Monroe Set to Visit BYU

The BYU coaching staff is on the prowl for a dual-threat quarterback to come in and be groomed under Taysom Hill to challenge for the starting job when Hill's career concludes. Coach Jason Beck and the rest of the offensive staff have identified a prospect in Ronald Monroe out of Richmond, Texas. Monroe will be taking an official visit to BYU later this month.

Ronald Monroe is a talented athlete out of George Bush High School located in Sugar Land, Texas. Currently ranked the 41st quarterback in the nation by, Monroe, who measures in at 6 foot-3 inches and 180 pounds, has committed to Mike Leach and Washington State. However, he's taking a look at what BYU has to offer.

"I ran for 997 yards and scored 16 touchdowns last year," said Monroe. "I [also] threw for 3,312 yards with 42 touchdowns. Really, I can't take all the credit because my receivers would catch five-yard passes and take it for 80-yard runs. They kind of did it all."

Ronald has been mostly recruited as an athlete, but he harbors a desire to possibly play quarterback at the next level.

"Right now I'm committed to Washington State. My dad and I were talking about how I could possibly play division one quarterback and stuff. Some trips came up and so we'll just see what happens from there."

Although Monroe is a talented quarterback; Washington State has recruited Monroe as a wide receiver. BYU, on the other hand, is looking at Monroe to play his preferred position.

"Washington State wants me as a receiver," Monroe said. "BYU is recruiting me as a quarterback."

While Monroe is firmly committed to Washington State as a receiver, the opportunity to play quarterback at BYU is something he'll have to think about on a personal level. However, the decision between wanting to play receiver at one school and quarterback at another will be based on more than just what position to play.

"Really it wasn't just the position that I'm playing that brought me to Washington State," said Monroe. "Really, it was just how great the coaches were there, how great the atmosphere was there, the rest of the team and that's really what it boiled down to. It was about if I could fit there and not just about football. It was about if I could fit there for the next four to five years of my life outside of football."

BYU had been recruiting Monroe a little since the conclusions of his junior season, and he has agreed to come to BYU on January 31st for an official visit. While Monroe hasn't been offered a scholarship from BYU as of yet, he's agreed to come up and check things out.

"Yes, I'm always open to see what a place has to offer," said Monroe. "It's going to be pretty hard to swing my decision from Washington State, because like I said it wasn't just the football aspect of Washington State it was the entire visit in general."

By visiting BYU, Monroe will be able to compare the college benefits of BYU with those of Washington State. It's a way to either confirm that his decision to commit to Washington State was the right one, or maybe he should look further into what BYU has to offer because it fits better with who he is and what he's looking for.

"Well, when I first got to Washington State the coaches greeted me at the airport really well," said Monroe. "Then when I got to Pullman, it was a great college town and I felt that I could see myself there for five years. Being around Coach [Mike] Leach, Coach [Dennis] Simmons, Coach Lose, and Coach Jackson, they're just great men out there who care for you not just as a football player but also as a person. They want to help you get a degree as quickly as possible and being around the team they welcomed me in."

Monroe felt at home at Washington State and a large part of a high school football player choosing a college often hinges upon this one fact. If BYU is to persuade Monroe to think more the Cougars of BYU than the Cougars of Washington State they'll have to really role out the red carpet.

"Yes, sir," Monroe said with a chuckle in his voice. "They're going to have to come at me hard and just really show me what BYU is all about. It's really going to come down to how I feel. It's going to come down to a gut feeling and how I feel about the coaches and how I feel about being there and the atmosphere. Like I said before, it's going to be about what it's like without football and in the off-season when I'm there in the community and things like that. That's what it's going to come down to."

Monroe is of a strong Christian faith and sees BYU as an institution that could help strengthen his beliefs.

"I'm a Christian boy so really I would like to go to a school that talks about God and Christ," said Monroe. "At the same time it's going to be hard to persuade my decision from Washington State because right now I'm pretty much locked in 100 percent."

So if he's 100 percent locked in at Washington State, why entertain a visit to BYU? Monroe feels the visit would do one of two things. It will either confirm Washington State was the right choice or not for him.

"I've decided that I'm 100 percent locked in to Washington State," he said. "If I take these visits, and I feel that it could change my mind, at least I compared Washington State to other great schools out there. At least I've made comparisons with my decision to know what to do."

Monroe is familiar with BYU as a football team, even though he grew up in Texas.

"Really it's a great program. When I was a kid, I actually grew up watching BYU. It's a great program and I've always thought about one day going there. When I got older I found out some more interesting things about BYU as they started recruiting me. Right now I'm just going out there to see if maybe they can open my path to follow Christ a little more, and you know to maybe get there and see the program and see what's going on there at BYU."

The BYU coach responsible for recruiting Ronald Monroe is Quarterbacks Coach Jason Beck.

"Coach Beck is the one from BYU that's recruiting me," Monroe said. "He's just been keeping it real with me and BYU is the official Mormon school. He wanted me to come up there and take a look around to see how I like it up there first."

"He said he wants me to come in and play behind Taysom for a year, and then after he leaves they need someone to come in right now and take things over. They want me to be the starting guy after Taysom leaves BYU."

Monroe will have a chance to also play early at Washington State, albeit as a receiver. He's going out to BYU to test the waters, so to say, and see if play quarterback in Provo is really an option.

"I mean, at Washington State I'm going to have the chance to play early also," Monroe said. "I'm going to be able to play in the Pac-12 and among some great competition, so really I just gotta go to BYU and test the waters out a little bit. I just want to see how it feels and see if I like it then take it from there."

Upon hearing of his official BYU visit, Monroe was told by Washington State Head Coach Mike Leach, who attended BYU, to go out there and have a good time. Coach Leach gave Monroe some glowing comments about BYU and let Monroe know that he had actually attended the university.

"When I told him that I was taking my visit up there he was like, ‘Oh, enjoy it up there and it's a great school and a great place to be,'" Monroe said.

So what would BYU have to do to get Monroe to switch from receiver as a Washington Cougar to quarterback as a BYU Cougar? Quite a bit the Texas duel-threat QB said.

"It isn't going to depend on one thing," Monroe said. "It's probably going to have to be a lot. Like when I went to Washington State, I was in awe and in shock. I don't know, it's going to have to be a lot for me to change my mind from Washington State." will follow up with Ronald Monroe following his official visit to BYU to get his thoughts on his official visit and how it went. Stay tuned!

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