Evaluating the Foe: BYU Wide Recievers

The BYU passing game is a work in progress right now during spring ball. The wide receiving core has a lot of talented prospects for Taysom Hill to throw to. We asked Trent Trammel to give his personal assessment and scouting report on each receiver participating in spring camp.

Throughout spring camp Trent Trammell has been given the difficult task of locking down the field side of the defense in place of Robertson Daniel, who's now cross-training at the boundary corner and safety positions. Trammell is seeing his share of BYU's wide receivers and gives the scouting report on what he's seeing from his counterparts.

Colby Pearson

Taking advantage of the spring camp evaluation period, Pearson is a walk-on that has made a name early name for himself in spring camp.

"Colby Pearson over spring camp: deceptive, very quick, underestimated," said Trammell. "When you look at him you automatically underestimate him but he is very athletic. I think his biggest strength is his route running. He's very creative in his route running and then on top of that he very deceptively fast because you look at him and think, ‘Aw, he's slow.' Then he gets up on you and you realize you have to get on your giddy up and get going. He's really fast and I think he's pretty good."

Kurt Henderson

Kurt Henderson burst onto the scene last season as a sophomore when he reeled a 60-yard reception from Taysom Hill in BYU's victory over Utah State. Henderson slowly received more playing time as the season wore on as part of Coach Guy Holliday's rotation.

"Kurt Henderson is a work horse," said Trammell. "He's very disciplined, a really good technician, and just tough. I would say one of his greatest aspects is how intelligent he is. He picks up on coverage tendencies and makes adjustments in his route running so fast. He's really smart and [is] always aware of where he's at on the field. He's like a quarterback at the receiver position and knows how to attack the coverage with the snap of a finger. He's that smart."

Nick Kurtz

Arguably the most hyped recruit on the offensive side of the ball in the 2014 recruiting class, Nick Kurtz brings intangibles to BYU's offense rarely seen.

"When you look at him he has all the size, speed, and everything one would want. He has all the tools," said Trammell. "Now for him it's about getting comfortable in the system, and knowing his role within the system, and learning how they're going to use him. They basically got him all over the place. Once he learns his role he's going to be dangerous."

Trammel compares the learning curve for Kurtz to Cody Hoffman's career arc.

"You know like Cody [Hoffman], he knew his role within the offense. He knew what he could do and once you throw the ball up to him he would just go up and get it. Once Nick finds out his role and what he can do with his capabilities within this offense he's going to be really good, but right now he's really raw which is what you get from the junior college ranks. I feel like junior college athletes are at a level where the coaches just let them go out and show their stuff. Here at BYU it's about being a technician and being polished as your craft and within your position."

Trammell has seen Kurtz rapidly progress from day one to day seven of spring ball now that he's been involved with the program in a practice setting.

"Day one he looked a little nervous and a little uncomfortable," said Trammell. "He didn't know how to respond when the coaches were getting after him. Now he's clicking out there, moving faster and figuring things out. Now I see confidence out there. I see a confidence in him I haven't seen before."

Michael Davis

Now that Davis has been switched back over to the offensive side of the ball, he's putting that 4.3 speed to good use stretching defenses. Davis is still young and learning but what he brings to the field athletically is exciting.

"Mike Davis is like a track star out there," Trammell said. "If you play off on him it's not going to work. I think what Mike has is great speed and acceleration. He's what you call a game-breaker where he's about to take it the distance at any time. At any time and at any point of the game he can take it the distance, and I think he can be a threat on special teams, but he has great speed. He's really young and really raw and doesn't even know what he has yet. Once he figures it out he's going to be a monster."

Mitch Mathews

Mathews hasn't been participating in spring camp due to a shoulder injury that he's been rehabilitating. However, Trammell had a lot to say about him as well.

"Mitch is one of those guys that looks like he was created in a lab," Trammell said with a chuckle. "When you look at him you see this 6-7, long, giraffe-looking dude and I'm like 5-8, so I'm like looking up at this dude that towers over me. I'm thinking if this guy can run, which he can, it's going to be tough. But yeah you see those guys like Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery (Chicago Bears) and how they look like they were born in labs. They look like creatures out there. Now Mitch, he's fast and he has crazy athleticism. He's one of those guys that you can just throw it up to him and he's going to go get it. What I like about Mitch is his confidence. He's very confident and that's something that I think [helps] him because he can be dangerous."

Brett Thompson

Brett Thompson hasn't been out on the practice and has been dealing with some hernia related issues suffered over the course of last season.

"Yeah, I haven't seen him out here but he's another one that if he can stay healthy and get going will be really good because he's more of a veteran player," said Trammell. "I think they moved him back out on the outside. He's a guy that's really good getting into his routes. When he gets back out here I think he'll bring that knowledge of how to play the game to the position."

Khalil Bell

A walk-on from Marietta, Georgia, Khalil Bell was moved from running back to slot receiver taking on J.D Falslev's old routine of attacking the middle of the field.

"Yeah, with Khalil Bell he has good speed but he won't wow you with his speed," said Trammell. "I think with him it's his route running and attention to detail. His first step is really quick. I think he's a better slot than being on the outside. He's a guy that can really get into the route because he's quick, and, like I said, his first step being as quick as he is while being a really good route runner is going to cause guys to have to pay attention."

Biggest Surprise of Spring Camp

Who does Trent Trammel think is the surprise prospect from spring ball?

"The biggest surprise from among the receivers I would probably say is Colby Pearson and Mike Davis," said Trammell. "I like what Colby's doing and I like what Mike is doing. I like what Mike is doing a lot because he can play both outside and inside receiver."

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