Trammel Bringing Swagger to BYU

Upon Jordan Johnson's return, BYU could potentially have one of its best secondary units in recent memory, if not ever. That's the thought of many members of the 2014 BYU secondary are taking and they're not backing away from that position, including recently returned cornerback Trent Trammel.

Last season, it was the first day of BYU spring camp for Trent Trammell who had just transferred from City College of San Francisco. During a special teams play, Trammell was seen on the ground withering in pain while holding his knee.

"I come in and I'm ready and I'm trying to prove what I can do," Trammell said. "I then tore my ACL and I was depressed and heartbroken because I didn't know if I was going to come back. I've never had surgery on my body or anything like that. I've never really been hurt, so that was the first time losing everything. So, it was tough. But during the rehab I got better, stronger, and was around a lot of positive people that helped me get through it. It was a tough situation in the beginning for me."

It was a trying time for Trammell who went through an emotional roller coaster while dealing with the injury. His family and teammates supported him through a personal ordeal he's never had to face before in his life. However because of the trial and seeing the outcome, Trammell feels he's grown as a person.

"After I got through rehab and everything I became a better person," said Trammell. "I became a more confident person. I was a more positive person. Now I feel like I can do anything and there's nothing that I can't get through."

After a long bout rehabbing the injury, Trammell is happy to be back out on the field doing what he loves.

"Yeah, I'm just happy to be back out playing and doing what I love to do," said Trammell. "I'm just really happy. I feel better now as a player than I did before because I've had time to work on other things in my game while I was in rehab. I was able to work on my feet, my hips, and my technique so I feel a lot better."

Roberston Daniel has publicly stated that BYU will have one of the best secondary units in the nation in 2014. The safety was pressed into action in 2013, playing field corner against what was arguably one of the more difficult schedules in BYU history. Now that Daniel is back playing his preferred position of safety- with Trammell returning to man the boundary position, Trammel says the sky is the limit.

"Yeah, I think we're going to be the best secondary BYU's ever had and definitely top three [in the nation]," said Trammell confidently. "The way our defensive scheme is set up, our defensive scheme will stop you. Then once you add chemistry like me, Jordan [Johnson], and Rob [Daniel] have, that's like family right there. We roll out good together and play well."

So how has spring camp of 2014 gone for Trammell now that he's returned to the field?

"It's good and everything is normal to me and I feel good," said Trammell. "I feel relaxed and coach is giving me flexibility on playing coverages like pass and press, so I feel good."

When Jordan Johnson was playing field corner prior to his injury, he virtually locked down that side of the field in man coverage. Trammell feels man coverage will be more prevalent this season on both sides of the field freeing up linebackers to hopefully wreak more havoc on opposing offenses.

"Oh definitely with the [guys] we have out there we don't ever think we can be beat," said Trammell. "I don't think we ever go into a situation where we don't think we can't win. Basically we're telling coach to put us in man-to-man because we think we can win. Basically we're telling coach to put us on man-to-man on whoever and whatever."

Trammel believes the move of Bronson Kaufusi to the outside linebacker position helps him with coverage angles. The range both Kaufusi and Alani Fua bring in man-zone help in short route coverage.

"Oh, he and Alani help me a lot because they're so long, so when they get pressure or when they drop back, [the quarterback has to get it] through it over them and they're throwing it right to me," Trammell said. "It's like love at first sight. It's perfect. It's perfect."

When it comes to the style of play found in BYU's current secondary it's not all action. The secondary is rapidly becoming known for their ability to flap their mouths and mix it up with the receivers in an effort to get into their heads. It's result of knowing how good they are and they like to let their receiver teammates know it.

"Oh man, it's a war out there every day and I can't wait till fall," said Trammell. "Man… fall ball, oh my gosh! Fall is going to be a war out on the field because Devon [Blackmon] and Jordan [Leslie] love to talk. Those guys love to talk trash and bring it. Yeah, it's going to be physical and a battle come fall. Come fall it's not going to be easy because come practice that's going to be our hardest competition. We're going to have more competition from our own teammates than the actual competition."

When you talk about incoming receivers with potential, Nick Kurtz is the one the immediately comes to mind. On the first day of spring camp Trammell found great success covering BYU's 6-foot-6, speedy receiver both down field and in the short game.

"Yeah, he's got the potential to be something great, but he's going up against something he's never gone up against before," said Trammell. "He's needs to get used to the physicality that we bring. I'm going to be in your head every play. I'm going to talk to you and make you uncomfortable."

Trent Trammell brings a disposition to BYU's secondary not seen in recently. He's fast, physical, very athletic, and loves to play mind games with receivers. Along with bringing a physical coverage skill to the field, Trammell loves to bring that psychological warfare as well.

"Oh man, if they had me mic'd up I would be in trouble," said Trammell with a laugh. "I would be in trouble. I mean, I would get myself into some trouble out there man."

According to Trammell, Kurtz is still trying to get used to the mental games that's being given to him by the defensive backs.

"He tends to let people get into his head a little bit, so we get all into his head a little bit and that can affect [his] play," Trammell said with a smile. "We give it to our receivers to make them stronger mentally and stuff like that, but, yeah, he's got it all. I remember in the off-season during one-on-ones in January and February and he was doing some amazing stuff."

The culture of BYU's secondary is one not only that brings aggression and athleticism to the defense, but it's a group that is trying to change the culture of BYU's secondary by utilizing a little psychology.

"Yeah, we're going to talk to you out there, man," he said. "We believe we're the best and we're going to let you know it. We're trying to change the whole culture of BYU's secondary, and, like I said, we're going to bring a swagger to this team. That swagger is going to start by how we in the secondary play.

"I would say our secondary is physical, athletic, very confident, and we're going to bring the pads to you too. That's what I would say is the type of culture we're bringing to BYU's defense. That's what you're going to see this season on the field. You won't hear all the talking though, but it's going to be there too and we're going to get inside some heads."

And what does Defensive Backs Coach/Defensive Coordinator Nick Howell think about all this? Apparently he doesn't mind it, if they walk the walk.

"Coach Howell just wants us to get the job done," Trammell said. "If we just take care of our responsibilities and dominate out there we're going to be fine. That's all that matters."

All talking aside, Trammell is excited with what he sees developing on the other side of the ball. He believes BYU's offense will be something special during the 2014 season.

"Yeah man, I'm very excited for our offense that we have here," said Trammell. "I'm excited for the guys that are here and the guys we've got coming in. We've got some ballers coming in. We've got Nick [Kurtz], Devon [Blackmon], Jordan [Leslie] who is a strong, strong dude. I'm excited for our offense. I'm very excited for what we have."

Facing Taysom Hill every day in practice, Trammell sees his quarterback progressing on a much broader scale and that makes him even more excited for the offense this coming season.

"I see Taysom trusting in his receivers a little more this year. When I talk to him after practice that's something he tells me, and when he runs you don't stop him. I just get out of his way, I'm not going to lie. I'm like, ‘You go ahead and do your thing' and let him run because you aren't going to catch him. In the passing game he's going through his progressions and anticipating throws better and not just trying to run. I see him trusting his arm more and stuff like that. I think our offense is going to be special this year. I think this is going to be Taysom's best year."

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