Cougar Snapshots: Spring Scrimmage

BYU held its first full-contact scrimmage in Lavell Edwards Stadium last Saturday. Capturing all the action as it occurred was photographer Troy Verde in this edition of Cougar Snapshots.

The offense started out a little slow on Saturday with the defense pushing the tempo early, ultimately forcing 3 turnovers. The offense eventually found its groove and found the end zone 4 times during the scrimmage.

Buck Linebacker Jheremya Leuta-Douyere sets his sights on standout walk-on running back Jeremiah Burr. Burr has been pointed out by Coach Atuaia as being the type of walk-on player he wants to target for his group in the future.

Jeremiah Burr embraces for impact as 238-pound tackling machine Leuta-Douyere squares up for the hit.

Burr was able to absorb the punishing blow and keep his feet but not without the football. Coaches moved Leuta-Douyere to Buck Linebacker this spring, feeling his stout, physical play that he brings to the field fit the position better.

Tight End Devin Mahina dives for the football as Zac Stout wraps him up a little early in an attempt to keep him from catching it.

Despite the pass interference, Mahina was still able to come down with the ball. Coach Mendenhall has singled out Mahina as a player that has made great strides over spring camp and one he's been impressed with this spring.

Another pass catcher that's received some notoriety from BYU coaches is receiver Kurt Henderson. Guy Holliday mentioned that Henderson's success has come from a strong desire to excel.

When it comes to excelling, Mike Davis can do just that. Possessing sprinter speed, Davis has been stretching the defense vertically throughout spring ball. During Monday's practice, Davis caught a slant pass from quarterback Christian Stewart that he took for a 60-yard touchdown against the first team defense.

Much like yesterday's touchdown, here Davis pulls away from defenders as he accelerates up the field.

After running over a cornerback, Jeremiah Burr was met with greater resistance by safety Kai Nacua. Nacua's performance over spring camp has also been one in which Defensive Coordinator Nick Howell said he's been impressed with.

Austin Heder (#41) attempts to bat down a Christian Stewart pass to recently returned missionary Bryan Sampson who is playing tight end. Two years ago, Sampson caught the winning touchdown during the Blue and White game as a freshman just before entering the MTC.

JonRyheem Peoples sheds the block from the offensive line and wraps up running back Jeremiah Burr. Peoples has the size and the talent to be an outstanding defensive lineman at BYU if he continues to progress.

Offensive Lineman Solomone Kafu drops back into pass protection in front of Taysom Hill.

Coach Holliday mentioned that Nick Kurtz is progressing well within the offense since the first day of stepping foot on BYU's practice field. Kurtz struggled hitting a wall early on in camp as Coach Holliday put it. Now the 6-foot-6, 205-pound receiver is finding his groove downfield as he continues to progress within the offense.

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