BYU Keeps it in the Family

Yesterday, Bronco Mendenhall extended a BYU scholarship offer to a young and talented football player with a familiar last name. A member of the 2016 recruiting class, Troy Warner received his FBS scholarship offer, giving him an opportunity to play with his older brother, Fred Warner, if he so chooses.

Mission Hills High School (CA) has another Warner coming up through the ranks. A talented defensive back prospect in his sophomore year, Troy Warner excelled last year at the varsity level. Yesterday, the young LDS prospect was offered a scholarship by BYU.

"I was humbled, grateful, and excited," Troy Warner said upon receiving his scholarship offer. "It just made me want to work even harder to be the best I can possibly be. I called Coach Mendenhall and we talked about life and how everything was going."

After a short conversation, Coach Mendenhall told Troy that he wanted to be the first coach to extend a scholarship to him.

"He told me that he didn't want any other school to offer me before he did," Troy Warner said. "He said he wanted to give me the opportunity to come play at BYU and that he believed in me. After that I told him that I didn't want to let him down and want to keep working hard for that scholarship. I'm just completely blessed."

As a 6-2, 185-pound sophomore, Troy Warner is already pushing division one stature. His recent performance during a seven-on-seven tournament, where he intercepted a few passes along with some pass breakups, caught the attention of local college recruiters. BYU wanted to be the first one to offer knowing others could be coming soon. Troy's older brother Fred weighed in on what happened.

"I've been talking with Coach [Nick] Howell and Coach [Kelly] Poppinga for about a week now," said Fred Warner. "Troy went to a tournament this past weekend and did really well. He got some interceptions and stuff like that and is now getting some interest from UCLA, so Coach Howell and Coach Poppinga were like, ‘Oh wow, he's starting to get some attention. We want to make sure we're the first ones to offer him.' That's a good thing and it lets Troy know that they really want him by being the first to offer him. They didn't want to wait till somebody else to come in and be the first. I was really happy for him when he got that offer from BYU."

Fred was working out when Troy received his offer. Fred, upon finishing his workout, checked twitter to discover that his brother had been offered by BYU.

"Yeah, I didn't find out until later because I was working out," said Fred Warner recalling the moment. "I was working out with one of my friends and after we finished he checked his phone and saw that Troy had been offered by BYU. I was just so pumped and grinning from ear to ear. It was amazing!"

Troy Warner has visited BYU's campus alongside his brother Fred during the last recruiting cycle. He remembers what it was like being on campus with his brother.

"Yeah, I've been up there with my brother once," said Troy Warner. "The campus is beautiful and just going there I had that certain feeling. It was something overcame me and it's just a great place to be."

The excitement for Troy's offer doesn't stop with just Troy and Fred Warner. Their mother was ecstatic.

"My mom [Laura] is just really astonished and can't believe it either," said an excited Troy Warner. "She's just really proud of me for all I've done and just really grateful."

"Yeah, my mom is really happy and excited," said Fred Warner with a chuckle in his voice. "It's like a dream come true for her."

Laura Warner has every right to be a proud mother. BYU doesn't offer just any recruit, regardless of talent. They must be a recruit that passes a more stringent recruiting process involving a high moral character evaluation. To have two sons evaluated in a manner most college don't concern themselves with reflects well upon her and her boys.

"To have an offer from BYU to me means that I have to represent myself in a certain manner," Troy Warner said. "I have to continue working hard to keep that drive. It means I have to continue being the best on and off the field. It has to be in all aspects of life both on and off the field."

Big brother Fred is also proud of his younger brother's accomplishments as well.

"It's hard to really say in words to be honest with you," Fred Warner said. "It's just something you feel in your heart that's so special to you because of the happiness you feel. I'm just really proud of my brother. I'm just extremely proud of him. I expect nothing but great things from him."

Troy deflects a lot of the credit being heaped on him right back to his elder brother.

"He kind of paved the way for me and has always been that example," said Troy Warner. "He's got a really good work ethic and has been that brother that I can follow. Seeing him succeed has made me want to succeed just as he's doing right now."

It's not very often that brothers receive the opportunity to play college football together at the same university. Troy is currently enjoying his first offer and feels playing with his big brother is a real possibility in the near future.

"Yeah, it's a real possibility and that's something that doesn't come around too often," Troy Warner said. "I'm just really humbled by the opportunity that Coach Mendenhall has given me to play with my older brother at BYU."

Fred isn't going to pressure his younger brother to commit just yet.

"I'm going to let him enjoy this for a while before I say anything," said Fred Warner with a laugh in his voice.

Which is understandable. Troy still has two years of high school football left to play and will have many opportunities to warm up to BYU. Troy is in no hurry to make a decision but wants to enjoy the process he watched his brother go through.

"I'm just going to wait a little bit and look at my offers," Troy Warner said. "Getting that offer from BYU really helped a lot, and it's just great to know that I have that offer."

Troy will head up to BYU this summer to attend BYU's junior day along with other recruits. He's excited to get up on campus to workout with Coach Howell for the first time.

"I'm going to head up to BYU over the summer for a junior day activity," Troy Warner said. "I'm going to go up there and workout with Coach Howell when I get up there. I'm really excited about that."

Although it's April, Christmas came early to the Warner family home. The scholarship offer is a gift that has left Troy Warner greatly appreciative, so much so he can't thank Coach Mendenhall enough.

"I just don't know how I can repay Coach Mendenhall for what he's done for me," Troy Warner said. "I just want to thank him so much for the opportunity he's given me and for believing in me. It really is an amazing thing and I'm so grateful for him and for the opportunity he's given me."

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