Sedgwick Looking to go Out With a Boom

The 2015 BYU recruiting class includes one of the top middle linebackers in the nation according to Will Sedgwick absolutely destroyed the stat sheet last season despite missing a few games. With one more year of prep ball to play, Sedgwick plans to use his senior year to parlay another outstanding performance into his arrival at BYU.

Off the field he's just your typical happy-go-lucky kid, but on the field Will Sedgwick is whole different animal.

"I started out the season great!" said Sedgwick. "The first game I had 25 tackles and the second game I had 27. I was doing great then I got a little injury during the season, but I couldn't do much about that."

Sedgwick put up some gaudy numbers as a sophomore with 120 total tackles, 48 unassisted, 72 assisted, three sacks, nine hurries and two interceptions. Despite missing three games as a junior in 2013, Sedgwick had another outstanding performance with 131 total tackles, four sacks, four forced fumbles, one fumble recovery, and eight quarterback hurries.

"I missed three games of the year, so if I had those three games back I might have done better," said Sedgwick. "I still had quite a few total tackles though despite that. I'm happy about that."

Rated the 15th best middle linebacker in the nation, Sedgwick's accolades don't reflect his outstanding efforts. Much of that has to do with the fact he missed three games while his team suffered a down year and missed the playoffs.

"I would have gotten like the League MVP but I missed a few games, and we didn't go to the CIF either so I didn't get All-CIF or anything like that because of that," said Sedgwick. "It was kind of a down year this year for us. I was All-CIF last year because we made CIF last year. A lot of that depends on if your team makes it or not. My numbers this past year were better than my sophomore year. My size has also gone up and my speed has gone up, but I'm really happy with the season."

Totaling 131 total tackles despite missing three games in a prep season is quite the accomplishment. And although it's coming up on almost a year now since he last pledged his signing intentions to Bronco Mendenhall, Sedgwick says he's still fully committed to BYU.

"I'm still committed to BYU," said Sedgwick. "They check up on me every once in a while and give me a little tip here and there. We talked about what I'm going to do with my mission, and I'm going to the junior day [in June] also. I'm not going to the week-long camp but just the junior day."

Sedgwick enjoyed a visit with Inside Linebackers Coach Paul Tidwell and Outside Linebackers Coach Kelly Poppinga just prior to the 2014 signing day in February. The two coaches were making their rounds down in Southern California shoring up the commitments of the class.

"It was a couple of days before signing day," Sedgwick said. "They were down here making their rounds and talking to a lot of the recruits and they stopped by. It was really good and a lot more fluid than it used to be. I'm pretty impressed with them and I get jazzed every time they come out here, you know? We talk about everything and not just about football."

Going into his senior year, Sedgwick wants to have a banner year. He's been working hard by becoming bigger, stronger and faster in the hopes that he can improve on his numbers from his sophomore and junior seasons.

"Yeah, I'm still a junior so for my senior year I want to go out with a monster year," Sedgwick said. "I put on a little bit of weight and a lot of strength. I just want to have a big year my senior year, and I've talked with my parents and the coaches about what I'm going to do with my mission. We have a foundation in place. I'm going to go to BYU for the summer term and then that fall instead of playing I'll go on my mission. When I come back in the fall I'll have the whole year to get back into shape and get ready for football."

Recently Sedgwick suffered set back in his training with an MCL tear.

"Well, I had a little MCL tear a couple of weeks ago so I haven't been able to do any speed work recently," Sedgwick said. "If I was at full strength and speed without that I run a 4.6 weighing at around 228 or 230-pounds now. I'm currently 6 feet-2 inches, so I should be able to get faster."

When Sedgwick returned to the weight room he was pleasantly surprised that he hadn't lost any strength while recovering from the tear.

"I was actually really happy because I came back from this MCL tear and did really well," Sedgwick said. "On the first day back I put on five plates on each side and was able to push that six times, so things are looking really good there. It was like nothing ever happened when I came back so I was happy about that. For bench they don't really have me max, but if I had to say for a max bench it would be around 370 or 380 now. We don't ever max at our school but that's what I would say it would be."

This past season Will Sedgwick watched BYU's defense perform with an interest in how well the middle linebackers performed. He was excited and pleased to see how well players like Uani ‘Unga and the other linebackers performed in 2013.

"Oh yeah, oh my gosh!" Sedgwick said with excitement. "BYU is creating a linebacker dynasty over there. They've now had so many great linebackers come through that defense. Man, I'm ready! I'm watching those guys and, I don't know, I'm just doing my best to get as big and as fast as I can right now to work towards BYU. I'm kind of getting ready for it now, and that's the nice thing about committing early because I can kind of use this time to focus on my future goals."

Upholding the linebacker standard that's been set by a long line of outstanding players is something Will Sedgwick knows will fall upon his shoulders. However, it's a mantle of responsibility he's been waiting to take upon his shoulders for a long time now.

"There is a little bit of pressure that comes with it, but I know I can do it," Sedgwick said. "I'm ready for the challenge. When I get there I'm going to go crazy. This is something I've been dreaming about since I was a little kid. I've been waiting to play for BYU for a long time and I can't wait."

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