Cougar Snapshots: Spring Camp Week 2

Two weeks of BYU's spring camp have now come and gone. photographer Troy Verde was on-hand to capture some of the action this week in this edition of Cougar Snapshots.

As spring camp rolls along, BYU coaches are getting a better understanding of the progression of both their players and the team as a whole. The first week saw the defense dominate most the action but week two saw the tide begin to turn as the offense began to catch up.

Tight End Devin Mahina has begun to emerge as a threat during the second week of spring camp. Here Mahina catches a pass from Taysom Hill as Jherremya Leuta-Douyere closes in.

Mahina catches a pass over the middle between D.J. Doman and Dallin Leavitt. Coach Mendenhall recently commented to the media that Mahina's spring camp performance has been one that has stood out to him.

Recently returned missionary Austin Heder reaches out for wide receiver Nick Kurtz looking to get an edge on the middle linebacker. Kurtz has been making very good strides as he's become more acclimated to the demands of spring camp.

Safety Craig Bills leaps high but just missed batting an intended pass for Nick Kurtz out of the air. Bills has been playing both the Free and KAT Safety positions throughout spring camp.

Sam Linebacker Alani Fua gets set for the snap to start the play. Much like Bronson Kaufusi, Fua is rangy and covers ground quickly with very good closing speed.

Jogging onto the field are Tuni Kanuch (#78) and Ului Lapuaho (#71). Kanuch has been running with the first team offensive line at right guard while Lapuaho has been playing left tackle with the second team unit.

Will Linebacker Sae Tautu lines up on the line of scrimmage as Lapuaho gets set for what might be coming his way.

Star running back Jamaal Williams attempts to break a run up the middle. Williams ran roughshod through the Cougar defense during the second week of spring camp.

After make the catch, wide receiver Brett Thompson takes a hit from cornerback Trevor Bateman.

Will linebacker Bronson Kaufusi helps get a defensive line teammate into position. Kaufusi has had a very good spring recording sacks, batting down passes, and even recording a safety on Taysom Hill.

Bronson Kaufusi lines up on the line of scrimmage and awaits the snap of the ball. In the background Kai Nacua, from his safety position, moves over to help cover the boundary side of the field.

Quarterback Taysom Hill drops back and surveys the field as Jamaal Williams steps out to help block a rushing Bronson Kaufusi.

Mike linebacker Zac Stout trots onto the field with safety Dallin Leavitt (#2). Coach Tidwell feels Stout could be an outstanding contributor, especially in the run game, if he can stay healthy during his senior year.

Defensive lineman JonRyheem Peoples is big and fast. Here he is seen chasing quarterback Taysom Hill out of the pocket as Hill throws the ball down field.

Defensive tackle Remington Peck gets to the edge and records the sack on second string quarterback Christian Stewart. Peck looks to be in the playing mix this year as leader on the defensive line. He is having a very productive spring camp so far.

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