BYU Offers Talented Arizona Lineman

BYU threw their hat into the recruiting ring by extending a scholarship offer to a left tackle out of Gilbert, Arizona. He's already experienced it once, but Steve Miller is happy to have a BYU offer in hand. Talo Steves talked with Miller about his offer.

Coming in at around 6-4 and 280-pounds, Steve Miller is big on the field. The Gilbert High School (AZ) tackle has not only been getting it done on the field but in the weight room as well.

"I'm 6-foot-4 and I weigh around 280-pounds," Miller said. "I bench around 300-pounds and haven't really squatted lately. My last squat was around 450-pounds, so I'm working hard to get stronger in the weight room."

"Playing football, working hard, and trying to be the best player that I can be is really what I'm trying to do," said Miller. "BYU offered me last Friday and talked to me about how they wanted me to be their guy and play right away."

Having the opportunity to play right away at BYU was music to Steve Miller's ears.

"That's a great thing to hear after you get an offer like that," said Miller. "To hear a coach tell you to they want you to play right away really is a great thing to hear."

The path to a BYU scholarship all started with a decision that was made by Miller to attend BYU's summer camp last year.

"We had talked before and I talked to my parents and we felt that it was a good opportunity for me," said Miller. "We just felt it was a great opportunity for me to try and make it to the next level. I went down there before the season and I hadn't really played before my sophomore year, so we were just trying to get me looked at. BYU seemed like they really wanted me to come down and it was a great opportunity for me to get some exposure. I went down there and tried my best to show them that I could play football."

While on campus Miller instantly caught the attention of BYU's coaching staff.

"I went down to BYU's summer camp last year and their coach told me that they loved me then," Miller recalled. "He told me that I had a few things that I needed to work on. One of those things was being mean and aggressive and nasty off the ball. He said he watched my film and that was one of those things he saw an improvement in. He really thought it was a good improvement."

When it comes to coaches that use words like mean, nasty, and aggressive, BYU Offensive Line Coach Garret Tujague instantly comes to mind.

"It was Coach Tujague," said Miller. "It was Coach Tujague that I've been talking to and he's a great coach. I've also been talking to Coach (Kelly) Poppinga and they really like my film. They said I've made a lot of improvements over the past year."

Miller has become very impressed with Coach Tujague. One reason is that Coach Tujague has made his personal intention known to both his current players, and those in whom he recruits, that he wants them to be more than just great football players. He wants them to be great men as well.

"He's a great guy and he's a great man," said Miller. "He wants what's best for me and anyone who comes through his program and anyone he recruits. He always strives to be the best person he can be, and he wants us and his players that come and play for him to be the best man and player they can be as well. He's a great guy."

In the end the decision to head up to Provo to attend BYU's summer camp paid off. Ten months later, Miller now has a BYU scholarship offer in hand.

"Yeah, that decision to go up there was a really good one and it definitely paid off for me now," said Miller. "I not only ended up getting an offer; it really helped me [personally]. I wasn't really sure about some things and where I wanted to be as a football player, but my experience at BYU really gave me the confidence to go forward and be a really good football player going forward."

If there is anyone who can instill confidence in the heart of a player it's Garret Tujague. Often time coaches can make or break a recruit's experience when it comes to camp experiences and recruiting. For Miller one thing was certain. Being on campus at BYU coupled with his coaching experiences with Coach Tujague was a much different experience than he's had before.

"Yeah, it was very evident that there is a different focus there," said Miller. "When you go down there it's a much different feeling than other universities. Other universities and they're great and awesome and everything, but when you go to BYU there's just something different that I can't put my finger on. It's a different atmosphere. It's something… it's something, I don't know."

Miller is African-American and comes from a LDS family. While he is strong within his faith he isn't sure when, or if, he would like to serve a two-year mission.

"I am LDS and my whole family is as well," Miller said. "I've talked to my parents and I let them know that I'm not sure if I want to serve a mission at this time. I may change my mind later on but right now I'm not sure."

Being LDS and coming from a strong faith-based family is one reason why Miller has always taken an interest in BYU from afar.

"I've always looked at BYU as a school that would be a great place to go to," said Miller. "It's got a lot of great things about that school. I haven't really sat down and thought about every single factor, but there are quite a few. I think BYU would be a great contender as a place for me [to go to college at]."

With a BYU scholarship offer in hand, Miller also has an offer from Arizona State. He feels he is also close to receiving other offers as more and more universities are taking an active interest in him for his services.

"ASU has offered me and I'm talking to Oklahoma State, Oregon a little bit, and a lot of Pac-12 schools," said Miller. "Recently Nebraska has also been talking to me quite a bit as well."

The recruiting battles are just now heating up for Miller. In the meantime, congratulations to Steve Miller on his BYU and ASU scholarship offers. will stay in contact with Miller and will report on any new developments in his recruitment.

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