2014 QB to Visit BYU March 19th

Just when Cougar Nation thought that recruiting for the 2014 class was all wrapped up for BYU, the staff goes out and finds a quarterback to officially trip out to BYU. BYU has the chance to bring in a quality quarterback into the fold to help shore up the lack of depth next season. The Hanford HS product will visit BYU next week.

Hanford High School (CA) quarterback Jake Young is looking for a college to call home. The 6-0, 215-pounder with 4.6 forty speed brings a variety of skills to the table when it comes to playing quarterback.

"I just play hard and that's what I try to do," said Young. "My father is actually the head football coach [at Hanford], so he's always taught me to play hard and do what you can do and don't do too much. If I can make a play happen, then I'm going to make it happen. I like to sit in the pocket and throw the ball, but if there is a blitz coming I'm going to run and do what's best for that play."

In 2014, Young completed 64 percent of his passes for a total of 2,706 total yards on 178 attempts for 17 touchdowns. He also ran the ball for an additional 391 total yards and reached pay dirt with his legs 13 times for a total of 30 touchdowns on the season.

"I'm labeled as a dual-threat quarterback, but as a quarterback you pass first," Young said. "I'll take off on a run if needed, or if I can absolutely run the ball, and if someone is in my face to make the play happen. I had a pretty successful year this past year, but my junior year was a little rough."

For his high school career, Young threw for 6,991 yards and a total of 43 passing touchdowns while adding 26 more touchdowns on the ground. Young is currently ranked sixth in the history of CIF Central Section and more than likely would have been more heavily recruited if not for a torn labrum, which he suffered during his junior year.

"I tore my labrum during the fifth game of my junior year but played through it," said Young. "I had surgery [after the season] but wasn't able to go to a lot of the summer camps and do things a lot of kids do to get recruited. I wasn't able to go to any seven-on-seven tournaments going into my senior year, which hurt me a little bit. Coaches now have seen that I came back for my senior year stronger than ever."

With only three scholarship quarterbacks currently in the program, BYU's coaching staff went out and found a quality prospect to bring in as a preferred walk-on with an opportunity to earn a scholarship at BYU.

"Actually it was the weirdest thing," said Young with a chuckle. "I had been in contact with Nevada recently, but then the recruiter [Geoff Martzen] from BYU sent me a message one day on facebook asking for my ACT scores. So, I was like, ‘Okay, this is no big deal and he just probably wants to put me in the system or something like that.' Then he started talking to me more and said the coaches at BYU liked my film. Then he starting asking me about taking an official visit to BYU and wanted me to be the only 2014 quarterback that they recruit. It's really just happened a few days ago, which is great, and now I am where I am."

In fact, Young received six new preferred walk-on options just yesterday with more to come potentially.

"No, I haven't signed with anyone and had no offers," said Young. "I had walk-on offers all over the country. Today I just got new offers like Washington State, Nevada, Fresno State, Cal Poly, UC Davis, and Sacramento State. Those are the ones I got today. Things are looking up and I can't wait to get out to BYU and see what it's like. They have a great history of developing quarterbacks and a lot have come out of BYU. I'm excited about it. It's the first official visit I've ever been asked to go on."

After being contacted by Geoff Martzen and knowing that the interest from BYU was real, Jake Young began researching BYU to know more about the university. He discovered that one of his favorite quarterbacks played there.

"I know that one of my favorite quarterbacks of all time, Steve Young, went to BYU," said Jake, who has no relationship to Steve. "I actually have a poster of him in my room. I really didn't know much about BYU and just started looking into BYU to know more about the school."

Young also learned in his research and interactions with people that in order to attend BYU, one must abide by the BYU Honor Code and feels that it fits him just fine.

"I know they have a strict moral policy and the honor code is something people have asked me about," said Young. "I just want to go to a college that provides an environment that allows me to succeed athletically and academically as well, so if a school can provide that for me, while keeping me on track and being the best fit for me, that's the school I'll be at."

A week from today, Young will fly out to Provo and take an official visit, which is usually reserved for those with actual scholarship offers. BYU is going to roll out the red carpet for Young, who will arrive on March 19th.

"I'm heading out for my official March 19th to the 21st," said Young. "I'm going to take a visit to BYU and maybe if more visits to other schools come up then I'll take them. I just really want to know the history of BYU. I want to go to BYU and see what it's all about.

Young has already seen the impact of BYU football when it comes to social media.

"I already love the fans and I've got around a 100 new followers on Twitter and they're tweeting me every day. I love that support from them. It just seems like a great program and a great school, so I want to go out there and develop and great relationship with the coaches. I just want to get to know the coaches, then make my decision, and then go from there."

During his upcoming visit to BYU, Young has a short list of things he wants to look for. Other than being a place where he can feel like he fits in, he simply wants to look at the football program and the education BYU provides.

"You know, I just want to play ball. I was born to play football and most importantly I want to get my education," he said. "If football can help me get a great education then that's great. There is a time when football ends, and I know us players hate to say that, but you have to have a backup plan and there's no better place to get an education than at BYU. BYU is one of the top universities in the nation."

If Young sees that BYU's a place that is a great fit for him academically and athletically, he'll have no reservations about letting the staff know he's coming.

"Yeah, if the school fits me academically and athletically then that's the school I'm going to [attend]," Young said. "I want to be happy for four years and enjoy getting my education and playing football. If I can go there and earn a scholarship to help my family that would be great. I don't want to put my family through a struggle, so if I can go there and work hard and bust my butt then that's what I'm looking for. Football is my ultimate goal but I want to get an education so that's what I'm looking for. If BYU is the place for me, and I go out there and absolutely love it, then there's nothing that's going to change my mind."

TotalBlueSports.com will catch up with Young following his upcoming visit to BYU and get his thoughts on the experience.

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