Another Detmer on BYU's Radar

There is another Detmer that plays quarterback in the state of Texas. Koy Detmer Jr., who is the nephew of former BYU quarterback legend Ty Detmer, is on BYU's radar and plans on making a trip to BYU in June to show he's the next in the line of legendary quarterbacks with the last name Detmer.

Somerset High School in Texas is coached by a familiar name to BYU fans, Sonny Detmer. Somerset's quarterback, Koy Detmer Jr., also has a familiar name. Koy is the nephew of former BYU quarterback great Ty Detmer and son of former Colorado Buffalo quarterback Koy Detmer Sr.

"This past year was good," said Detmer who is a 2015 quarterback recruit. "During my sophomore season we were throwing it, but we had a really good run game, so we were mostly running it. This past year we threw the ball a little more. My dad [Koy Detmer Sr.] and my grandpa [Sonny Detmer] had me throwing the ball a little more. Going into my senior we are going to throw it even a little more."

Sonny Detmer is the longtime head coach at Somerset while Koy Detmer Sr. is the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. Now that Koy Detmer Jr. is heading into his senior year a focus on becoming more of a dual threat has become an interest.

"My grandpa is the head coach while my dad is the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. The one thing that I do want to build on, having watched BYU games and seeing their new style of offense, is my mobility and my running game," said Detmer. "I want to make (running) part of my game as well as improving my passing game."

Somerset is a smaller high school in Texas and competes at the 3A level. Detmer did fairly well this past season throwing the ball.

"I (had) 2,400 passing (yards) with 30 touchdowns and nine interceptions last year," said Detmer.

Although the miles might separate them, uncle Ty and nephew Koy Jr. are in touch on a regular basis. Ty has a keen interest in the success and development in his nephew.

"He's always keeping tabs on me and texting me," Koy Jr. said "He'll call me and keep in touch and watch my film and give me little things here and there. He's always talking to me and my dad."

Having an uncle and a father who both played in the NFL is a huge help to Koy Jr. He feels he can glean insights and perspectives from both of them about how to improve as a quarterback.

"It's really great; having him (Ty) and my dad (Koy Sr.) around is something I take advantage of. Having the coaching staff that we have at Somerset and then having my uncle talking to me is such a huge advantage to have. I take advantage of that and use that as much as I can."

Former BYU Offensive Coordinator Brandon Doman often spoke to past BYU quarterbacks and drew from their experiences when it came to his own development as a quarterback coach. One thing he learned from Ty Detmer was not molding quarterbacks into robots but allowing them to play within the system as themselves. It's a lesson Koy Jr. has also learned from his uncle.

"It's pretty much the same thing. I think you (have to) be the leader out there and you just (have to) play football and just be yourself," said Koy Detmer Jr. "You work on things here and there in practice but during game time you just have to go out there and play ball. At the end of the day you just have to go out and play the game every snap. It might be a different look every time but you just have to go out there and play football."

Gone are the days of west coast offense at BYU that Ty Detmer ran to near perfection. The spread option has come to Provo and appears to be the future of Cougar football. Somerset ran a similar system to the one LaVell Edwards ran but it sounds like the Detmers are adopting some of the new advances in their own system.

"Well, here at Somerset we're kind of pro-set style of offense," said Detmer. "My dad has been watching college football in general and seeing all the read-option and he's already thinking and putting in stuff for next year. This next year we're losing our running back so I'm going to have to run a little more and I'm fine with that. I can run it it's just the past couple of years I haven't had to. The one thing I like is the BYU fast paced offense with the designed runs and options. I really like that style of offense and think I want to improve on it and build that part of my game so if I do run with that kind of offense I have a lot of those skills under my belt."

Local colleges have been evaluating Koy Jr. and he's already been to BYU, as he attended last year's summer camp. While at BYU, Koy Detmer Jr. toured the campus with BYU Quarterbacks Coach Jason Beck.

"There's been UTSA (looking at me) and they're right here in San Antonio and their recruiting coordinator has been down here to a few past couple of (spring camps) that we've had," said Detmer Jr. "North Texas has been keeping in touch with me also along with Houston, but the main one that has come along since this past summer that caught my interest is BYU. I went up to BYU's camp during the summer and actually went on a little tour with Coach Beck after the camp and stuff. We toured the campus and when I went up there it just made where I really want to go there (BYU). The coaching staff is great and all the facilities. It was just great being up there and right now BYU is one of my top schools."

While on campus, Koy Detmer toured the Legacy Hall in the Student Athletic Building and watched a video of his uncle Ty work his magic against the Miami Hurricanes in 1990.

"It was great and the whole campus and facilities were great. They had some sort of video thing in the [Legacy Hall] and it showed all the top plays and all sorts of plays," Koy Detmer recalled. "It was really cool because I saw they had my uncle Ty's play against Miami on there. It was just really cool and I just love the atmosphere up there at BYU. It's a great place up there in Provo."

Having already been to BYU's campus this past summer, Detmer is looking forward to returning in June for BYU's junior day. He's been keeping in touch with Coach Beck and hopes that interest advances in the near future.

"Throughout the season I've been keeping in contact with Coach Beck, and he came up to a game I think week four or week five," said Detmer Jr. "I was supposed to go to a game during the season but wasn't able to make it up there. This summer I'll be going up to BYU's junior day I think on June 14th. Throughout the football season, and even now, I keep in contact with Coach Beck. BYU is the one school that's been showing me a lot of interest. It's been good."

When Koy Detmer Jr. returns to BYU during this June, he hopes to perform well enough to receive a coveted BYU scholarship offer.

"That's what I'm hoping," Detmer said. "They kind of knew who I was when I went up there (last summer) but I still had to show them what I could do. I still had to prove myself. When I go back up there I want to play ball, let it all out, and if I get an offer it would be great. That's what I'm hoping for and working hard for so we'll see how it all plays out." will keep an eye on Koy Detmer Jr. and report on any future developments with his recruitment, especially when it comes to his interactions with BYU.

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