Heritage Prospect Drawing BYU Interest

Only a sophomore, Aleva Hifo can add a CIF State Championship to his resume. Hifo was a starting linebacker for Heritage High School this past season. A three sport athlete who also spends time on the baseball diamond and basketball court, Hifo is an up and coming talent who's competed at the highest level in Southern California since he was a freshman.

Coming in at 5 foot-10 inches, 160 pounds as a sophomore, Aleva Hifo has been an impact player for Heritage High School (CA), playing on both sides of the ball at various positions.

"I played some "Sam" linebacker and they blitzed me a lot and had me in coverage too," said Hifo. "I had a pretty good season. For my season stats-wise I had around 46 tackles, three sacks, and around five interceptions as a defensive back. I guess that's not too bad for a sophomore."

"Offensively, I played some quarterback and threw for three touchdowns on the season. I also ran the ball and did pretty good when I got the chance. I ran the ball five times for around 40 yards and scored one touchdown, so I had a pretty good season personally."

It's impressive for an athlete as young as Hifo to be starting and playing 4 different positions for the Patriots in the talent-rich area of the Inland Empire of California. Heritage High School was 13-1 this season and beat Rancho Verde to win the CIF state championship.

"It was really a privilege to be playing in that game (the CIF state championship) as a sophomore," Hifo said. "The only bad thing about the championship game is I got hurt in the first drive. That's the only thing that sucked about it, but Sione [Takitaki] and Limihai [Hifo] both had two touchdowns and both rushed for over a hundred yards."

Heritage got down early to Rancho Verde in the first quarter, trailing 20-0. Heritage Head Coach Craig Broach decided to go to a ground game offensive attack, featuring Limihai Hifo and 2014 BYU commit Sione Takitaki. That gamble proved right in the end as Heritage came away with a tight victory, winning 34-33. "It was close but we came away with the win," said Hifo. "We get our championship rings next February, so I'm excited about that. Coach [Mark] Atuaia came out and watched us play in our championship game. Unfortunately, I got hurt and came out on the first drive."

BYU is keeping a close eye on Hifo. He'll be a member of the 2016 recruiting class. The coaching staff is also keeping an eye on Chaz Ah You (6 foot-1 inch, 175-pound safety/WR) who is doing great things out at Westlake High School in Saratoga Springs, UT. Ah You will be a member of the 2017 recruiting class. Look for the two youngsters to be on BYU's recruiting radar in the future.

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