NC Lineman on BYU's Radar

BYU's struggles along the offensive live have been well-chronicled but BYU Offensive Line Coach Garret Tujague is hard at work training his charges to become a more cohesive unit going into 2014. He is also evaluating future linemen to join the program and it appears he's found one in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Alex Gourley is a sophomore offensive lineman at South Iredell High School just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. While Gourley is only a sophomore he has already started for two years at South Iridell, anchoring the offensive line as the team's starting center. Gourley's size is comparable to recent BYU signee Tejan Koroma at 6-feet, 270-pounds. While many universities have ideal measurements for offensive linemen, Coach Tujague simply wants players.

"[Coach Tujague] seems very impressed [with my film]," Said Gourley "I know they (BYU) recently offered a center who's six feet tall (Tejan Koroma) and he (Coach Tujague) said he doesn't care about height as long as you can play. I really appreciate that."

Gourley's measurements may be something that's out of his control due to genetics but he's working to make the most of his abilities.

"As a sophomore this past season, I had 73 knockdown or pancake blocks," Said Gourley "I bench press 340-pounds and squat 590-pounds."

BYU's identity on offense is ‘Go Hard, Go Fast' and that's exactly how Gourley likes to go about his play on the field.

"I like the playing up-tempo because the defense isn't prepared for it and then you just run them till they're tired. You grind them down until you can simply plow them over," Said Gourley. "My [high school] coach really stresses being athletic. That's something that is very important. It allows me to handle the up-tempo type of offense that we run here at South Iridell and BYU as well."

While Gourley is only a sophomore, he has garnered a lot of local interest from the programs in North Carolina.

"North Carolina State University, Eastern Carolina, UNC-Charlotte, and Duke have been in contact with me," Said Gourley. "BYU is the one of the few schools outside of North Carolina who has communicated with me so far."

Alex is very interested in BYU both as a university and as a football program.

"BYU is a really good school. Two of the big majors there are biology and engineering, which are fields I want to get into," Said Alex. "[BYU] has a really good football tradition, and the football team is really good. [The school] has great academics and really good football; I am really interested in the school."

Alex is not a member of LDS Church but is well aware of the BYU honor code. He's confident it is something that would help him achieve his goals.

"I know the honor code is going to be very strict, but college life itself will be a big life change and I think the honor code would be able to keep me out of some bad habits," Stated Gourley. "A lot of the honor code stuff is strict, but I feel that it would help me in the long run."

Alex Gourley is a name that BYU fans will want to get to know and stay familiar with, as it appears that BYU will continue recruiting him over the next couple seasons as he plays out his prep career. will stay in contact with Alex and report on any future developments with his recruitment.

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