Georgia DB Set to Visit BYU

BYU coaches went down to Georgia at the recommendation of a former BYU player to check out a defensive back from his old stomping grounds. Now this lightly recruited cornerback from the peach state will be taking an official visit to BYU on January 31st in the hopes he can secure a BYU scholarship offer.

It wasn't long ago that Carver High School cornerback Corby Eason was locking down his side of the field in the BYU secondary. While Eason may have moved on from college football following graduation, his influence is still being felt within the program.

"We had a former player from my school go and play there," said Walton. "His name is Corby Eason and he talked to me about going there. When he comes back to Georgia he comes back to our school, and he talked to me and one of my coaches, Coach Hill, and they were talking about football and stuff."

Following that initial discussion between Corby Eason and Coach Hill, Eason was given a copy of Walton's highlight film so he could evaluate it and make a recommendation to the coaches at BYU.

"My coach said he was going to send Corby my highlight tape for him to look at," said Walton. "Then Corby showed it to Coach (Nick) Howell to (evaluate it). I guess Coach Howell liked it."

It didn't take long for BYU to follow up after their initial film review. Defensive Line Coach Steve Kaufusi was sent to meet Walton.

"Coach Kaufusi came down here to Georgia two days later," Walton said. "My coaches told him that I was basically a good kid. When I met him I shook his hand firmly and said, ‘Yes sir, no sir.' I am a good kid and don't really do anything bad so they recruited me. He sized me up to make sure that I was really six foot,"

While Coach Kaufusi was the one to fly down to Georgia to speak with Walton in person, Coach Howell has been the lead recruiter of Walton since BYU first took interest.

"Coach Kaufusi has been down here to talk with my coaches, but Coach Howell has been the one recruiting me pretty hard," said Walton. "Coach Howell had told me when we talked for the first time to look BYU up, and he told Corby to talk to me about BYU and he educated me on what BYU is all about. He talked to me about what they value and what BYU is all about. Then me and my aunt sat down and looked BYU up to get a better understanding."

So what are Walton's thoughts of BYU? From what he's learned, BYU is a place that interests him for its faith-based approach.

"It's a great school to go to and any school that promotes faith and values like that is doing the right thing," Walton said. "That's a school that believes in the Godly ways, and it's not about partying and they want kids to develop and become a good person."

Other than Kavika Fonua, who has already committed, BYU is looking for another defensive back for the 2014 recruiting class. A scholarship offer was extended to Texas recruit Courtland Sutton, who has been on an official visit but Sutton has yet to make a final decision.

"They just told me that they want me there really bad and stuff like that," Walton said. "They said they're looking for defensive backs that can play like I can and be a good kid like I am. They're going to fly me out there next weekend to check things out."

With scholarship offers from Appalachian State and Georgia Southern initially, followed by offers recently from Kansas State and Missouri, Walton feels he's been a bit overlooked in the recruiting process.

"I feel like I'm kind of an under the radar type player," said Walton. "I feel like I've improved as a player and that showed last season. I feel like I can play with the best. Last year I shut down the state's best receiver in Demarcus Robinson."

Peach County High School receiver Demarcus Robinson is a four star recruit, the 14th ranked receiver in the nation according to, and is committed to play for the Florida Gators.

"He (Robinson) had only two catches combined for under 20 yards and no touchdowns (against me)," Walton said.

On the season Walton recorded over 40 tackles and had five interceptions, one of which he returned for a touchdown. Walton credits his work in the offseason between his junior and senior seasons as a big reason why he improved in 2013.

"I worked on my ball skills last season (2013) because my ball skills my sophomore and junior years I only had okay ball skills. My coach told me that if I worked on my ball skills and kept on improving by working really hard over the summer I might be able to go places. That's what I did and things really changed for me this year."

It's important for a defensive back to have a chip on their shoulder. Walton has the self-belief that he can compete against whoever lines up across from him on the field.

"I feel like I can pay with the best out there and feel like I'm underrated, but that's my fault because I have to perform out on the field," Walton said. "That's something the coaches said they want and that's what I plan on doing at the next level."

Walton doesn't believe that college is going to be the end of his football playing days. He hopes that he can continue to prove himself at the collegiate level and make it to the pro ranks.

"I want to compete against the best and get to the next level," Walton said. "That's my whole goal to get to the next level. I want to go to a college that's going to coach me up and I do have a dream to play after college, so I have to find a school that's going to help me reach my goals."

Along with the quality of the coaching staff, Walton also wants to attend a college program where he can establish a great relationship with the coaches.

"When I go on my visit I'm looking to establish a great relationship with the coaches," said Walton. "I want to get up there and see what BYU is all about, because right now I have a great relationship with the Appalachian State coaches. They are great people, so I want to get up there and see what BYU's staff is all about."

While Walton doesn't have an official scholarship from BYU at this point in time, he hopes that by the time he leaves BYU he will have the offer in hand.

"They haven't really said (anything) to me about it," said Walton. "They've been talking about things with my coaches. I'm hoping when I get out there that I get the official offer. I would like to go to a college like BYU and play football there. It sounds like a great place to be."

The ace up BYU's sleeve in recruiting Kiante is Corby Eason, and from the sound of it, Eason is doing his part to help lure Walton to Provo.

"Corby really told me how great of a place BYU is and how beautiful it is out there in Utah," said Walton. "I'm excited to get out there and it's going to be a great experience. I'm really interested. They have a great fan base too. They've been blowing me up on Twitter and they have a great fan base."

Total Blue Sports will stay in contact with Walton and report on how his visit to BYU went.

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