Norwalk Lineman on BYU's Radar

East of Compton, CA is the Los Angeles suburban city of Norwalk where an offensive lineman from Norwalk High School has blipped on the BYU Cougar radar. BYU offensive line coach Garett Tujague has been evaluating Rodrigo Sanchez who is a talented prospect at the guard position.

Coach Tujague has been working hard to find the type of talent that can thrive at BYU. The BYU Coaching staff was looking at 2014 Norwalk running back Rashaad Penny and Coach Tujague had been out to the school to further evaluate Penny. That's when he met Rodrigo Sanchez.

"He came to our school to look at Rashaad Penny (signed with San Diego State University) who played running back for us, but we actually ran into each other in my coach's room," said Sanchez. "From there he just asked me who I was and he got a good look at me. I've been keeping in contact with him ever since."

Since then the two have been building a relationship throughout the recruiting process. Sanchez has set plans to visit BYU over the summer in hopes his performance will turn from the evaluation stage to a BYU scholarship offer.

"We've been talking and building a relationship between coach and player, and I should be out to Provo for the d-line, o-line camp they're having," said Sanchez."

Sanchez hopes that his performance at the camp is good enough to warrant an offer from Head Coach Bronco Mendnehall.

"I hope I get an offer. I really hope so. I want to go up there and see how things are done there. Most of us [in Norwalk] like to go to our running back's house on the weekend and hang out. We're all really good friends so when I go up to BYU I want to see how it is up there. I want to see what the people are like there within the community and around the campus. That's what I want to look for the most. I want to see what it's like up there."

Sanchez enjoys the honest approach by Coach Tujague when it comes to the recruiting process and feels the BYU offensive line coach has been honest and straight forward with him.

"I think Coach Tujague is a really great person," said Sanchez. "In the time that I've gotten to know him he just seems like a great person. He tells it like it is and doesn't try and sugarcoat it. He tells you what you need to do and is straight with you. I really like that and really like his honesty."

Sanchez isn't LDS but understands for the most part the moral standards associated with the university.

"From what I've heard, because I played against Uriah Leiataua from Dominguez High School, that BYU is a place where you have to live a way where right decisions are made," said Sanchez. "I know there's a higher standard there, and that they're looking for those type of players."

Along with BYU, Sanchez is also hearing from three other universities at this time. But he feels the one that could be closest to offering him is BYU.

"I've talked to San Diego State and San Jose State," said Sanchez. "Another school that is taking interest in me is Arizona, but in my opinion BYU is probably the one closest to offering me."

After evaluating Sanchez's film it's easy to see what aspect of his game caught the eye of Coach Tujague. At 6-3, 305-pounds, Sanchez plays with a mean streak that coaches look want in their linemen. It's an aspect of Sanchez's game that he tries to bring to field with every snap of the ball.

"I want to beat players off the ball and try and create a lane. I try and drive past you," Sanchez said. "I know running backs sometimes need a cutback lane or multiple options, so I like to block to give my running back those options. I try to widen the hole so he doesn't have to split past but has a clear lane to run [through it]."

Sanchez received quite a few accolades for his efforts on the field a junior in 2013.

"I made first team all-league and first team all-area," said Sanchez.

Sanchez also made first team All-CIF and first team all-dream team as well, which is good news for a player competing in the greater Los Angeles area. When it comes to off the field performances, Sanchez also gets it done putting up some impressive lifting stats in the weight room as well.

"I bench is 365-pounds and my squat is 475," he said. "I'm leading my school right now in the dead lift and bench and I power clean 275."

Although Sanchez plays both ways on the offense and defense for Norwalk High School, Coach Tujague is specifically looking at him as an offensive guard at the next level. Sanchez also feels he has the skill-set to also play center if that was a position coaches were looking to recruit him to play.

"I play offense and defense and could play defensive tackle," said Sanchez. "I feel more comfortable playing on the offensive line. Coach Tujague has said they're looking at me as an offensive guard. I can also play center and told Coach Tujague that I can play both. He just told me that he wants to see me first at offensive guard because that's where most of my highlights are from." will continue to follow the recruiting process of Rodrigo Sanchez and will report any new developments in the future.

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