Scarlett Holds Steady Interest in BYU

One of the top running backs in the West and the top running back in the state of Oregon is talking a hard look at BYU and what the program and university have to offer. He's decided that BYU will be a place he'll visit one way or another, whether it's during the summer or for an official visit at the end of the year.

Ranked the 29th best running back in the nation for the 2015 class, Cameron Scarlett is currently focusing on school and running tack for Central Catholic High School, where he is ranked in the top ten in the state Oregon in the 100 meters.

"I'm doing good and just grinding it out for the rest of the year with school and then focus on football in a couple of weeks here," Scarlett said. "School is going well and I'm doing well in school, which really is what matters most. Recruiting has kind of slowed down right now but I've been running track. Right now I'm ninth in the 100 [meters]. I haven't ran that well yet and ran an 11.1 in the 100. I think I'm ninth in the 200 also with a 21.4. I'm competing and I'm ready to run faster. I've been running in the rain, which is pretty good for those times."

Cameron's father, Paul Scarlett, who ran track at BYU during the 1980's, is coaching his son. It's no wonder he's doing so well despite the poor track conditions he's raced in.

"Yeah, my dad gives me tips all the time since he's my coach here," said Cameron Scarlett with a slight laugh in his voice. "He's my track coach so he gives me tips all the time."

The update on Scarlett in regards to football is that he currently holds 12 scholarship offers. Despite Scarlett mentioning recruiting had been slowing down, Notre Dame and Nevada, among other schools, have extended offers over the past month.

"Well, I'm up to 12 scholarships right now. The last couple of offers were Notre Dame, [who] offered me last week, Nevada, Arizona and Boise State [have also] offered," Scarlett said. "That's kind of what's happened over the last couple of months."

How is BYU doing in regards to Cameron Scarlett's recruiting in his opinion? He personally feels that the Cougar staff is doing very well in helping him to understand what BYU is all about and in building a relationship with him.

"BYU is doing a really good job and I always look forward to hearing what Coach Mark Atuaia has to say to me," said Scarlett. "Other coaches when they talk to me don't seem so genuinely true to their word. That's definitely important to me just because how staffs are looking not just as an athlete but as a person. Coach Atuaia will message me and tell me that I'm still definitely number one for them. That's definitely good to hear as an athlete. It's good reassurance that the school really cares about you."

Knowing that he's BYU's number one running back target for the class of 2015, Scarlet has taken a high interest in BYU. He's seen and felt that interest from Geoff Martzen and the BYU coaching staff just how much they truly want him to be part of their program.

"It just really makes me more interested in the school," said Scarlett. "It's just a better understanding that the school is really there for me. I mean, it's not just [Geoff] Martzen that tells me this it's Dallin [Leavitt] that also tells me this. Dallin always tells me how much they want me out there and how much they love me. All the coaches out there tell me and it just really shows me that they care, and that's really what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a coaching staff that makes me feel welcome, and BYU is a place where I really feel like I can excel. They're telling me that I'll have the chance to do that there."

Jamaal Williams will be a junior this season as BYU's primary running back. The Cougar staff is looking to hand off the baton to the next big running back and it's clear that Cameron Scarlett is the back they want to replace Williams. Scarlett has developed a very personable relationship with Running Backs Coach Mark Atuaia, who has done a fantastic job recruiting the Oregon back.

"I really like Coach Mark [Atuaia] because his messages, out of anybody else, are just so genuine and personable, "said Scarlett. "He'll message me really frequently and tell me to reassure me that they're there and that he wants me at BYU with him. It's really is a great relationship we have."

Not only does Scarlett have an interest in BYU because of how well the coaching staff has recruited him, but he also has an interest in seeing what BYU is all about because of ties he has to the university. As previously mentioned, his father Paul ran track for the Cougars, and he has a very close friend in Dallin Leavitt that is more like an older brother than a friend to him.

"I played with him during my sophomore year only, but just being around him he really is such a good guy," said Scarlett. "He's got so much going for him. Not matter what Dallin does he's going to be successful because he has the heart. I've never seen anybody work so hard, and he's been a good example of being someone who works hard and tries to perfect his craft.

"I really look up to him in that sense. He's really guided and shaped me into someone that wants to work hard. By my freshman year he was someone who was already committed to BYU, and that's something I really looked up to. Then during my sophomore year, when I moved up to the varsity team, he really welcomed me to the team. He became someone that I really looked up to."

"Cameron is like a little brother to me," said Dallin Leavitt during an interview with during spring camp. "I can honestly say he's like my brother. We're really close and when I'm back home I'm either hanging out with him at his house or he's at mine. We're really more like family than friends."

Leavitt has given Scarlett a personal perspective of what it's like being a student-athlete at the next level. For Scarlett, Leavitt's perspective being someone he can trust has been very helpful in preparing him for the next level. It has also helped him to understand more about what's good about BYU as well.

"He tells me a lot about what it's like being a college athlete, and that's a lot more helpful to hear because coaches won't always tell you the bad things about being a student athlete at the next level," said Scarlett. "Dallin has really helped me a lot in what he tells me because it's preparing me for the next level. Everything he tells me is positive and good because it's a perspective not a lot of high school players have."

"He would be a star here and would rip it up big time," Leavitt said. "I tell him that the coaches really want him here, and I think he would be stud in this offense. Cameron is a great player and he would fit in really well in this offense because he can do everything the offense requires"

When Leavitt and Scarlett talk on the phone or in person the two will often talk about BYU and college football. However, the vast majority of their topic of discussions aren't always focused on playing football but more meaningful and personal subjects.

"Cameron and I talk about BYU everyone once in a while, but we don't spend all of our time talking about it," Leavitt said. "We'll talk about a lot of different things like what's going on in our lives and things like that. We do talk about college football and what it's like playing in the next level here at BYU. Most of what we talk about is just normal stuff kids talk about."

"He talks to me quite a bit about BYU where it's a good amount, but it's not something where he's overbearing about it," said Scarlett. "I mean, he definitely will tell me the ups and downs and gives me the inside view of what it's like to be a player there. It's really good because it helps me when it comes to me making a decision. Most of the time we talk about other things like what's going on in my life or what's happening in his life. Sometimes we'll talk about things and if that leads to BYU, so be it. It's always good talking to him and it helps."

Scarlett was invited by the BYU coaching staff to take an unofficial visit out to Provo last month, more than likely during spring camp. He wasn't able to make it out then but wants to come out sometime during the summer if he is able. If he isn't able to make it out to Provo in the summer he'll definitely make it out to BYU when he schedules his official visits at the end of the year.

"I don't really know where I'm going this summer," Scarlett said. "I'm going to definitely try and make it out to BYU. If I can't do it this summer then when I schedule my official visits I'm definitely going to schedule BYU. I definitely want to make it to Provo."

When he schedules his official visit to BYU, Scarlett will have to request his close family friend Dallin Leavitt to be his host.

"Oh definitely!" said Scarlett with a laugh. "I would think he would definitely request me! It would be great if he would be my host. I think that would be fun. He really proved himself and represented himself well last year. I would definitely look forward to it, but I'm definitely going to have to make a trip out to Provo just to see Dallin and BYU."

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