Zac Dawe becomes Two-Time All-American

BYU defensive tackle prospect Zac Dawe committed to the Cougar program early on in the recruiting process. Last season the 6-foot 4-inch, 285-pound Dawe from Pleasant Grove High School (Utah) burst onto the scene in wrestling as a junior and was elevated to All-American status. Dawe has just been named a two-time All-American and is prepping to wrestle for the right to be number one.

BYU commit Zac Dawe has added another prestigious honor to his collection as a heavyweight wrestler. Dawe emerged out of a recent wrestling tournament in Reno, Nevada as the top heavyweight.

"I went to the Tournament of Champions in Reno and ended up winning it again," said Dawe. "I won the heavyweight division at 285 pounds. I took first last year too. With this win this year in the Tournament of Champions I'm now a two-time All-American."

Dawe is currently in California preparing to wrestle against other top ranked heavyweight wrestlers in the nation. Dawe hopes he gets a chance to wrestle the nation's number one ranked wrestler for the right to be named as the number one heavyweight wrestler in the United States.

"I'm at this tournament right now in California," Dawe said. "If I make it to the finals I'll wrestle the number one ranked heavyweight wrestler in the world. His name is Nick Nevals from Clovis High School. He's pretty good and I hope I get a shot at him. He's a pretty solid wrestler. I'm hoping I do well enough to get there first."

At the national level, Dawe is currently ranked among the top 10 heavyweights in the nation, which is quite the accomplishment.

"I think I'm ranked seventh in the nation among heavy weight wrestlers right now," said Dawe. "It's pretty cool because Pleasant Grove High School is ranked number one in the state of Utah for wrestling and we're in the top 25 nationally."

At BYU, Dawe will put his wrestling skills and training to good use in the trenches as a defensive tackle. However, over this past football season at Pleasant Grove, Dawe's talents where mostly used on the offensive line where he was named as an all-state selection.

"I played mostly on the offensive line because that's where my coach (Les Hamilton) needed me the most," said Dawe. "I played a lot of left tackle and mostly played offense this year past season. The Salt Lake Tribune named me to the All-Tribune team for offensive line and defensive line."

It wasn't as if Dawe gave up on playing on the defensive side of the ball entirely. He was also named a first team all-state player as a nose guard, despite having played limited snaps defensively.

"I play both ways but I mostly played on the offensive line," Dawe said. "I played nose guard and defensive tackle and did pretty good. I was named first team all-state for nose guard. I think I was named the defensive MVP for my region."

His results as a part-time defensive player were pretty impressive.

"Well, I didn't play much on defense but I did record 10 sacks on the season from my nose guard and defensive tackle positions, so I did pretty good on the season," Dawe said. "I did pretty well despite (not playing a lot). I had around 45 tackles on the season and 10 sacks."

Dawe also won the Wendy's Heisman Award for the state of Utah. Wendy's picks the top candidate that excels in the areas of athletics, academics, and community service in determining the honoree.

"I won the Wendy's Heisman for the state of Utah," Dawe said. "I was nominated for it; it's for some scholarship thing. Those that are selected have to be good in three areas: academics, athletics and community service. For my GPA I had a 3.89 and I did a lot of community things too. In football I was named an all-state performer as well as one of the top wrestlers in the state and nation."

Over the past season the Pleasant Grove High School product has filled out his 6-foot-4 inch frame while claiming he's gained both speed and strength.

"I'm a lot bigger than I was last year," said Dawe. "I was around 260 pounds last year but now I'm at around 280. I'm a lot bigger, stronger and I'm faster believe it or not, even with my (added) size."

Dawe credits a lot of his physical and athletic development to well-known strength and conditioning trainer Mike Stroshine.

"Yeah, Mike Stroshine has really helped me a lot," said Dawe. "He's really helped me with my explosion and quickness."

Dawe plans on continuing working out right up until he leaves for his LDS mission in June. He will enroll at BYU as a freshman upon his return from the mission field. We wish him and hope for the best as he wrestles for the right to be called the nation's top heavyweight wrestler in the nation.

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