BYU Latest To Offer Brown

The Cougar coaching staff has identified and evaluated a talented LDS defensive tackle from the Peach State. Yesterday, BYU Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall extended a full ride scholarship offer by phone to Derrick Brown. Only a sophomore, Brown is already receiving quite a bit of attention nationally.

Listed at 6 foot-5 inches, 276 pounds, Derrick Brown is only be a sophomore at Lanier High School located in Buford, Georgia, but he's already garnering major attention from colleges.

"I've been getting a lot of offers lately," said Brown. "I've got around nine offers right now. I [have] one from BYU, Vanderbilt, Georgia, Mississippi State, Illinois, East Carolina, North Carolina State and Georgia Tech."

Last night Brown received his latest offer from BYU Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall. Following school, Brown was told by his head coach that he needed to make a special phone call.

"I got an offer from BYU [yesterday] and they were at my school," said Brown. "I didn't really know until after school. My head coach had called and told me to call Coach Mendenhall, so I called him [last night] and that's when he offered."

Coach Mendenhall spoke to Derrick Brown on the phone and got to know him better. The two talked about life and things that, for Coach Mendenhall, are most important in life and that's character and faith.

"He was talking to me and testing my character to see what kind of a young man I am," said Brown. "He asked me questions to see what I would do, and if I keep myself well-rounded. He talked to me about the offer and asked questions about what I do on the weekend and things like that. He also asked me about how I'm doing in the church and things like that."

Originally from Mississippi, James and Martha Brown, Derrick's parents, attended Mississippi State. Fast forward, the Brown family moved to Georgia about nine years ago where they found their faith and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"My family joined the church about eight or nine years ago, but that was when we moved up here to Georgia," said Brown. "My family is from Mississippi and we moved from there when I was three. I was really young when my family joined the LDS church."

Last summer, Derrick Brown flew out to Provo, Utah where he attended BYU's summer camp. Being LDS, Brown enjoyed being on the campus of BYU where he was able to meet and play with those of his own faith.

"I'm a member of the LDS faith and BYU is my church college," said Brown. "I know a lot of people that went there. I also went there over the summer time for a camp. It was really nice."

Brown enjoyed his experience camping at BYU and meeting many other players, some of whom he may play with in the future.

"It was nice and I got a chance to meet some of the athletes and some of the people that I talked where really nice. It was a good experience going out there, but it was far."

So how did Brown do competing among the talent attending BYU's summer camp? He felt he did really well.

"I did pretty good doing one-on-ones and other stuff on the offensive and defensive side of the ball," he said. "It was a good experience being out there and learning from the coaches. It was cool because most of the people there were Mormon, and it was great to see and interact with different people than the same people always around here."

Fast forward seven months, the young man from the state of Georgia now has a scholarship offer in hand from the coaches he was taught by while attending camp at BYU. Brown feels privileged to have the offer.

"It was pretty special because that's an offer from a college involved with my church," Brown said. "I'm interested in BYU but it's about the same level as the other colleges right now. I'm excited to get the offer and have them look at me. It's good that I got that offer from my church college."

While Brown is keeping his options open at this point in time he does recognize the benefits a college like BYU has for LDS athletes from all across the country.

"I like the fact that first of all it's a part of the church, and obviously it's a place I would want to go to because it's a good environment to put oneself in," Brown said.

Derrick's parents had attended Mississippi State but being members of the LDS faith, they are excited that their son Derrick has received an offer from the flagship university of the LDS faith.

"They're excited," said Brown. "The reason they're excited is because my parents didn't go to BYU. They went to Mississippi State back in the day, but my whole family is LDS and so that's why they were excited about the BYU offer."

Even though he still has two years of prep football to play, Brown has already thought about the type of college experience he would like at the next level.

"I'm looking at what college campus fits me the best," said Brown. "I'm also going to look at which college has the major that I would like to major in. It will probably be in the field of technology."

As of right now Derrick Brown is still undecided on whether or not he'll serve a LDS mission. The decision to do so or not will more than likely come later based on where he decides to attend college.

"I'm not sure yet because I don't know where I plan on going to college," said Brown. "I'm still thinking about it right now but not sure just yet. I know BYU is probably one of the only schools that will allow you to go out and serve a mission and come back and play college football. There are not too many schools willing to wait on scholarships."

Congratulations to Derrick Brown upon receiving his BYU scholarship offer. We'll continue to monitor his recruitment and report on any updates.

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