Mountain West Elite: Sione Heimuli-Lund

The Mountain West Elite camp held in Salt Lake Community College has been under way since April 12th. There is a lot of local talent attending the camp receiving instruction from coaches and former college football players alike. A featured standout from the camp that will be on many college radars in the future is 2017 prospect Sione Heimuli-Lund.

Sione Heimuli-Lund is still in his sophomore year, but he's already looking good as a future prospect if he continues to get things done in the classroom. Heimuli-Lund was one of the better underclassmen performers at the Mountain West Elite camp among the defensive lineman.

"What I can take away from the camp is how to use my hands as a (defensive)-end," said Heimuli-Lund. "The maliciousness of the game and how to use my hands a lot to be more violent in my rush attack is really important. Also another thing I've learned more is how to better my footwork, which is what I need help a lot with."

Coaching the defensive lineman group was former BYU defensive lineman standout Jan Jorgensen. Heimuli-Lund gave praise to his position coach and feels in the future he might be better suited as a defensive tackle than end.

"He's doing a great job in teaching us to be vicious with our hands," said Heimuli-Lund. "That's all he kept saying and helping us to develop as players playing on the outside. I usually just played off of the tackle, but he taught me a lot of things that really opened my eyes. He taught me things that are a lot different and now I have to look at things in a different light."

Jorgensen had some complimentary things to say about the potential of his young pupil. He believes if Sione continues to grow and develop he could be more of an interior lineman at the next level instead of an end.

"He's a good player and has a lot of potential if he keeps working hard," Jorgensen commented. "I think he might be better suited more inside as a tackle as he gets bigger though. He's good. He's got good potential."

Heimuli-Lund played on Brighton High School's varsity team during his sophomore year in 2013. He rotated in among the first and second team units but will more than likely be a featured staple of the Bengal defensive line in 2014.

"I'm 6-3, 250-pounds right now," said Heimuli-Lund. "I'll be a junior next year and want to be the best I can be. One of the best things I do is pass rush and try to get to the quarterback. I've learned some things from the camp that I'm going to use in my game for next season."

Heimuli-Lund is keeping his recruiting options open and hopes to receive some attention both in and out of state schools. Attending the Mountain West Elite camp is one way in which he feels he can become a much improved defensive lineman to achieve that goal.

"I'm keeping my options opened right now and I'll go anywhere," said Heimuli-Lund. "I'm open to taking a look at those schools that show an interest in me."

While he might be attending the Mountain West Elite camp for the purpose of honing his abilities, Heimuli-Lund does understand that he will still need to promote his abilities to college coaches. He does plan on attending some college camps this summer to do just that.

"I'm planning on going up to BYU's summer camp this year," he said. "The reason why I want to go up to BYU is because my uncle Steve Kaufusi coaches up there. I have a lot of family up there and it just seems like a good environment to be in. That's why I want to go up there and attend the camp, so I can be coached by my Uncle Steve and check things out."

Heimuli-Lund comes from a strong LDS family, where placing a strong emphasis on faith and education as well as hard work has always been a family theme. Along with his family ties to BYU, Heimuli-Lund is also interest in the faith-based standards promoted at the university. That's another reason why he wants to showcase his talents there over the summer.

"It's the church-owned school and I'm Mormon so I think it would be a fun place to go," said Heimuli-Lund. "I've visited there before and it's a great environment. The church part of it is important to me. "

Aside from having an uncle in Steve Kaufusi, Heimuli-Lund took an unofficial visit to BYU to see another close relative of his currently playing on BYU's football team.

"I [visited] BYU to visit my cousin who plays football out there and to see what it's like," said Heimuli-Lund. "My cousin is Tomasi Laulile and he recently hurt his knee. I went over there to see him and I stayed with him. He's really close family."

Coach Mendenhall had mentioned during spring camp prior to Laulile's injury that he would be someone that would help them this season. Hemuli-Lund spent some time with his cousin and got a personal endorsement about what it's like to be a student-athlete at BYU.

"He really likes it a lot over there. He said it's a lot of fun," said Heimuli-Lund. "He also told me that everyone is like brothers over there. That's kind of how it is at Brighton."

Following high school Sione Heimuli-Lund plans on serving an LDS mission. He hopes he's able to serve anywhere in the world where he can teach those of his Tongan heritage.

"Yes, I do [have mission plans]," Heimuli-Lund said. "I want to go serve a mission out of high school. I'd like to go anywhere where there is a Tongan speaking mission like Oakland, New Zealand, or Tonga." will continue to monitor Sione Heimuli-Lund's recruitment and will update you throughout the summer as he attends camps.

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