Why I'm Signing with BYU: Tyler Cook

With fourteen scholarship offers on the table, Southern California outside linebacker Tyler Cook could have played anywhere in the country, from Miami in the ACC to a number of schools in the Pac-12. He gives BYU fans his thoughts on why tomorrow he will sign with BYU.

When it comes to BYU, 6-4, 225-pound outside linebacker Tyler Cook, who runs a 4.51 forty, gives his thoughts on why he'll be choosing to sign with BYU early tomorrow morning.

"Shoot man, I could give you a billion reason why I'll be signing with BYU tomorrow," said Cook. "To narrow it down number one their academics are off the charts, and it's an incredible place to challenge yourself. One of the sayings that they actually use is they want us to actually realize our true potential as human beings. The coaches put it into better words than I could ever put it, but it's basically a place that helps you reach your true potential in every way. BYU just has everything I want to help me reach my potential in every way. The people are incredible and it's a university operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints so the people there are incredible with great morals and standards."

Aside from the personal development side of BYU, Cook also chose BYU for the football experience Coach Bronco Mendenhall and his defensive staff could provide on the field as well.

"I'm also going to sign tomorrow with BYU because the football program at BYU is outstanding," Cook said. "I mean, it's a top program and an outstanding defense there. I believe I can go there and be a part of that top-notch defense and have an early impact there playing with other great players who will be playing there. It's just a top defense coached by top coaches that produce a top defense every year, so I want to try and come in and have an opportunity to make an early impact. It's just an incredible place and the feeling there is like no other. The fans are also some of the best in the country and you can't ask to be a part of a place with so much to offer."

Cook plans on signing his National Letter of Intent early in the morning so the coaches of BYU can have it in hand early. Then he plans on doing it again at Vista Murrieta High School where they plan on having a signing ceremony for him later in the day.

"Officially I'll be signing at 7:00 in the morning (Pacific Standard Time) but I'll be signing another one at school at around 10:00," said Cook. "We're going to a ceremony thing at school around 10:00 and I'm excited about it. I'm excited to finally be a Cougar."

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