Harvey Jackson Visiting BYU This Week

Out of Hightower High School (TX), Harvey Jackson held scholarship offers from Baylor, Houston, Northwestern, Oklahoma State, Vanderbilt and Nebraska. A former a four-star recruit, Jackson did not participate in this year's Nebraska spring camp. Rumor has it he's looking to transfer to BYU to play out his eligbility. TotalBlueSports.com talked with him about that possibility.

There have been quite a few FBS transfers to BYU over the past few months. First, there was UTEP wide receiver Jordan Leslie who graduated with a degree and looked to find a new program where he could excel. Stanford wide receiver Keanu Nelson didn't have his scholarship renewed by the Cardinal coaching staff. BYU extended him a second opportunity to play out his eligibility.

It appears that BYU will host another talented transfer prospect on campus, beginning today and continuing until Tuesday. This talented prospect is Harvey Jackson who played safety at the University of Nebraska.

"He started three games for Nebraska last year and had 33 tackles," said Scout.com Nebraska publisher Josh Harvey. "He really didn't play down the stretch last year. There's been some speculation that he's had some falling out with the staff, but I don't know if that is really the case."

Jackson, a former four star recruit who was rated the 27th best safety prospect in the 2010 recruiting class, explained how the process began.

"I had a talk with our head coach (Bo Pelini) out here at Nebraska and he gave me the okay to go ahead and get cleared to talk to other colleges and stuff like that," said Jackson. "We had a conversation and got everything legal for me to have conversations with other colleges. I reached out to BYU to see if there was any interest there. That's just kind of how it all started."

Having secured a release from Coach Pelini, Jackson didn't participate in Nebraska's spring camp. In an effort to find a new college home he went to work looking for a college he feels would be a good fit for him. One such program he found was BYU.

"I've researched BYU and think I'm a good fit because I don't have character issues," said Jackson. "I have good character and when I was at Nebraska I did a lot of good things around the community. I like to show good leadership by example. I have good friends and I'm around a good crowed and I stay out of trouble. I try to be good on and off the field and have good grades."

"I'm not disrespectful by any means and I don't drink and do drugs and those kinds of things. I have good grades and I think BYU fits me well. You know, I took on a tough major while playing football. I think BYU is a place that fits me really well."

Having done some research on BYU, Jackson reached out to BYU Defensive Coordinator Nick Howell and sent him his highlight tape.

"I [have] one year left and I got in contact with Coach Nick Howell and sent him my highlight tape," said Jackson. "I actually did some research on BYU and found that it was a school that I feel would be a good fit for the both of us."

While playing at Hightower High School in Texas, Jackson wasn't recruited by BYU during his prep years. However, Jackson is now recruiting BYU and he makes it perfectly clear why.

"You have to respect BYU's program and they do a lot of good things," said Jackson. "They have a lot of really good players there and their defense has been one of the top defenses in the nation almost every year. BYU is a program that should catch everyone's attention I believe."

Jackson boarded a plane today and will spend today through Tuesday visiting BYU's campus, where he'll get a firsthand look at what could be a new home for him to play football.

"I'm flying out [today] and I'm really excited about going out to BYU," Jackson said. "I've been following BYU on TV a lot. Something I want to do is have a quick impact on a team, and I feel BYU is the type of team where I can try and do that. When I go there I just want to see if it's a place that fits me, and Coach Howell is going to see if I fit well with BYU. It's going to be quite interesting but, yeah, I'm really excited to get out there and see BYU and go forward."

BYU hasn't offered Jackson a scholarship just yet. However, that could be the case if the staff feels Jackson is a good fit for the program and visa-versa.

"I want to see the football program and how the coaches are," said Jackson. "I want to see the coaches and what kind of academics there are there. I want to see good people and I want to see nice people. I want to be at a place where I can feel comfortable at. Other than that, I'm not really expecting too much. I know BYU has a good environment and good standards, so I'm expecting to see if BYU is a good fit for me."

At 6-2, 210-pounds, Jackson is a big, aggressive safety who plays downhill. He played in 10 games last year as well as being a member of the Cornhusker special teams unit. An academic All-Big 12 selection, Jackson was made the Big 12 Commissioner's Academic Honor Roll list for fall of 2010 and spring of 2011. He'll graduate from Nebraska this year with one year left to play.

"I would have to graduate first so I can play right away," Jackson said. "I plan on graduating first [in] June so I can do that. I already used my redshirt. I'm going to try and help a team that can use a safety to try and make an impact and do something special. I've got one year left and feel that I definitely have the skills and talents to help the team if it's a good fit."

Nick Howell has been in contact with Jackson and explained what the program is all about and what they expect of Jackson on his visit to BYU.

"Coach Howell basically told me he would like to see me out there first and foremost. They want to see if I'm a great fit for them, and if they're a good fit for me. He gave me a rundown of their defensive scheme and the program. He wanted me to do more research and then come out on an official visit."

"When I get out there we'll have more of an opportunity to sit down and talk about things. We'll talk more about if the school is a good fit for me going forward. I'm looking forward to going out there and seeing everything. BYU is a great school and program and I'm looking forward to it."

Totalbluesports.com will follow up with Harvey Jackson after his visit to BYU to see if whether or not he's decided to play out his eligibility in a BYU uniform.

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