Hosick Sets Official Visit to BYU

BYU is quickly garnering a reputation as "Transfer U" as college football players looking to play out their eligibility consider the Cougars. The latest to express his desire to transfer, and make BYU a possible destination, is Missouri quarterback Trent Hosick, who has scheduled an official visit to check BYU out.

BYU is quickly garnering notoriety as a destination school for FBS athletes who are looking to play out their eligibility in a different uniform. Next week, Missouri quarterback Trent Hosick will take an official visit to BYU as the latest athlete looking for the right fit.

"I have an official set for BYU next weekend," Hosick said. "I'm looking forward to my visit."

Hosick was considered one of the top dual-threat quarterbacks in the nation as part of the 2013 recruiting class. He signed with Missouri but after a year of being in the program Hosick felt the fit just wasn't right.

"When I first committed to Missouri, you know, Missouri is where I wanted to be," Hosick said. "Obviously when you commit somewhere that's where you want to go to school and where you want to be and make it work. Whenever someone gives you a scholarship to pursue a dream it's a tremendous blessing. All I have is thanks to Mizzou for giving me a chance, but at this point in my life it's not where I'm supposed to be."

Hosick decided to take a leap of faith by asking Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel for a release to find another program where he felt he could excel. Coach Pinkel granted his young protégé his wish.

"I met with Coach Pinkel last week and told him that I was going to be transferring," Hosick said. "He was gracious about meeting with me and talking with me for a while. He agreed to release me and allow me to move on with the next chapter of my life. I'm excited for what the future holds, and I'm excited to take an official visit out to BYU."

After Hosick was released from his scholarship, word quickly got out that the former 33rd ranked, four-star quarterback out of Staley High School (MO) was back on the market. Jason Beck called Missouri's offensive coordinator that he had worked with while the two were coaching together down at LSU to inquire about the released quarterback.

"I believe Coach Beck had worked in the past with my offensive coordinator [Josh Henson] at a different school," Hosick said. "I guess word had gotten out that I was transferring. Coach Beck called our offensive coordinator after I had been released. It's amazing how fast it went because Coach Beck contacted me fairly quickly. They then talked about me and then he called me, so Coach Beck came to me and I'm glad he did. I can't wait to meet him."

Hosick is the dual-threat type of quarterback BYU is actively looking for to replace Taysom Hill. He has a similar playing style to Hill that would fit within BYU's Go Fast, Go Hard offense.

"I'm definitely a dual-threat quarterback," said Hosick. "I come in at 6-1, 228/230-pounds now and run around a 4.5. To describe my style of play, I bring the passion and fearlessness of a linebacker to the quarterback position. I've drawn a lot of comparisons to Tim Tebow but I'm my own player. I can stand in the pocket and make every throw a quarterback needs to make, but if things don't work out, things bring down, or if guys aren't open, I can break out and make plays with my feet. I think that's why BYU would be a great fit for me."

Knowing that BYU had an interest in him, Hosick went to work. He and his father Tom Hosick spent time evaluating BYU's fast paced offense. The film they reviewed was BYU's home game against Texas last season where Taysom Hill dismantled the Longhorn defense.

"Last night me and my father were watching last year's game of BYU beating Texas at home," Hosick said. "We had a lot of fun watching the offense, and it was fun watching Taysom [Hill] run around because he plays with his feet. We looked at it and thought that was something I could do for that school. I think that BYU would be a good fit, and we were interested in going out there to meet with the coaches and kind of get a feel for the campus and things out there. But as a player I'm definitely a dual-threat and I feel I can bring things to the table that make me very unique."

Hosick redshirt last season during his true freshman season leaving him with four years of eligibility left. He'll sit the 2014 season due to transfer rules, leaving him with three years of eligibility to play 3 seasons.

"I redshirted this past season. It was my true freshman year," said Hosick. "What happens is I'll transfer to a [FBS] program and sit for a season. Then I'll have three years of eligibility left to play. Technically because I redshirted last year I still have four years of eligibility. I would only be burning one year, but because I'm transferring early in my career I'll still have three years left to play and that's plenty. That's why I'm making the decision now so I'll have enough time to play somewhere else."

"The plan is to find a program that sees the things I can bring to the table and sees value in it. I want to look for a program that wants to go win a national championship. That's what I'm looking for and would like to help them do that. At BYU I would sit for a year and see what Taysom does, then step in and help the program."

Trent believes BYU could just be the type of program where he could excel on many levels.

"At this point in my career transferring from another school, anytime you [transfer] from a school like Missouri- Missouri is a wonderful school- the first thing that you're looking for as a player is a place that buys into you as a player," Hosick said. "As I've been talking to a few coaches at BYU they've bought into me as a player. That's kind of the first thing you look for. Then the second thing you look for is an offense that you feel you would be productive in."

"I happen to love BYU's offense and think I would be very successful in that offense. They were very successful with it last year, and I think I could I could be very successful in it as well. You look at a school, a program, and a coaching staff that really loves you and really wants you in their program. Then you look for an offense that's very successful. Then you look for a team on the verge of winning a national championship. As a competitor you look for the best, and if I come out to BYU the expectation is to win a national championship."

Hosick flies out to Provo, Utah next Friday for his official visit. He'll be looking for, and hoping for, a few things while on campus. The first being he's looking forward to is meeting with BYU's coaching staff.

"I'm really looking forward to meeting the coaches and really getting a feel for what their program is about and the kind of things they instill in their guys," said Hosick. "I'm looking forward to talking to some of the guys on the team and really get a feel for what BYU is like."

Hosick also hopes he is able to a sense what the community around BYU holds and find out what the campus is like.

"I want to get a sense of the community, and I've heard that the campus is very gorgeous," Hosick said. "I'd love to walk around campus and see things and see the stadium. I've never been to Utah so I'm looking forward to coming out."

Lastly, he hopes to be able to have some one-on-one time with current starting BYU quarterback Taysom Hill to pick his brain on his experience as a Cougar.

"Hopefully I'll get a chance to talk with Taysom to pick his brain to get a feel for what it's been like to play in that offense," said Hosick. "He's a very fast guy and very accurate. I'm a little bit bigger but Taysom is a phenomenal athlete, so I have a lot of respect for a guy who plays football kind of the same way I play. I would love to ask him some questions and hopefully meet him as well as get a chance to talk with the coaching staff. That's what I'm looking forward to. It's about finding the right school that's a perfect fit. I'm hoping to find that and that's why I'm excited to come out to BYU next week."

Hosick mentioned that he hasn't been offered yet by BYU but that could change upon his visit to Provo. TotalBlueSports.com will follow up with Hosick after his visit to BYU next week and report on any further developments.

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