Jimenez Out to Earn Scholarship Offers

He's big, physical and was named among some of the best in the southern California as a defensive lineman in 2013. Los Altos High School defensive lineman David Jimenez had an outstanding season last year. College coaches have taken notice and are now seeking his interest.

Following the 2013 season, David Jimenez was selected as a member of the All-CIF Southern Section from Los Altos High School (CA). Playing in the highly competitive CIF Southeast Division, Jimenez played well last season for the Eagles.

"I play defensive tackle and I play the three technique," Jimenez said. "What I do well is engaging offensive linemen and getting off blocks. I get off blocks really well with the use of my hands. My get off is really good and I'm disruptive. I use good technique to get past guards to be disruptive across the offensive line."

For his size Jimenez is quick off the line and very mobile. All one needs to do is watch his film to see him jumping over offensive linemen in the trenches, while demonstrating a good blend of leverage and strength on the line.

"I'm 6-2, 285-pounds and my squat is around 435-pounds and my bench is 365," said Jimenez. "My dead lift is 475-485-pounds and my clean is around 290 to 295."

Jimenez's size and strength, coupled with good hand technique and footwork, allowed Jimenez to enjoy quite a bit of success last season.

"I had 65 tackles on the season and 11 tackles for a loss," said Jimenez. "I also had eight and a half sacks, two forced fumbles, and two fumble recoveries."

College coaches have taken notice after Jimenez reached out by sending his highlight tape to various colleges. One college Jimenez targeted was BYU.

"I sent the coaches my film through facebook, and Coach Garett [Tujague] responded and told me to give him a call," Jimenez said. "I was in school and my brother sent me a text saying to call him. I called him during lunch and we talked for about 30 minutes. I loved talking to the guy."

Coach Tujague must have seen something he liked in the film to reach out to David. It wasn't long before Jimenez was asked to call him up for a conversation.

"I called him up and he's a great guy," said Jimenez. "He's a really excitable guy and gets you pumped just talking to him. They (BYU) then started recruiting me about a month and a half ago."

Why David sent his film to BYU extends beyond the football field. Jimenez is attracted to BYU not only because of the high caliber of football and academics found on the field and within the classroom, but because of the character influence through standards demanded on campus.

"I feel I would be a good fit for BYU because I come from a family of great character and great morals," said Jimenez. "I feel like BYU is a place where you need to have great morals and great respect just to be considered. If you want to play on that team you have to be a great person outside that of being a great student-athlete."

It's important for Jimenez to be a good example off the field. He believes that his actions can not only reflect positively or negatively upon him personally, but also reflect upon the Jimenez name and his parents.

"I try to portray myself and live my life in a way that is respectful," said Jimenez. "I don't want to be that kid where people say, "Oh, his parents didn't raise him right.' I try to be that type of person who does things right so I can reflect the teachings of my parents."

Given Coach Mendenhall's motto of, "Tradition, Spirit, Honor" it makes sense why Jimenez sent his film out to the coaches associated with BYU's program. Along with BYU, Jimenez has received interests from programs in the Pac-12, the Mountain West, the Big 12 and the ACC conferences.

"The schools that are looking at me right now are BYU, Boise State, Fresno State, Maryland, Washington, Iowa State, Western Michigan, UCLA, and San Jose State."

Of the nine programs Jimenez listed, there are five that stand out the most as far as showing the most interest.

"The top five schools that are recruiting me the hardest are UCLA, San Jose State, Fresno State, BYU, and Boise State," Jimenez said.

This summer Jimenez plans on furthering the recruiting process. He'll hit the road and visit college football camps on various campuses across the west in an attempt to secure scholarship offers.

"The camps that I'm going to this summer are the UCLA, BYU, Arizona, Arizona State, USC, Fresno State, and San Jose State," said Jimenez.

When he visits each campus he has plans on visiting this summer, Jimenez wants to look for a few attributes he feels are important to him in deciding which school to attend.

"The first thing I am looking for is the relationship with the coaches," said Jimenez. "I don't want to go to a place where I don't feel comfortable with the coaches and feel like they're not my family. I want a staff that's like another father figure to me and just as close as my family here."

The second attribute he's looking for in a college will be the environment.

"I want to be at a school that I like being at, not just for football. I don't want to go to a place where I don't like being there. It would be just the worst thing ever being at a school with a great football program but you hate being at the school itself, so I want to be at a place that I like being at outside of football.

The third thing Jimenez is looking for in a university is the level and quality of academic as a fallback option if the goal of making it into the NFL doesn't work out. Jimenez has set his sights on staying close to the sport by learning the profession of becoming a Player Personnel and/or On-Campus Recruiting Coordinator.

"The most important thing I want to look for is academics," he said. "If football and the NFL don't work out, I plan on being a recruiter or analyst for whatever college I'm able to go to, so I can work for them right after [graduation], if that's possible. Our head coach [Dale Ziola] has one of his best friends who is the recruiting coordinator for USC. I talked to him and he said it's a great job and a lot of fun meeting new kids that you get to recruit every single year."

This month Los Altos High School will start their spring football camp in preparation for the 2014 season. College coaches have made it aware to him that they'll be down to watch him workout on the field as they evaluate him early prior to summer camps.

"We start spring football camp soon and some colleges have already expressed their interest in coming down to watch," said Jimenez. "Fresno State, San Jose State, BYU, and Washington said they were going to head down. It's exciting for sure and I can't wait!"

We at TotalBlueSports.com will continue to monitor Jimenez's recruitment as he attends camps this summer and report on any developments.

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