Domena Expresses Commitment Desires

According to Roosevelt High School Head Coach Christian Swain, dual-threat quarterback Kimane Domena has given his verbal commitment to Coach Poppinga earlier today. However, while there is excitement abound, according to Coach Swain, BYU hasn't accepted the commitment just yet. This one will have to play out.

An athlete who can both run and throw the football, Kimane Domena was an early quarterback recruiting favorite to play in BYU's new offensive system designed by Coach Anae. BYU has been moving towards the dual-threat, Steve Young type, quarterbacks over the past few years now. Domena, who joined the LDS faith, a few years ago while in high school, seemed like the perfect prospect to recruit for the system. His stats last season verify BYU's early recruiting evaluation of him that he would be.

"He's a quarterback no question," said Roosevelt Head Coach Christian Swain. "There's no question. He's exactly what [BYU is] doing now, so he's a dual-threat guy. Like I said he ran for 1,200 yards and threw for almost 2,000 last year. He hardly ever throws interceptions. Our offensive coordinator Neil Lomax played in the NFL for 10 years, so [Domena's] got a really high football I.Q. He's definitely a quarterback. When they originally started recruited him they wanted him as an athlete, but he's definitely going to be a quarterback."

Today, Oregon's top dual-threat quarterback decided to give BYU's outside linebacker coach, Kelly Poppinga, a call today to express his desires to commit to BYU.

"He committed this morning" said Coach Swain. "He called Coach Poppinga to commit. We're going to call up Coach Mendenhall tomorrow so he can talk with him, but he did make his commitment known this morning. We're very excited."

Head Coach Christian Swain was sitting with Domena as he spoke with Coach Poppinga and expressed his desires.

"I was sitting next to Kimane on the phone and all I heard was, ‘Yeah!'" Coach Swain said. "He was just excited, so. They love Kimane so I think it's going to be great for him. He just said, ‘They've been here for me since day one through thick and thin. I just feel right about it. I knew where I wanted to go, so I just want to check that off my list of things I need to worry about; focus on school, and getting bigger, stronger, and faster and have a great senior year."

However, checking off whether or not he has locked down a BYU scholarship shouldn't be checked off Domena's check list. BYU hasn't been as active in recruiting the talented athlete over recent months. Much of that could be due to some concerns that might have risen.

"We're working really hard on his grades," said Coach Swain. "He sort of dug himself into a little bit of a hole his freshman and sophomore year, so we're working really hard to make sure he gets qualified with the NCAA Clearinghouse.

"He's had a lot of challenges. Some of them have been in his control and some that have been out of his control, but, you know, its water under the bridge now. We're working really hard to get him settled academically so he's good to go there."

So while Domena has expressed his desires to Coach Poppinga to be at BYU it's still not a done deal. BYU hasn't fully recognized his commitment at this point in time.

"They definitely wants him to come out and stay at BYU first before he fully commits," said Coach Swain. "That just shows the character of the coaching staff out there. They appreciate the commitment, but it's very important to them that he comes out and see's the university, he sees the culture there, and he knows that he's a good fit."

Tomorrow, Domena will call and speak with Coach Mendenhall, and according to Coach Swain will express the same commitment desires he expressed to Coach Poppinga. However, BYU has already expressed some concerns of their own and it's been made understood that a scholarship it's not a for sure thing in the end.

"I just love Coach Mendenhall because he's a standup guy," said Coach Swain. "He could have just taken the commitment and then have the kid never come see the university. He wants to make sure this is a going to be a place that Kimane wants to live for the next five years. You know, and I just love that about him.

"So the stipulation was, ‘You gotta get out here and you gotta see what you're getting yourself into, what Provo is all about, what our university is all about, being around the coaches, see the players,'" Coach Swain said. "So, that was the one stipulation I heard in that conversation."

So, Domena has set his sights on BYU. Coach Swain knows there's work and a great effort to be done before that becomes a reality. If Coach Mendenhall and his staff feel the match is a good one anything can be possible.

"[Coach Mendenhall] wants to know if this is a good fit, and not just for football but for all the reasons that make BYU unique," said Coach Swain. "I like that about him."

As this situation plays out this could be a case where Kimane Domena has to recruit BYU, much like Coach Mendenhall spoke about in the past. So while Domena has spoken to Coach Poppinga today about his commitment desires it doesn't necessarily mean BYU recognized the commitment. Domena will have to convince BYU that he is worthy of locking up a scholarship.

"Of course I'm sure he'll be working with our local Bishop too," said Coach Swain. "To make sure Kimane's doing the things of the church and things off the field that are appropriate for a BYU student athlete."

Is there a possibility BYU could accept Kimane Domena's commit? Sure, anything is possible. But whether or not it becomes a reality will be a work in progress and ultimately in the hands of Domena and the staff of BYU. In the meantime we'll just have to let this one play out.

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