Washington & Friends to Attend BYU Junior Day

There will be three prospects from Kennedale High School in Texas coming out to BYU for Junior Day in June: a running back, an offensive lineman, and a tight end. All are hoping they can earn a BYU scholarship offer so they can possibly play together at the next level.

At 5-7, 170-pounds, Juwan Washington is currently running track for the Kennedale High School track team. Washington recently helped his relay team qualify to defend their state championship in a couple weeks. He's also put up impressive times this season in both the 100 and 200 meters as well.

"We're doing well and we have the state meet in a couple of weeks," Washington said. "For relays we just finished regionals this past weekend and won that, so we're going down to state again where we won it last year."

"My fastest 200 meters this year was a 21.8, and my fastest 100 this year was a 10.8. We're a pretty good team and we're expecting to do a lot over the next couple of weeks down in Austin. Right now I'm just working to get bigger, stronger, and faster and track is a way to get faster."

In 2013, Juwan Washington ran for 2,441 yards and scored 44 touchdowns to earn District 6-3A MVP and Second Team All-State honors as a running back. In February he received his first scholarship offer from the University of Houston and hopes more will come his way soon.

"It's been picking up a lot and I have one offer right now from Houston," Washington said. "BYU just came down recently and I spoke to Coach Holliday last week. He spoke to me, Brent [Reed], and Chance Bishop. He was telling me that they really liked my film and stuff. He said that some of the coaches have okayed me but some are just waiting for me to come down. I'll be coming down for junior day so I can show them what they want to see."

Coming in at around 6-2, 280-pounds, Brent Reed plays both on both the offensive and defensive lines for Kennedale High School. Chance Bishop, who comes in at around 6-5, 280-pounds, plays from the three-point stance as both a blocking and pass catching tight end. He's also a deep snapper, which is a position Coach Mendenhall was worried about during this past spring camp.

"Coach Holliday has spoken to both Brent Reed and Chance Bishop, and most of the schools that come here to recruit talk to them," said Washington. "They're two of my linemen that block for me. They're showing interest in those two, so all three of us are going to go up to BYU for junior day. Chance Bishop plays tight end and Brent Reed plays on the offensive line. Brent is around 6-2 and Chance is about 6-5 or 6-6 and is also a deep snapper as well."

All three Kennedale High School athletes will be coming out with their families to visit BYU, take in the campus environment, and work out with the coaches. All three will be showcasing their skills in hopes they can all play together in college. BYU's Junior Day activities will be held on June 14th.

"We're going to see how things fit for us out there and will get a chance to look around on campus and things like that," said Washington. "We're going out there on June 14th. We'll be able to work out with the coaches and run through some drills and stuff like that. It's going to be cool going out there because we know that have interest in all three of us, so that's a good thing because we've been playing together since the seventh grade. We already have that connection together, so to have that chance to play together at the next level would be great."

Juwan has been in contact with coaches from Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, and Texas Tech. As of right now the only school he has a junior day activity set up to attend is BYU, but he mentioned he does plan on setting more up in the future.

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