Florida RB Recieves BYU Offer

Two days ago, BYU Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall extended a BYU scholarship offer to a 2015 Florida running back that has already accumulated quite the list of scholarship offers. Chandler Cox was both surprised and excited to learn he was being given a scholarship offer from BYU.

Apopka Senior High School has a bruising, yet dynamic, football player in Chandler Cox. Listed at 6 foot-2 inches, 225-pounds, Cox received a BYU scholarship offer two days ago to add to a growing list of impressive offers.

"BYU offered me a couple nights ago and then a couple weeks ago I was offered by Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, and Miami. I have 12 total offers now," said Cox. "I grew up in Utah and moved out here to Florida when I was 12 years old. I was born in Salt Lake City and lived in Draper, then in Eagle Mountain, so I was born in Utah and lived there since I was 12 before we moved down to Florida.

"BYU just started talking to me this week and added me on facebook and have been talking to me a little bit. I called up Coach Mendenhall and talked for him for a little while and he offered me a scholarship and that was pretty cool.

"Yeah, I was definitely surprised. It was definitely exciting and a great opportunity to have, so I was definitely surprised and extremely excited because Coach (Paul) Tidwell was talking about how they don't really offer until you come on campus. I was thinking, ‘Oh, they probably won't offer me now or for a while' so I was pretty surprised."

BYU joins Alabama, Auburn, Boston College, Duke, Kentucky, Miami, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio State and Tennessee with having offered Cox. Being a member of the LDS Church, Cox was excited to learn from Coach Mendenhall that BYU was extending him a scholarship offer.

"It was really exciting and I've been to a couple of BYU games," said Cox. "I went to the BYU game when they played USC because my dad played center for USC, so I went to the BYU-USC game and I've been to a couple more because my grandparents live right there by BYU's campus. It was really exciting, you know? All the offers that I've received are exciting and a cool experience."

Although BYU has recently jumped into the Chandler Cox recruiting sweepstakes, he's quickly become impressed with the BYU coaching staff after seeing their all-inclusive intent when it comes to their players.

"They're all great guys and they want to win," said Cox. "Their goal is to win a national championship. They're not just all focused on football but making their players great young men. They're about focusing on preparing their young men for life after football and that's pretty cool."

Right now Cox's does have some early favorites like in the clubhouse and he's paid unofficial visits to those schools. He is, however, open to exploring his options and that now includes BYU as an option.

"Yeah, I'm wide open right now," said Cox. "I definitely have my favorites like Florida, Alabama and Auburn. It's a tough decision because I like everywhere, so. I mean, I'm basically wide open right now and have no idea where I'm going to go to college right now."

Before any final decision is made one thing Cox wants to do is get down on bended knee to receive confirmation that his final decision is the right one for him.

"I'll be saying some prayers before I make my final decision," said Cox. "That's something I plan on doing to better know what the best decision is for me."

Cox isn't planning on serving a mission at this time and talked with BYU about that. He simply plans on going to college and playing football four to five straight years.

"I just want to go and play football," Cox said. "I'll continue to go to church and everything, but it's always been my dream to go and play football. BYU asked me if I was planning on serving a mission and I let them know what my plans were. They told me that they have quite a few LDS players that don't go on missions but just come and play football."

Last summer Cox flew out to Utah to visit some family. While in town he went and visited BYU during BYU's summer camp. He wasn't able to participate in the activities, due to an arm injury, but he was able to get a small glimpse of who Coach Mendenhall is as a person.

"I know BYU has a great coaching staff and I was out there at camp last summer," said Cox. "I didn't participate because I had dislocated my elbow from playing in spring football. We play spring football down here in Florida and we play in the month of May and in the spring game I dislocated my elbow so I didn't get to camp. I listened to a couple of speeches Coach Mendenhall gave and he's a great guy. It's was really interesting to see and hear him talk. You can tell he's different. Each coach that I talk to is different, and you can definitely tell the difference with Coach Mendenhall."

Playing multiple offensive positions for his high school team, Cox racked up some impressive numbers which has caught the eyes of many collegiate recruiters.

"Last season I had 1,300 yards passing and then I had 1,200 yards rushing," said Cox. "I had 13 rushing touchdowns. I play quarterback, fullback, H-back, and a little bit of receiver too. I like playing running back but do a lot of different things for my team."

While he might play various positions on Apopka Senior High School's offense, BYU is looking at him to play running back. Some are recruiting him to do the same while others are looking at him as an athlete to play various positions based on needs.

"BYU is recruiting me as a running back, and everyone else is looking at me as a fullback, H-back, or wildcat quarterback," he said.

For his on-field accomplishments last season, Cox has been invited to play in the Army All-American bowl game next January.

"I'll be playing in the US Army All-American game in January," Cox said. "I'm pretty excited about that."

When it comes to making a final decision, or even narrowing down his options, Cox was thinking about doing so prior to his senior and final year of high school football. If he doesn't make a final decision prior to fall, he'll take official visits during fall and then quickly make a decision afterwards so he can enjoy the rest of his senior season without distraction.

"I was thinking about maybe this summer or even this fall some time," said Cox. "It just depends on when I'm ready to make a decision. I just want to focus on my senior year and my last year of high school with my friends. I don't want to worry about recruiting, knowing that I have a place where I'm going to go to college. It would be nice to have it all done before my senior year."

"If I don't make a decision this summer I'll probably make official visits this fall, so I haven't decided where I want to take them but I know I have five I can take. I'll probably narrow it down to a top five and take my visits if I don't make a final decision by then."

Cox says every decision along the way will be made prayerfully and based upon a couple of key factors.

"I'll definitely pray about things and have that feeling about what does feel right and what doesn't feel right," said Cox. "I'll narrow things down based on what my relationship with the coaches is like. I also want the chance to play early. I don't like sitting on the bench so I want to go someplace and play early."

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