Texas Prep RB Garners BYU's Attention

The BYU coaching staff is looking at an athlete out of the Lone Star state who is just starting to garner recruiting attention. While some coaches were attending coaching clinics, Coach Atuaia diverted his flight plans to Kennedale High School to take a closer look at prep running back Juwan Washington, who's now firmly on the radar of BYU.

When it comes to speed, Texas running back Juwan Washington is lightning in a bottle. Washington's speed has resulted in a season-long performance that has left the 2013 stat sheet packed.

"I'm about 5'6 ½" and I weigh around 170 [lbs.]," Washington said. "My fastest time in the forty is a 4.3 but that was hand timed. I was laser timed at a 4.43 and ran that at the Army Combine. I think I had around 2,400 yards on around 230 carries. We run the Wing-T [offense] and so me and my fullback get a lot of carries. I scored 42 touchdowns [rushing] this year."

"I can also catch the ball out of the backfield. I had five receptions last year and 124 yards and three or four touchdown passes too. Even though we run the wing-t, we [rely on the playaction pass] a lot too."

Now that the 2013 season is over for Kennedale High School, Juwan Washington is hoping things pick up for him on the recruiting front. Having heard from coaches at both TCU and Houston, Washington most recently heard from BYU Running Backs Coach Mark Atuaia, who recently paid his school a visit.

"Coach Atuaia came down on Friday and I was able to talk to him a little bit in my coach's office," said Washington. "He was heading down to a coach's convention and once he saw my highlight tape he changed his flight from going to the coaching convention to come to my school. "He said as soon as he watched my film he said he felt I could be a key to helping them in a couple [of] years. He came down and just talked to me and my coaches and stuff."

Coach Atuaia went first spoke to the coaches of Kennedale High School. Later, Washington was invited to meet Coach Atuaia in the office of his coach and the two got to know one another a little better.

"I saw him during my athletic period when they called me to the office. I talked to him there for a little bit," Washington said. "He was asking about my ACT scores and stuff like that and gave me his card. Once he found out I was eligible he said that was a good thing too. Then I went and worked out for a little bit and he came and watched me work out. He talked to my coaches forever and said he was going to be in touch."

Washington was impressed and excited that the BYU coaching staff has taken an interest in him. He remembers watching the BYU victory over Texas earlier in the season, but more importantly for him he's just happy that a college coach had taken the time to come down to his school to further evaluate him.

"I actually like it schools it when schools get to know you instead of just going off of websites or going on some kid's star rating," said Washington. "It's always better when schools get to know the players on a personal level and get to know who they are as people. I like when schools and coaches get to know the person they're recruiting outside of football."

Mark Atuaia is well-known for being quite personable and very welcoming. Washington picked up on this early on in his interactions with Coach Atuaia.

"He was always smiling and he seemed like a really nice guy that you can talk to," said Washington. "I felt he was someone that I could really get along with in the long run. He seemed like a really nice guy."

Washington will be heading to a few camps this offseason in an attempt to increase his recruiting stock. That itinerary also includes a planned visit to Provo, Utah.

"I'm heading to the Texas Top 100 camp on January 26th," Washington said. "I'm going to the Rivals camp in March and then to BYU's junior day on June 14th."

Having been invited to attend BYU's junior day in June, Washington hopes to leave the Provo with a scholarship offer in hand. He's excited about the opportunity to attend the event and wants to prepare well to impress the coaches.

"Coach Atuaia just said he would be in touch with me and stuff like that," said Washington. "When their recruiting coordinator first invited me to the training day I told him, ‘I want to go down there and perform well enough to leave that day with an offer.' He said that if I keep that kind of positive attitude than anything can happen. That's what I'm going to try and do. I'm just working hard now to try and make it happen."

Total Blue Sports will stay in contact with Juwan Washington and report on any developments that happen with his recruitment.

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