BYU Offers DeSoto Wide Receiver

BYU WR Coach Guy Holliday often mentions to the media how there are other Cody Hoffman-type receivers out there who could come to Provo and excel within BYU's unique academic and social environment, as well as compete at a high level in football. A Hoffman-esque wide receiver from the Texas has been evaluated and a BYU scholarship offer extended.

BYU is on the hunt to bring another wide receiver with the last name Davis into the Cougar fold. Akile Davis of DeSoto High School (TX) has been targeted by the BYU coaching staff.

"I'm 6-2, 195, and I play [wide] receiver," said Davis. "I had seven touchdowns, 500 yards, and 40 receptions [in 2013]. Down here we're kind of loaded. We run a high tempo offense. I run good routes and the speed is definitely there. I'm good at getting separation [from defensive backs] downfield. I run a 4.56 forty and I run track as well. I run the 400-meters and the 4x400. I ran the 400 in 50 (seconds) and was trying to get to a low 49 [this season]. I'll get it next year."

Davis has been receiving recruiting attention from numerous programs around the country.

"Right now LSU is looking at me and I head out there in two weeks," Davis said. "I'm also being looked at by Oklahoma State. I was offered by UNT (North Texas), Toledo, Maryland, San Diego State, Nevada, Indiana, and BYU."

Davis received his BYU scholarship offer last Friday.

"My most recent offer was BYU," Davis said. "They love how I play and how physical I am. They love how I have the potential to come in and play as a freshman."

Davis received his BYU offer over the phone after he called up BYU Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall. Davis was impressed with his discussion with BYU's head coach.

"He just told me what to expect and why BYU loves me," Davis said. "He was telling me about the rules and what they stand by and everything. I was impressed with the conversation to be honest with you."

Coach Mendenhall's straight forward and honest approach was refreshing to Davis.

"There are some coaches that just tell you what you want to hear instead of telling you the truth," Davis said. "I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma when I called him up. We talked for a little bit and it was a good conversation. He was straight forward and I really liked that. He kept it real."

The coach responsible for Davis' recruitment is none other than BYU Wide Receivers Coach Guy Holliday. Holliday is a fantastic recruiter and knows the state of Texas well having coached at UTEP previously.

"BYU's receiver coach, Coach Holliday, is the one that has been recruiting me," said Davis. "I know BYU has great academics and it's a great education. It's definitely a top priority there. I know it's a Mormon school. Coach Holliday has talked to me about the standards they have and the rules they have."

"[Coach Holliday's] been recruiting me for around two weeks now. He's been trying to get close to me and get to know me. He told me he definitely loves how I play, but, yeah, he seems like a really good person."

BYU's honor code is something Davis says he feels perfectly fine with living by.

"I think it's good and I already live that way, so it's not really a challenge for me," he said. "Those are things I already live by."

Along with some of the basic characteristics of BYU, Davis also knows about BYU's rich football tradition.

"I know they have a really big football tradition out there," he said. "Football is kind of a big thing out there, and they have a lot of great fans. I watched the BYU vs. Texas game and Texas isn't an easy team to beat. That just shows that they can play with Texas and all the other schools."

Davis has already set up plans to take an unofficial visit to LSU and is going to try and do the same with BYU.

"I'm actually going to try and head up to BYU," Davis said. "I also want to head out to San Diego State, and I'm heading to LSU in two weeks."

Davis isn't sure when he'll make up to Provo for an unofficial visit over the summer but he hopes to schedule that trip soon.

"I haven't come up with a specific date, but I spoke to BYU's head coach [Bronco Mendenhall] about it," Davis said. "He said they're going to try and get a date set, so I'm going to try and get out there for an unofficial over the summer. Then I'm going to take an official visit to BYU. I'm thinking that will probably happen after the season or something."

When it comes to the qualifications he's looking for in a college, Davis named three in particular.

"I want to look at a school that's putting out receivers into the NFL," said Davis. "I'm also looking at a school with a great education. I also want to look at what kind of facilities and football program they have."

What is it about BYU that attracts Davis to the university?

"Probably the education," Davis said. "I would have to say how high the academic standards are there."

Davis plans on carrying on a family legacy when it comes to his career. Although he hasn't graduated from high school, Davis has already charted a course that he wants to pursue in college and afterwards.

"I want to major in education," said Davis. "I want to coach. You know, down here you have to kind of be a teacher to coach. That's what I want to do is coach. My dad's a coach at Tulsa so I kind of want to keep the tradition."

His inspiration for taking the path he's decided came from watching his father.

"Watching him coach was a big part of why I want to coach, and then me being able to help out the younger kids was a lot of fun for me. So, that's why I want to major in education and be a coach."

Davis had a unique conversation with the BYU coaching staff about the options available to him in the future as a coach potentially.

"I talked to the [Coach Holliday] about it and my plans at college," Davis said. "He was just saying that some athletes that don't make it into the league come on as a graduate assistant coach or something like that. He said that was definitely an option for me if there is room. BYU is pretty much the only college to really talk to me about that." will stay in contact with Davis and report on when he schedules his visit to BYU this summer.

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