Jake Young Post-Visit Update

BYU hosted a walk-on quarterback Jake Young from Hanford High School (CA) on official visit last week. Young learned what BYU has to offer and mentioned it's made the decision process more difficult for him. He is now in the process of making a final decision, which will come later this week.

Jake Young was impressed with what he found while on an official trip to BYU last week. He saw firsthand what it's like to be on campus and learned more about BYU's great football tradition.

"It's a great school and there are a lot of great people there with a lot of great morals," said Young. "The football program there is awesome and all the history behind it was cool and a good experience."

During his campus visit he spent some time with the offensive coaches and learned more about the offensive system BYU runs.

"I got to learn a little bit about their offense, and the way they play, and some of the things they do that helps them win," said Young. "I got to see how dedicated the football team was."

He even attended practice and saw how efficient Coach Mendenhall's spring camp is.

"It was a really high-tempo practice and they were constantly running without many breaks," said Young. "That was something I noticed right away was how fast and hard they practice with no breaks. They had a scoreboard that had different times and simulated practice like it was a game. I thought that was pretty cool."

What impressed Young most about his BYU visit? It was the dedication of the players to school and the football program.

"Just how dedicated the players were to playing football," said Young. "Football and school is what it's all about, and I liked how they focused on that a lot."

The time Young spent on campus exceeded all expectations. However, that doesn't mean he'll necessarily be choosing BYU as the place where he'll decide to become a preferred walk-on as the University of Nevada is also a real possibility.

"Yeah, it really did," said Young. "There were some things that were a little different, but it definitely made my decision hard on whether I'm going to go to Nevada or BYU. I need to talk to my family more about the matter and get back to the coaches. Probably by the end of this week I'll decide."

Following his visit to BYU, Young hasn't been in contact with the staff. In fact, he's been in greater contact with the staff of Nevada leading one to think he'll more than likely join the Wolf Pack when it's all said and done.

"I haven't been in contact with the BYU coaches since I left there," Young said. "I've been talking to the Nevada coaches back and forth a little bit, so I don't know what's going on with the process right now. Being that I'm a walk-on, and trying to figure out whatever's going to help my family the most, I'm trying to see if I'm going to be able to see if I can get in-state tuition at BYU and at Nevada.

Young isn't LDS and isn't sure if the culture of BYU is right for him. He also wants to attend a school that will place the least amount of financial burden on his family since he will be joining as a walk-on.

"I haven't decided if it's the right place yet for me, but no matter what I'll always have respect for the university and the people that attend. Being that I'm not LDS, it was a little bit different for me. People there have a little bit different beliefs and stuff like that, but, no, I liked the school a lot and the coaches were great. It was a really great experience."

Young mentioned that he will make a final decision by the end of the week after talking to his family. TotalBlueSports.com will stay in contact with Jake and report when he makes his final decision.

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