Why I'm Signing with BYU: Trey Dye

Tomorrow Texas athlete Trey Dye will follow in the footsteps of his father, James, who played at BYU during the 90's by inking his name on a national letter of intent to be faxed to BYU. Dye gives BYU fans around the world his thoughts on why he will do so tomorrow morning.

Having moved from Utah to Texas, Trey Dye will return home to the Beehive State where he intends on playing college football at BYU. He gives his thoughts on why he'll be signing his LOI with BYU.

"BYU is really home to me and after this last recruiting trip it only confirmed to me that my commitment decision to that coaching staff was the right one to make," said Dye. "If there was any doubt at all I just got reassured that the decision to go to BYU was the right one I was making. For me to choose BYU was the first of many right choices I would be making in my life. Going to a college like BYU with a coach like Bronco Mendenhall and one of the greatest fan bases in the country is just a few of many reasons why I wanted to go to BYU."

Trey continued with additional thoughts on what BYU's program offers to student-athletes.

"Then you add the spiritual aspects of BYU on top of it all with the schedule that they'll be playing in the future what more could you ask for? I mean, BYU has it all on top of being a great football program and winning. I'll be at a school where I'll learn to be a great man on top of being coached to be a great football player. One top of playing football you want to be around players and coaches that will help mold you into be the best you can be, a great man for the future. That's why I want to go to BYU and why I'll be signing my letter of intent tomorrow."

Try Dye will wake up bright and early tomorrow morning, and with his parents by his side he'll sign his national letter of intent and fax it in early before a signing celebration is held later at his high school.

"I'm signing my letter tomorrow at 7:15 Am CST so I have to be up early in the morning to school," said Dye. "Tomorrow morning, my parents, my head coach, and I will be there when I first sign it and then fax it over. Then around noon during school that's when we'll have everybody in the school and the news will be there and it will be on T.V. It's going to be a big deal and we'll have everybody there for show to show all the underclassmen that if you work hard you can have success in the future too. It's a pretty cool deal and I'm excited about tomorrow."

While Trey Dye is excited about signing his LOI in front of the student body and underclassmen tomorrow, the one who is probably the most proud is his father, James Dye, who paved the way for his son.

"Oh jeez, my dad always puts it into my head as much as possible for me to stay humble because everyone is always telling me this and that," said Dye with a laugh in his voice. "My dad is a great man and he's keeping me humble, and now that I'm just about done here with my school he's worried about his five more he's got to take care of. As excited as he is for me he got four more boys and one girl coming up in my family that he's worried about in my family, so he's excited about them as well."

James Dye also shared his thoughts on NLI Day for his son tomorrow.

"Yeah, we are just so excited for Trey," said James Dye. "Tomorrow is a big day for him and we couldn't be happier with his decision. We're all really proud of him for making the right decision in life and being able to attend a college like BYU. It's a big deal tomorrow and, as a father, I couldn't be happier."

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