.

I'm still open right now and haven't committed to anyone yet" Sutton said. "I just want to wait a little bit longer. I know I can't wait too much longer because how fast scholarships come and go. I'm waiting a little longer but I don't want to wait too much longer."

One reason Sutton is holding off is because he would like to take an official visit to Colorado to see what they have to offer and then make a more informed decision on where he'd like to play in college.

"Yeah, I was supposed to go out there to Colorado for an official but it got pushed back because I had a playoff game the day before," said Sutton. "I was supposed to go up there the weekend when Colorado was to play Kansas and actually beat them on that buzzer beater. I was sad but at the same time I was happy because we won our game. We watched the game on T.V. I think we are going to try and reschedule a visit but I haven't actually written anything down as far as an actual visit right now. I want to go out there and check things out because my outlook on BYU wouldn't have been the same without my visit to BYU, so I want to go out and see Colorado so I can make a better decision in the end."

Stay tuned for more on Courtland Sutton's recruitment. We'll keep you updated on what happens when and if Sutton visits Colorado and which program he ultimately decides to commit to.

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