Isaiah Kaufusi Visiting BYU This Weekend

Isaiah Kaufusi has already been on two official visits. The talented outside linebacker from Brighton High School is now currently taking one more to BYU. This weekend he joins many others on what will be a fun filled weekend of activities, campus touring, and socializing with those that could end up being his future teammates.

With four current offers on the table from Hawaii, Utah, Utah State and BYU, Isaiah Kaufusi is currently taking an official visit to BYU and is looking forward to having fun with all those who will be in attendance.

"This is going to be a great weekend," said Kaufusi. "I mean, having fun with all the recruits coming in and building those relationships with them. That's really what it's all about. I'm looking forward to being with those that could be my future teammates and friends who could my friends forever, whether they play at BYU or someplace else. This is a weekend where you build relationships and have fun with the rest of the guys and nothing else."

One recruit Kaufusi will be in getting to know really well is California defensive end and Stanford commit, Uriah Leiataua, who is also on campus for an official visit. The two will be roommates this weekend so there will be lots of time for them to get to know one another.

"I think I'm rooming with Uriah Leiataua and I'm excited to get to know him," said Kaufusi. "He's coming out and I've seen him a couple of times and we know each other a little bit. I would like to get closer to him and to just everyone that's coming out."

Kaufusi is already close with fellow Utah prospect, and BYU commit, Kavika Fonua. The two have grown close to one another over the years, but there are two specific players that Kaufusi wants to get to know better while on his official BYU visit.

"You know Kavika Fonua is a close friend of mine and I played with his cousin up at Brighton, so I'm really close with him but there are others that I want to get to know as well," said Kaufusi. "I want to get to know the other outside linebackers that will be up there like Fred Warner and Tyler Cook because they seem like great guys and awesome athletes. I want to get close with them."

While on campus, Isaiah Kaufusi hopes his cousin Bronson Kaufusi will be his official host. He isn't quite sure who it will be yet, so if it ends up being Bronson Kaufusi it will come as a pleasant surprise.

"I'm not sure," Kaufusi said. "Bronson did say he was but I'm not exactly sure who is going to be my host. I hope he is because man that kid is the biggest teddy bear you'll ever know. I love him and it would be a lot of fun if he was my host."

Kaufusi will join many others for some fun in the snow on the back trails of the Uinta Mountains.

"I think some of the activities this weekend will be a lot of fun," Kaufusi said with a chuckle in his voice. "You can't go wrong with activities in the snow and going 80 miles an hour [snowmobiling] in it. I've been on two official visits already and it's really about hanging out and just having fun. I mean, that's why we're all there and we've earned the opportunity."

Kaufusi just has to make sure to follow the advice of his uncle, Steve Kaufusi, and his cousins who've been on those snowmobiles and not get into an accident.

"Yeah, Uncle Steve has warned me and so has Bronson," said Kaufusi with a laugh. "He said that there have been kids that go up there that have never seen snow and they're reckless. I'll be sure to be careful when I'm out there."

This isn't the first time snowmobiling for Isaiah. He's well versed having already ridden one while on an official visit to Utah two weeks ago. His official visit to BYU marks his third official visit having visited Utah and Utah State previously.

"I went to Utah two weeks ago and at Utah we rode snowmobiles and just hung out with the tight end there," said Kaufusi. "There were like five other guys so it was a pretty close group of guys. At Utah State we just toured the facilities and didn't really do any activities. It was like this whole Polynesian weekend, and there were around 12 [Polynesians] up there and we all just kind of had that connection and had fun."

While Kaufusi made it known where his heart was early in the recruiting process, he decided to take his official visits as a reward for his hard work and to better know if his final decision is the right one. He has a younger brother coming up that that could also end up being a big time prospect, so Isaiah wants to be an example to him on how to handle the recruiting process.

"Well, I have a little brother who is a sophomore and he's going to be a stud, so I want to set things up for him when it comes his time to be in my shoes," said Kaufusi. "My dad wanted me to enjoy my trips and at the time when I was first offered I just wanted to get it done, but I think taking these trips are a once in a lifetime opportunity. If anything this will help me to know what I feel is the right thing to do."

With NLI day just around the corner Kaufusi's final decision will be made soon after he and his family discuss his options.

"I'm not sure exactly when I'm going to make it [his commitment], but me and my family are going to talk about it first," Kaufusi said. "We're going to talk about it and come up with a time when I can make my commitment official whether it's after my visit to BYU or on signing day. This is a big deal and so I'll talk with my family about it and we'll go from there."

It appears that Isaiah Kaufusi will wait until after his visit to BYU to make a final decision. He'll discuss things with his family and then make his final decision public. Stay tuned Cougar fans, because BYU could be the one he chooses in the end. will be sure to stay with this story and report on any developments.

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