Jackson to Make Transfer Decision Tomorrow

Former Nebraska safety Harvey Jackson made an official visit to BYU earlier this week. He enjoyed his visit and was very impressed with BYU and Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall. Tomorrow he'll decide between BYU and the five other schools he has on the offers from.

Having played at Nebraska the past four years Harvey Jackson is now looking to make a move. This past Sunday through Tuesday he visited BYU in the state of Utah for the first time in his life. When Jackson stepped off the plane in Salt Lake City he noticed something right away that was much different than being Nebraska.

"Oh man, the mountains out there are really big and really nice!" Jackson said. "You [rarely] get to see mountains like that with snow caps on top. When I was there, I saw real waterfalls up close. It was really exciting being out there and really beautiful."

Jackson was also impressed with the campus of BYU and the surrounding community.

"The campus is really nice. It's really an interesting place and I ended up asking more questions than I thought I would. It's clean and well kept. I learned about the ‘Y' on the mountain and how old it is and why they didn't finish the ‘B' and the ‘U', and it sits right above the stadium and the community. Yeah, I liked it a lot out there."

While on campus visiting, Jackson received a scholarship offer from Bronco Mendenhall. Jackson was honored that he was found worthy of such an honor.

"I felt honored being in the presence of a legend like Coach Mendenhall," said Jackson. "He's done some really good things out there at BYU, and there's more to him than just football. You have to be a great person and have moral characteristics than just going out there to play football. You have to have the moral side of you for him to even consider you. We both have that in common and he liked me and offered me a scholarship. I think I can help the team and I liked everything about BYU. That's why I'm considering the scholarship offer that he gave me. I'm actually honored he gave me the scholarship."

Doing his due diligence, Coach Mendenhall questioned Jackson on a very personal level to see if he was the right fit for BYU. After an extensive conversation, Jackson caught a firsthand glimpse into the heart and soul of Coach Mendenhall. What he saw was much different than what he's seen in coaches before.

"He asked me a lot of questions to me personally," Jackson said. "He asked a lot of questions about my character and honor. He actually wants to get to know the person he's recruiting as well as everyone on his team to work with them. He knows people are not perfect and he doesn't hold that against anyone. Instead he's going to try and help them get to where they need to be as a person. I was very impressed because that's a lot different than what you see in other coaches."

Jackson also saw how much Coach Mendenhall wants to win, but the fact that BYU places an extra emphasis in recruiting high character players to their program while still winning on a national scale placed a new level of respect in the heart of Harvey Jackson.

"At the same time he's a football coach and wants to win games," Jackson said. "The way BYU has been winning is a tribute to him. Not many coaches care about the players growing as a person. With Coach Mendenhall he cares. There's not many places like BYU. For BYU to be that successful on a national level, and do it in the way they've been doing it with kids that have high moral character, I actually have a lot of respect for that."

Along with being impressed with BYU's head coach, Jackson was also very impressed with the community and people that attend the university. He heard whispers in his ear that BYU was this or that and not a place he would like or even fit in at.

"It's different and a lot better than what society is like on the outside makes BYU seem to be like," said Jackson. "That was my first time going to Utah and to BYU, and everybody was kind of telling me what BYU was. I thought maybe I should take a chance and go find out and see for myself. When I went out to BYU I was actually very surprised how much I liked it."

His firsthand BYU experience dispelled the false assumptions and negative perspectives others tried to place in his head. Now he knows the truth about BYU.

"Yeah, I do," he said. "It's not like what you hear on the outside. It's a lot different. Like I said I liked it."

Jackson will graduate with a degree from Nebraska this coming June and will start on a graduate degree upon his transfer. While visiting BYU he saw the level of academic excellence the university is known for and was very impressed.

"That's another thing also I learned about BYU," said Jackson. "You can't just be average on the academic level to get into school there. Another thing that's respectable about BYU is there are a lot of smart players on the team and on campus. When I went there I did see some different grad programs that I would be interested in."

Along with BYU, Jackson has the option of attending Cincinnati, West Virginia, Western Michigan, Stephen F. Austin, and Grand Valley State University. He's been to every one of those college campuses except West Virginia. Tomorrow he'll make a final decision on where he'll play his final year of college football.

"Every school has their pros and cons," Jackson said. "I'm going to sit down with my mom and stepdad and weigh out these options in hope that I can choose the best school for me for my last year. I still have a lot to give, so the school that I choose I'm going to give my all to. I'll make a decision tomorrow. This isn't my first go around but my second go around. It will be my last decision for me and my family, so I want to make sure I make the right decision to help me grow as a player and as a person."

Stay tuned for Harvey Jackson's decision tomorrow. TotalBlueSports.com will update you when Harvey makes his decision.

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