Fehoko To Visit BYU This Summer

Considered one of the top defensive tackles in the nation, Breiden Fehoko of Farrington High School showed why he was considered such last season. Turning in an outstanding season that included 24.5 sacks, Fehoko has also developed a long list of prestigious scholarship offers which includes BYU. Fehoko has family ties to BYU and feels BYU is doing a great job with his recruitment.

Ranked the 13th best defensive tackle by Scout.com, Breiden Fehoko is a monster in the trenches. Fehoko measures in at 6-3, 280-pounds and plays with strength and agility. The results on the field speak for themselves.

"Everything has been great and I had a great season this past year," said Fehoko. "I had a good season and made first team all-conference and first team all-state. I finished the season with 24 and a half sacks and a bunch of tackles for a loss. I had around 106 tackles and it was a really good season for me. I feel that this up and coming season is going to be an even bigger season for me because it's going to prepare me to go to college.

Fehoko isn't just standing out on the field. He's also getting it done in the classroom as well.

"Everything in the classroom is going really good and I'm keeping up with the grades. Recruiting has been awesome and I'm looking forward to coming out to Utah again this summer and make a visit. I'm just really excited for it."

When Fehoko comes to attend the All Poly Camp this summer, he'll also head down to Provo to speak with some BYU coaches Fehoko has become very close to throughout the recruiting process.

"I'll be heading out to the All Poly camp this summer, and then I'll be heading down to go see Uncle Steve [Kaufusi] and Uncle Marky [Atuaia] down there at BYU. I'm really looking forward to it."

BYU Defensive Line Coach Steve Kaufusi and Breiden's father, Vili Fehoko, are from the same family lineage which stems from the village of Koloa in Va'vau, Tonga. Coach Mark Atuaia's wife, Elizabeth's, family also comes from Koloa and from the same family line.

"My dad has told me everything and I'm really familiar with our family lineage from Tongan," said Fehoko. "Uncle Steve is doing really good and pretty much the same as always. He's still pushing and doing a great job with recruiting me. He came down here around January and visited. Uncle Marky also came down and visited and I really appreciated that. Even though it was getting closer to signing day, they hopped on the first flight and came out here and it really showed how much they really want me there at BYU. It showed to me that I mean a lot to them not as a football player but as a person."

Have a close relative like Coach Kaufusi at a major division one college football program is advantageous in the eyes of Fehoko. It allows him to have a father figure with him not only coaching but there in times of personal need to confide in.

"The good thing about Uncle Steve is he can talk to me straight up as family to family," said Fehoko. "He tells me, ‘Breiden, we're family and you're my nephew. If you do decide to come to BYU I'm going to treat you like family, but I'm also going to work you hard like an uncle or like your dad.' That's the kind of relationship that I want. Uncle Steve and my dad having grown up together have that kind of relationship where he provides that kind of feel for me, that kind of relationship for me."

Having many options already to choose from, Fehoko recently picked up two new offers from the Pac-12.

"Recently I just picked up two new offers from Oregon State and Arizona State," said Fehoko. "I'm also getting attention from USC, UCLA, Oregon, Texas A&M, Auburn, Florida State, and Florida. [Those teams] have been in the mix but haven't offered. The two newest offers are Oregon State and Arizona State."

The schools Fehoko list as being close to offering would add their name to a list that have already offered. Those include Alabama, Cal, Clemson, Colorado, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, SDSU, Texas Tech, Utah, Utah State, Washington State, Weber State, and Wisconsin. Fehoko will graduate this December and enroll to a college of his choice early, so he'll have to narrow down his list fairly soon.

"Yeah, in December I'll officially graduate so I'll graduate early," Fehoko said. "I'll have a full week from January and December when I play in the Under Armour All-American game. In December I'm going to take my officials. You know, it all leads back to prayer to know where I need to be. For me it's going to be a tough decision, but at the same time if you make it tough, it's going to be tough."

The question remains of what Fehoko is looking for in the program he decides to play for. Breiden says it's pretty simple.

"If you know what you're looking for in a program it's going to be easy. You know I'm looking at things like environment, spirituality, football, academics and those kind of things. As time goes on and as things start to get closer I'll narrow things down to know where I want to be- to know where I want to be- or which school I want to start looking at."

Towards the end of the summer, Fehoko plans on narrowing down his long list of college option to a top five that he can take official trips to. He plans on doing so prior to his senior season so he can simply focus on those five schools while eliminating any unwanted distractions during his final football year at Farrington High School.

"As time goes on I'm planning on making a top five around July or August," Fehoko said. "I do that right before the season starts. That way I can focus on my senior season and just have the top five schools to know what schools I can then just take a look at. Then I'll decide which of those five schools I'll decide to go to."

What are BYU's chances of landing this top LDS defensive lineman or even being placed among the top five? It appears that they stand a good chance.

"Oh man, BYU has been really awesome and I love the attention they've been giving me," said Fehoko. "You know their fan base is great and they've been really supportive towards me. I have a great relationship with my recruiting coach and my position coach, so BYU is in a great spot with my recruiting process. If they keep it up they'll have a great shot of getting me."

TotalBlueSports.com will stay in contact with Breiden and report on what schools make his list later this summer.

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