Dilosa Humbled by BYU Offer

He's had a BYU scholarship offer for about a month now, but Keyon Dilosa feels his offer from BYU is both an honor and a humbling experience. To know that the BYU staff feels the Texas prep recruit is just as worthy of a scholarship as JC All-American Nick Kurtz feels Dilosa with a deep sense of gratitude.

It's the "dead" period right now for colleges when it comes to recruiting currently, but that doesn't mean the efforts to persuade potential recruits has ceased, especially in the case of Keyon Dilosa.

"As far as recruiting goes everything is at a standstill right now," said Dilosa. "Coaches can't call me right now and I can't talk to them unless I call them. Most of my communication is on Twitter and things like that."

The last school to offer Dilosa was from BYU. Currently, Dilosa holds offers from Arkansas State, Houston, Montana, and New Mexico. He's also currently receiving interest from Maryland, Arkansas, Colorado, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Kansas State and Indiana.

"BYU is the last to offer me but I've talked to Arkansas State coaches and they're trying to get something set up for me to go up there (to visit)," said Dilosa. "They're not sure when because they just lost their head coach, so they (haven't been able to) set up an official date yet. I'm not actually sure when I'm going to go up there now."

"The same schools still come by (to visit) like New Mexico, Maryland, UTSA (Texas-San Antonio), Arkansas State, and BYU of course. They're the ones still showing quite a bit of interest when they can and (visit) as much as they can. On Twitter, I get BYU fans saying things about BYU and it's pretty much every day. I get comments from BYU fans saying things about football (and expressing support)."

Dilosa has already set up his official visit to BYU on January 31st, just a few days before signing day. Dilosa is excited to head up and check things out in Provo, Utah.

"I've already set up my official date to BYU for January 31st," Dilosa said. "I'm heading out there the weekend before signing day. In the invitation that I received from BYU it said that we're going to be going snowmobiling. I'm pretty excited about heading up there and checking things out."

Following BYU's loss to the Washington Huskies in the Fight Hunger Bowl, Dilosa spoke with Wide Receivers Coach Guy Holliday about the team and the future.

"The day after BYU's bowl game I spoke with Coach Holliday," said Dilosa. "BYU lost to Washington and Coach Holliday said we need players to come in and contribute right away to fill in the shoes of players like Cody Hoffman and the other receivers that are graduating."

BYU had three walk-on receivers who earned scholarships throughout their college careers that contributed in the Fight Hunger Bowl game. BYU is looking to bring scholarship athletes like Hoffman as future contributors at the receiver spot.

"BYU is losing Hoffman and a few other contributors for next year, so their looking to bring in some players that can come in and compete," said Dilosa. "Coach Holliday talked to me about that and it was one of the first things he told me. "

"He was telling me how Cody [Hoffman] is leaving and how other players are leaving as well. He also told me how BYU is bringing in Nick [Kurtz] (on) offense to help raise the level of play."

Dilosa conversed with Kurtz on why he decided to commit to BYU through social media yesterday. The two spoke about what it's like up at BYU, and Dilosa thinks he'll have a better idea of what BYU is like once he gets there in January.

"I talked to Nick yesterday and was talking to him on Twitter," said Dilosa. "We were going back and forth and I asked him about BYU and why he chose BYU over the other places he could have gone to. He said that BYU made him feel like he was at home there. He said that even though he isn't LDS it was the place that was best for him and that's why he made the decision to go there."

Kurtz also cited playing time and the rowdy atmosphere surrounding BYU games as other key reasons he settled on BYU when talking to Dilosa.

"He also talked about how he would receive an early chance of playing time and that was also another big reason to go there. Then he talked about how he attended a game there and how crazy the atmosphere is. He said the fans are great and the game environment is crazy. He also said it was a beautiful stadium and just a great experience up there. I'm sure I'll get some of that when I go on my official visit."

Grossmont Receiver Nick Kurtz turned down offers form Oregon and USC for the unique opportunity to play at BYU. Although Kurtz isn't LDS the opportunity BYU provides fits like a custom glove with who he is as a student-athlete. Dilosa views his offer from BYU similarly, considering the coaching staff's confidence in him as quite the compliment.

"It's an honor that BYU would give me the same opportunity," Dilosa said. "It's really a confidence booster knowing they feel the same way about me as they do Nick. It's humbling and an honor that they feel that way about me as well."

TotalBlueSports.com will continue to monitor Dilosa's recruitment and upcoming visit to BYU.

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