Hosick Makes It Official & Commits to BYU

Former Missouri quarterback Trent Hosick paid an official visit to BYU over this past weekend to see if BYU was the "right fit" for him. The former Tiger left the University of Missouri in search of a program that would not only fit his style of play but also with who he is as a Christian student athlete and he found it at BYU.

The BYU coaching staff received word this evening that they have another transfer quarterback inbound to their program. Over this past weekend, 6-foot1-inch, 228-pound Trent Hosick made it official. He's coming to BYU.

"I took a visit to BYU this past weekend and I can't even describe how wonderful it was this past weekend being out there in Provo," said Hosick. "Being around Coach [Jason] Beck, and Coach [Bronco] Mendenhall, and seeing the community with some of the guys I have a few reasons why I wanted to commit to BYU."

Hosick who is not LDS but a devout Christian lays out his reasons one by one on why he's committing to BYU.

"Well, I [have] a few reasons," Hosick said. "Number one, I committed to BYU because Coach Mendenhall is a man of character. He's a man I respect and a man that a guy I would love to win for. He's the type of coach that a player wants to go to battle and win for and help make successful. I want to do everything I can to make sure that Coach Mendenhall enjoys as much success as he can because he's a man of character and deserves it."

"Number two, BYU believes in me. They see things in me and value things in me that other people pass off on. Now it's my job to reward them for it. I believe we're going to make some special memories together, I really do. Over the next few years some very special things are going to happen over there at BYU."

"The third thing is, after having talked to Coach Mendenhall, Coach Beck, the entire coaching staff, and a few players on the team they really believe they can go and be the best team in the country. That's always the first step. When people believe that they belong at the top they often find themselves there. That's a program full of players that buy into Coach Mendenhall, and I buy into Coach Mendenhall and I believe we're going to go win a national championship together. That's the expectation and that's the plan."

"The last reason is I'm excited to go out and show everyone across the country that character and winning go hand-in-hand and you don't have to sacrifice one for the other. I believe that character, integrity, and honor make better people and better people make better competitors. Better competitors make for more wins, so I'm excited to be a part of a program that has a lot of special things getting ready to happen."

While touring BYU's campus and being around likeminded athletes, Hosick realized that he could come to BYU and not feel as though he was alone.

"You know, I'm not LDS. I'm a born again Christian," Hosick said. "My faith is very important to me, and coming from the mid-west I have about two LDS friends and they're great people. Coming out to BYU and getting a feel for the community it was made apparent to me that the people in Provo value the same things that I value."

"There may be some theological differences, but they're a people that live their faith and pursue it with love and integrity. At BYU we're winning for integrity, we're winning for honor, we're winning for character, and we're winning for excellence. We want to inspire and show young kids, as well as everybody across the country that character is most important and you don't have to sacrifice great football for the other. In today's world the people out in Provo who value those things are considered weird, and if they're weird I'm happy to call myself weird too because they live right. People out in the world need to be more like them. The great thing about being at BYU is that I don't have to be alone anymore."

Hosick's parents and older brother visited BYU with him this past weekend. After visiting the campus, Hosick and his family were able to come to a collective decision that BYU was the right place for him to be.

"When I was sitting in Coach Mendenhall's office, the scholarship offer was made official Sunday night," said Hosick. "It was a special moment for me being there with Coach Beck, Coach Mendenhall and Geoff [Martzen]. Coach Mendenhall said, ‘Well, now that we have you and your family here you have an offer from BYU to play here if you so choose.' That was a very humbling thing for me because not only is BYU a big time program it's a big time community. It's a community that's full of people who are winners and one that I can't wait to be a part of. I was there with my family, except my sisters who weren't able to make it, and we were able to make a collective decision and all believe BYU is the place where I needed to be."

Prior to coming to BYU, Hosick will play the 2014 season at the junior college level so he can continue to hone his skills in order to not waste the year sitting out due to NCAA transfer rules.

"I'm going to go play at a JUCO this football season, and then I'm going to BYU in January," said Hosick. "That's the plan. I'm committed to go play football at BYU, but I'm going to go play football immediately because we didn't want to sit out a year. If I [transferred FBS to FBS] I would have to sit for a year, so if I came out to BYU I would have to sit this football season. The idea behind going to a junior college is, one, I get to play immediately without burning a year of eligibility. There's no better practice than playing. Even though it's a junior college I get to hone my skills as best I can before coming to BYU in January."

He'll be attending Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College where, like Coach Mendenhall, NEO Head Coach Ryan Held was excited to know he'll be getting a talented dual-threat quarterback to run his offense this season and expressed his excitement to Hosick.

"It's funny that you mention that," said Hosick with a laugh. "Yes there is another excited coach out there! I committed to the Northeastern Oklahoma Golden Norsemen and their head coach, who has been coaching and turning programs around year after year, was ecstatic. I called Coach Mendenhall first to let him know and he was excited about my decision. "

"I then called my parents right afterwards [to tell them the news]. Then I got a text from the JUCO head coach who said, ‘I'm so excited I almost just tore my ACL.' I'm excited to go down there and help NEO win a national championship. I'll tell you what watch out for that because it's going to happen. Then I'm off to BYU to try and do the same so watch out! I'm coming to BYU to win. I love the fans out there, the environment, LaVell Edwards Stadium, and I'm just so excited to see what the future holds for us. I can't wait to do great things at BYU!"

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