Warner Family Legacy Just Beginning

San Marcos (CA) linebacker Fred Warner is one of the top outside linebacker prospects in the Southern California. He passed on offers from USC, Nebraska, Cal, Arizona, ASU, Washington State and Utah among others to commit to play at Brigham Young University. However, there is another Warner in the pipeline who could be the next big thing in Southern California.

Much like his brother Fred Warner, Troy Warner plays for Mission Hills High School, and, like his older brother, plays on the defensive side of the ball where he's excelled as a sophomore among varsity players.

"I had a good season this past year," said Troy Warner. "It all started with me working hard in the off-season so I could compete to the best of my ability. During the season I had a lot of opportunities to make plays on the field and in practice. I started for most of the games and ended up being second team all-league."

Despite not being an every game starter for Mission Hills, Warner still managed to perform well enough to be named among the best in a talented prep league.

"Yeah, I did pretty good I guess," Warner said. "We're having a team banquet coming up and maybe I'll get some other awards, but they'll be more team awards rather than league awards."

Early on, Troy Warner had established the mindset that he would be able to follow in his older brother's footsteps if he worked hard.

"I just had the mentality of being the best that I can be," said Warner. "I wanted to focus on succeeding on the things that I wanted to accomplish like goals and things like that. I just made sure that I kept myself going and excited to reach those playing standards that I set for myself."

Once he proved he belonged on the field with his older brother, Troy made the most of the situation and his stats back that up.

"On defense I had three interceptions and around 30 tackles and six or seven pass breakups," Warner said. "I mostly played safety but I did play both cornerback and safety. I also played wide receiver as well. I didn't really get too many touches with the ball but when I did I made the most out of it. I think I had only six receptions (on the year)."

After Troy entrenched himself as a starter alongside Fred, they played well together and helped their team go deep into the CIF playoffs.

"We actually lost in the regional (final) against Bakersfield," said Warner. "My brother did really good in the game. He actually got a sack and had a lot of tackles."

Having accomplished his goal of playing with his brother Fred, Troy looks back and sees the accomplishment and opportunity as an honor.

"Yeah, it's been a blessing for me to play with my older brother. I honestly didn't think I would get the opportunity to play with him. The fact that I did, I just took the opportunity and worked that much harder and took it that much more seriously. It made me want to start more so I could actually be on the field with him."

Troy views the time he had with his older brother Fred on the field as a blessing.

"Yeah, it was really cool to play with him to be honestly with you," Warner said. "You know, not a lot of people get that chance to do something like that. Luckily I did and I took it really seriously."

Currently, the underclassman is working hard to continue his efforts to be more of an impact player for Mission Hills next season. He'll be joining the well-renowned B2G this year group to further hone his skills as a football player.

"I'm working hard in the off-season to make myself better for next season," said Warner. "I'm going to work even harder lifting and work out to prepare myself and make myself even better. I'm joining B2G which is like an instant training to make me more explosive and even faster. It's a passing league that helps you develop faster as an athlete.

B2G runs an elite 7-on7 passing league which pits tops athletes against one another in a competitive format to help these athletes stay in shape during the offseason. Fred Warner made a big impression by participating in the league last year. Troy hopes to have a similar experience.

"There are a few teams that you can be picked to be on like Five Star, Filthy Quick, Crazy Quick and Smoke and I'm hoping to make Five Star, which is the best one. I actually applied for B2G but you can be selected to be put on a team, but they select you based on how good you are."

The younger Warner not only is excelling on both sides of the ball on the football team, but he also plays basketball for Mission Hills as well.

"I play basketball too on my team," said Warner. "I play small forward and power forward for my team. I'm almost 6-2 and I weigh around 185-pounds right now as a sophomore. By the time I graduate I expect to be bigger."

Football and basketball aren't the only two sports Troy Warner competes in. He's a three sport athlete who also excels in track and field.

"I also run track and last year I ran the 400 and I did the relay," said Warner. "This year I'm going to do the high jump and run the 200 and do the 400 relay as well."

This summer Troy Warner will work to get bigger, stronger, and faster by working out with the B2G training team. He also plans on coming out to BYU's junior day this summer as well.

"Besides B2G, I'll be working out with the team and getting ready for our seven-on-seven tournaments," said Warner. "I'll be heading up to BYU on junior day this summer. I believe that will be in June, so I'm excited to head up there for that."

Troy hopes he can improve and excel enough to one day be considered worthy of a BYU scholarship offer much like his older brother.

"That would be a great surprise actually," said Troy Warner. "That's what I'm hoping for actually, but I have to work hard to earn something like that. That would be great but I'm also hoping for plenty of other offers just to have the opportunities, but an offer from BYU would be a great one to have."

Troy Warner worked hard just to have the opportunity to play with his older brother at the high school level and he's working hard now with the hope that he'll have the opportunity to play with his older brother at the college level as well.

"Playing with my brother at the college level would just be an incredible experience for me," said Troy. "That would be something and we could really make a name for ourselves. It would be really exciting. I'm working hard and it would just be crazy to play at that level and on that field with my brother. It would be an amazing feeling."

The Warner brothers have a very competitive sibling rivalry. Fred has received opportunities to play at various colleges but feels BYU is the best option. For Troy, he feels his brother has earned what he's received but he feels he'll be better than his brother once he reaches his senior year.

"We have that competitiveness between us and we're always competing," said Troy Warner. "Because of that I'm going to say that I'm going to be better than he is. He's good but I'll be better."

Much like big brother Fred, who recently received an in home visit from BYU coaches, Troy hopes that one day he'll receive a similar in-home visit one day if he's lucky.

"The coaches from BYU came by and that was really unique," said Troy Warner. "I think Nebraska is coming by too, but the visit by Coach (Bronco) Mendenhall and Coach (Kelly) Poppinga was really humbling. It was just something that I've never experienced before. It was a little taste of something that I hope I'll experience in the future. I'm going to work hard and hope that happens."

During Coach Mendenhall and Coach Poppinga's visit, they sat with the Warner family in their living room and spoke about the mission of BYU among other topics. Troy Warner said it was a moving experience.

"We all sat down for dinner and talked about school, family, and how life's been going. We then sat down in the living room and talked about BYU and they're all about and what they play for. They talked about how they don't just play for themselves but they play for a higher purpose. They play for God, their families and for their team. It was really great and just a cool experience and a spiritual experience as well. It was kind of both."

Based on reports the visit from the BYU coaching staff really moved both Fred Warner and his father.

"Fred was really excited sitting there with Coach Mendenhall and my dad was also there for the experience. They were both really emotional feeling the Spirit. They both loved it. Having my dad there for that was really special and really cool."

Totalbluesports.com will keep a tab on Troy Warner's recruitment. In the meantime, BYU fans should expect to hear more about Troy Warner as he continues to develop and progress both on and off the field.

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