Cox Planning Visit to BYU This Summer

With sixteen scholarship offers on the table, Chandler Cox has his work cut out for him when it comes to narrowing down his college options. To get a better understanding of those options Cox has paid unofficial visits to various college campuses, the most recent being Kentucky and Auburn. The four-star fullback is considering a visit to BYU over the summer as well.

As one of the top fullback prospects in the nation, Chandler Cox has been actively engaged in getting bigger, stronger, and faster as he prepares for his senior season at Apopka High School (FL).

"I'm at 6-2, 230-pounds now and I've gotten a lot stronger," Cox said. "I ran my forty last week and ran a 4.6. I did my shuttle and ran a 4.13, so, yeah, I've gotten a lot stronger and faster. I squat 500, clean 300 and bench 325."

Cox is now preparing for spring camp at Apopka High School where he is going to take on a much wider role within the offense.

"I've just been working out and getting ready for spring football this week," Cox said. "I'll be playing pretty much everywhere on the offense. I'll be playing fullback, quarterback, slot, and some H-back. I'm involved at various places and it depends on what offense we're running. I'm excited about it and love it. I just want to get out there and play. I'm also doing some deep snapping as well, so [playing] anywhere on the field is fine with me."

Cox also played linebacker last season at Apopka as well and will probably see some time on the defensive side of the ball during his senior season. However, his primary role in 2014 will be as a major scoring threat offensively.

"We run a single wing and we run a spread," said Cox. "We run all different types of offenses and will spread the wing out. It's a crazy kind of offense. I was pretty involved with the offense last year and played fullback pretty much all of last year. Yeah, I'll be playing quarterback [and other positions this year as well]."

To date, Cox currently holds sixteen scholarship offers and has taken some unofficial visits to a few of those colleges that have extended him the opportunity to play football at the FBS level.

"Well, I'm up to sixteen offers now and it's exciting," said Cox. "I've been going on some visits. I've been to Kentucky, Auburn, Ohio State, and Florida so it's going good."

Along with having offers from Florida, Florida State, and Miami, Cox also received two new scholarship offers from two additional instate colleges, which he found out had offered him a while ago but he just found out last week.

"The two most recent offers are UCF and USF and I found out last week that they had offered me," said Cox. "They had offered me a while ago, but I just found out last week that they had offered."

Among those sixteen college to have thrown their hat into the scholarship ring is, of course, BYU. Geoff Martzen and the BYU coaching staff is recruiting Cox heavily and doing a very good job of it according to the Florida recruit.

"Yeah, BYU is recruiting me pretty heavily," said Cox. "They came out to Florida last week and watched me workout. Coach (Nick) Howell came out to watch me workout and told me that they really want me down there. They want me to run the ball for them a lot and make a big impact on the team. It's really cool."

Cox has warmed up to Coach Howell as his primary recruiter from BYU. The Cougar coaching staff wants Cox to come in and be a featured back within BYU's offense once Jamaal Williams, who will be a junior this season, leaves the program.

"Coach Howell seems like a really good guy and a good coach," Cox said. "I really like him a lot and it's going awesome. They want me to run the ball a lot and be in the backfield like Jamaal Williams. They want me to run, block, and catch the ball. Basically just do everything out of the backfield. They said they could really use me to come in early [and play], so that's really cool to hear them say that I could come in early and make an impact."

Cox is a member of the LDS faith and is originally from the state of Utah. He moved with his family to Florida when he was around the age of twelve. Now, BYU is recruiting him to come back to the state of Utah to play football.

"I'm going to try and get out there to BYU to visit over the summer some time," Cox said. "I'm not exactly sure when but I would like to get out there to make a visit. I'll come up there this summer and visit and maybe visit some family. There's nothing official yet, but it's something I'm planning on."

Despite the many offers Cox holds, including Auburn, Florida, Florida State, and Alabama to name a few, BYU is a college Cox is taking an interest in.

"Oh yeah definitely," he said. "I grew up out there in Utah and I've got a lot of family that still lives out there. I lived in Draper and Lehi, so I remember living out there in Utah. BYU is recruiting me to play football out there so I still have a lot of ties there."

Along with his family ties to the state of Utah and connection to BYU due to his faith, Cox also knows Kyle and Hayden Griffits of West Orange High School, also located in the state of Florida.

"I know BYU was recruiting the Griffits brothers and they're going out there to BYU as preferred walk-ons," said Cox. "I know they're going on their missions first and will be walking on at BYU in a few years. Yeah, I know them pretty well and played against them. We beat them of course, but we played them a few times and they're really nice kids. We're in different stakes and I think they're in a stake next to us. They're really good players and good kids. They come from a good family." will continue to monitor Chandler Cox's recruitment and report on any developments, including when Cox visits BYU this summer.

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